Spring Photo Hike at Highland Park : Rochester NY Photographers


Ok, so I'll be honest, we were really hoping for a gorgeous, warm sunny day for our first photo hike of the year. But unfortunately, we can't always get what we want. (Who just sang that sentence?) Besides, what's springtime in Rochester without a little rain fall? We had a nice morning in the park, regardless of the weather forecast. We met up with a great group of ladies who came out to capture the budding magnolia trees, daffodils and other early spring flowers with us. We even had our youngest photographer ever, as well as adorable model when needed. I'd say that the weather didn't slow us down one bit!

Here's some photographs from us, and those who joined us. Sometimes, you just have to play in the rain!

We really hope to see you at our next Photo Hike. Stay tuned for details on the next outing!