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What's your favorite social network? There are so many these days, and they are all pretty interesting in their own ways. Personally, I'm a big fan of Instagram-- shocker, I know. Facebook is great to reach a lot of people, but Twitter is fun as well. And Pinterest, oh Pinterest, what's not to love? We enjoy sharing our stories and seeing yours in these great ways.  Last year, we used mostly Facebook. This year, we’ve done a little branching out. We made some updates to every form of social media we could think of. Everything from LinkedIn, to Google+ to Twitter now has a Lori and Erin presence.

We’re now hashtaggin’ our instagram photos and joining circles, while pinning a cool new cake photo on Pinterest - all before breakfast.

If you’re looking to find us on any given site here’s the details. Another way to find us? See that shiny purple icon in the top left of your browser? It’s at the top. See it? It says “Get Social.” You’ll find all of our links right there at all times!

You don’t have to follow us, but it’d be pretty great if you did!

Here’s how to find us: Facebook: Google+: Lori & Erin on Google+ Twitter: @lorianderin Pinterest: Lori on Instagram: @lorianderin Erin on Instagram: @erinandlori Linkedin: Lori & Erin Photography

While we were at it, we had some fun new headshots taken too! Many thanks to Kathy Pieters Photography for these images!

lori, rochester ny photographerlori, rochester ny photographerlori, rochester ny photographer