Where to Find us: Social Media Links and Updates

What is your favorite way to stay in touch with friends and family?

Is it Facebook or Instagram? Perhaps Pinterest or Twitter? Are you of the snapchat generation, or are you more apt to pick up the phone? (gasp! How old school!)

As a small business, we like to keep up with you in various forms too, but rather than put ourselves everywhere... we focus on our favorites.

Currently, my favorite is Instagram. Imagine that... it's a platform based on photos! Who'd have guessed right? If you are on Instagram you can see our latest sneak peek images and behind the scenes work @lorianderin. If you are looking for more #lucasp, follow Erin @erinmperrotta. Or, if you want to keep up with Lori's travels and dogs, you can find her @adventureswithlori.

Number two on the list is Facebook. We've been there the longest, so we are connected with lots of our clients and we still get lots of interaction there. We often post a sneak peek to Facebook and Instagram... sometimes different photos (hint hint).

Pinterest is sort of a distant third... we use it, but we don't update it as often as we should. We'll try to make this a 2017 goal.

In the interest of putting out quality content, we're really focusing on those platforms and for the moment have chosen not to engage on Twitter or SnapChat. 

So where are you (digitally)? Wherever you are sharing your images, tag us! We'd love to keep in touch and see what you are up to.

If you have feedback on any of this, don't hesitate to let us know! Here's our 'Best Nine' on Instagram from 2016 - were you one of them?


Lori Coleman

The daughter of filmmakers, Lori may have been predestined for a life in the creative world. She met her husband, John, while studying photography at RIT. When not creating heirlooms for her friends, family, and clients, she can usually be found in the woods or on a yoga mat. Either way, her dogs Molley and Mouse are never far away.