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Have you ever noticed us dancing along to the music at weddings? If you haven't, you're missing out on some amusing entertainment! :) We love it, even if our moves are less than stellar. And we know that music and entertainment are vital to a successful wedding. Like any other vendor, it takes a true professional to make your day perfect.

Joe, from Q Music productions is one of our favorite DJ's to work with. He's trained, professional and always keeps the party going! I know from experience, he never lets the music stop. He seamlessly transitions one song right into the next. Before you even realize it you've danced for 20 minutes straight.

Q Music Productions wedding DJ Rochester NYQ Music Productions wedding DJ Rochester NYQ Music Productions wedding DJ Rochester NY

We asked Joe a few questions, here's what he had to say!

How did you get into the music industry and being a DJ? Funny how it all started, I always wanted to play a musical instrument. I started with the trumpet, and when that didn’t work out, I then decided that drums were for me! I bought a drum set, got all set up in my parents basement and later found out that maybe guitar was the better answer! It turned out that I had no musical talent and traded all my gear for dirt bike and a train set. I graduated from high school and went on to college where I decided that maybe photography was for me. Well, it turned out that I had the love for the arts but had no patience for camera settings.

I started going out to clubs in the early 80’s and discovered the art of mixing songs. While everyone was dancing I planted myself near the DJ booth and listened and watched different DJ’s mix music and make great transitions, so I said to myself “this is it!!” I bought some DJ equipment and practiced and practiced, but never worked a wedding or a club. I continued to purchase bigger and better equipment from a local source, where one day the clerk at this particular store asked if I was interested in working for a local DJ company to which I replied YES!!

I trained for 2 years, before I was given a shot at my own show; you see, I was microphone shy at the time. I'm not sure when it happened, but I overcame my fear of the microphone, and the rest is history! I worked at several nightclubs; I worked with radio stations WPXY, WCMF and WDKX in Rochester and also worked at several record shops around the area, as well as several major record labels, until my kids were born and then it was time to be a dad.

Today, I have a very supportive wife who helps me with the business, my son is a drummer and my daughter is going to be a photography and communications major. I'm living my dreams through my children.

What do you feel sets you apart from others in the industry? I'm honestly not sure, I’m not flashy; I don’t believe I’m the star of the show. I love dealing with people and love to make a special day, a memorable day. I feel that it is very important that you work closely with venues and other professionals to ensure a successful event. I love to entertain!

What is the secret to a great party? Planning and being able to adjust to certain circumstances. I love a challenge and I love to have a great time, so I treat every reception the way I would if it were mine. As of matter of fact, the DJ at my wedding was so nervous that I had to get up on stage and DJ my own reception! (mind you that this was the same guy I trained with for 2 years) We danced the night away and the venue begged us to stop, because it was 2:30 in the morning. That was the best night of my life!!

What advice do you have for brides and grooms to be? Relax and enjoy the day! Choose music that would be a hit with your family and friends and go out and have the time of your life. I always recommend that couples take a couple of dance lessons. There’s nothing more elegant and exciting than when your family and friends witness the first dance, it sets the tone for a great evening. This is one of the best days of your life!

People always wonder, what’s the DJ’s favorite music? I love the sounds of the 80’s, Italian and Spanish, and at the end of a show; I love to listen to talk radio to clear my head :)

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Q Music Productions wedding DJ Rochester NY