Photoshop Magic vs. In-Camera Magic, the difference


Recently we met with a bride, whose 2015 wedding we are very excited for. During that first meeting, the question of editing and our style came up. There have been many trends in the world of image editing. You've probably seen them. In the digital world of photoshop, you can do just about anything these days. Seriously, anything and everything from color touches on a black and white image to creating dinosaurs chasing a bridal party while explosions fire off in the background.

Now, just because it's all possible, doesn't mean it's real. Lori and I prefer the real. Much of our time at a wedding or in a portrait session we're capturing real moments. We use whatever lighting we have available or use flashes to capture the moment properly and naturally. But that doesn't mean we don't want to create that big "WOW" image for our couples and families.

To us, there's a big difference between creating an image in Photoshop, and creating a magical image in the camera. To do that - we rely on our knowledge of lighting, including off camera lighting. We continue to spend our time learning about ways to photograph a magical image, not how to edit in characters from Star Wars. We prefer to spend our time behind the camera as much as possible, not behind the computer!

It's all possible. But it's not all real, and eventually those popular trends will fade away. They'll look outdated - kind of like puffy sleeve prom dresses from the 80's. That's just not our style. We prefer a timeless approach, natural edits and magic created by our cameras, not by our computers. Here's a few examples of what we mean by "camera magic."

a slow shutter speed with a kick of light to freeze the motion = a fun dance floor shot!

Using just a few lights, we can make a tractor look amazing :)

Backlighting is beautiful!

We can use flash to create a natural look (on left) or a dramatic night time image (on right)

seniors with fences

female portrait

senior with waterfall

I can't wait for our next chance to create something special! ~ Erin