spring photo hike: a recap

photo hike

Group Photo on Bridge

Beautiful evening? Check.

Camera? Check.

Hiking trail? Check.

Group of fun people, looking to enjoy and capture the beauty of nature? Check!

Our first photo hike of 2013 was a great success! Old friends, family, and some new friends all came out to share a hike through Ellison Park together. A big thank you to the Rochester Young Professionals for joining the event with us! It was great to meet some new faces, and we hope you'll join us again for our next one.

As wedding and portrait photographers, Lori and I don't always get the chance to just photograph nature.  So as we walked, we got to put a different skill set to good use. We also challenged others with us to think outside the box too. After the event, we gathered a few photographs from those who wanted to contribute, and put together a slideshow of all of our photographs.

Thank you to those who joined us! If you missed this one, keep an eye out for a hike with us in the fall. Until next time, enjoy!