Rooftop Flash, Rochester NY: Behind the Scenes

If you've worked with us recently, you may have noticed we often use flash, even when we are outside. This extra light is often times what makes all the difference in an image - taking it from good to great! If you haven't been on a session with us recently and have just looked through our portfolio, you may not realize that we even use flash. No, we're not trying to trick you - but we do want you to think it's a natural light image. Our use of flash is intended to enhance and work with the existing (sun) light - resulting in a natural looking image.

Here is an example:

Objective: Create a unique portrait of The Rochestariat co-founders, utilizing the city skyline.

Setting: Rooftop in downtown Rochester, about 7 pm in July. Sun setting behind camera, gorgeous blue sky behind subjects.

Problem: Exposing for the people results in a washed out sky. Exposing for the sky results in dark faced people. Dun dun dun...

natural light only

Solution: Use off camera flash to fill in faces, while keeping that brilliant blue sky dark.

with flash

Result: A properly balanced, natural looking image that rocks!

Headshots, Rochester NY portrait session downtown, parking garage

Special thank you to my lovely VAL/assistant Erin, and my set designer, God.

For our next trick, we'll show an exception to the rule, how we do fun things with the flash that may not look so natural... Stay tuned!