Planting Flowers for Mommy: Portrait Membership Events

Little kids and flowers are pretty much the cutest thing ever. The way they scrunch up their face when they're sniffing the flowers? So cute.

Now imagine a whole bunch of kids in a greenhouse all sniffing the flowers, and picking out their favorites for Mom. That's what our Planting Party at Lucas Greenhouses in Fairport NY was all about. It was the perfect time to let the kids play in the dirt with you or run around the green house smelling ALL the flowers. Even our littlest kiddos wanted to get their hands in the pots.

I'm really loving getting to see all of these families on a regular basis. It's a great little community/tribe to be a part of. Even as one of the leaders of the group I feel like I grow along with our families each month.

We're all in this parenthood thing together, and I get to help share that with them. It's awesome.

~ Erin

PS - if you want to know more about these events and our portrait membership program...check us out!

Erin Perrotta

Erin’s creative background roots began with her family and her education in Digital Media/Fine Arts degree at Canisius College. While she enjoys a good adventure, Erin is most comfortable at home with family (husband, Matt and son, Lucas) or friends, a good book, and a cup of coffee.