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Every bride dreams about what her wedding dress will look like, and what the bridesmaids will wear. It's not everyday though, that the Groom and his guys, get the spotlight. Well, today we're going to change that a little and share some insight into the world of men's formalwear. We recently visited Vittorio Menswear and Tuxedo in Rochester for some new portraits of the owner, Matt McDermott. Vittorio's is a local, family owned shop with a nationwide network, and all the latest styles of suit, tuxedo and even kilts. Whether for a wedding party or a prom, they have it all.

They have all kinds of fun stuff going on too - including a great idea for "proposal" tuxedos and even a high school senior scholarship program. They love to be a part of the community around them, and make them look good in a tux at the same time. :)

They're on Facebook and have their own blog - so it's easy check them out and stop in for your big day.

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Here's a quick Q&A with Matt! Enjoy!

1) How long have you been in business? How did you get started in the world of formal wear? Vittorio’s has been in business over 40 years. My wife Jennifer and I purchased the shop just about two years ago. I worked at a men’s shop in high school and college and really enjoyed the work. I did some other things after college but wanted to return to the industry so when the opportunity to buy the shop came up we jumped on it.

2) What's your favorite look right now? Well-tailored, fitted looks and higher end fabrics are really popular right now. It’s a nice contrast to the boxier looks and cheaper fabrics that most people think about when they think tux rental. Grey has been very popular color-wise over the past few seasons but I’m really partial to the classic black and white tuxedo with a self-tied bow tie. After all, what guy doesn’t want to look like Brad Pitt or George Clooney?

2) How does a couple figure out their style? What if the groom has very different ideas than the bride? Do you have any advice on negotiating as a couple? We start by trying to understand the couple’s vision for their wedding day – recommendations for a rustic barn wedding are different than a classic black tie affair at a high-end venue or a destination wedding on the beach. It’s often no different than other wedding planning decisions and there can definitely be some give and take between the couple on colors or styles.

I’m a big advocate of being able to try on some styles or colors to see how it actually looks in real life. The models in the designer’s photographs or catalogs always look great – the real test is how the groom looks in the suit or tuxedo.

Sometimes compromises involve things like reducing the amount of color – for instance matching that bridesmaid dress in Malibu Blue or Coral with a vest, tie and pocket square can sometimes be a bit much for a more conservative groom. A more subdued vest with the color picked up by just the tie and pocket square can still provide a unifying theme without overwhelming the guys with colors they may not be as excited about.

3) Are there any do's and don'ts of wearing formal wear? There is etiquette around formal wear but at the end of the day, most couples aren’t planning a scene from Downton Abbey. That said, most guys don’t wear formal wear every day so relying on a specialist to help navigate things can be helpful. A wedding is a milestone event and having specialized clothing like the tuxedo is a time-honored tradition.

In my view, your groomsmen shouldn’t be confused with a foursome on the golf course or guys going to a Monday morning meeting at the office. A wedding is a special event in people’s lives and the clothing selections should reflect that.

4) What's your best tip on how to choose the right tux or suit for a groom? Take into account your body type and skin tone when selecting a tuxedo – slim fits can look great on slimmer body types but not as good on a fuller frame. Conversely, a classic fit tuxedo on a slimmer guy can give the impression that you’re wearing your big brother’s suit. White tuxedos or dinner jackets look great with darker skin tones, but aren’t as flattering with very light complexions.

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Visit them at 1900 East Ridge Road, Rochester NY 14622 or schedule your appointment at 585-467-7711.

Lori dodging the hats for an awesome portrait!