Stella and Liam : At home family portraits | Rochester NY

Tom and Alicia are awesome parents. Seriously, I should have been taking notes during this session. With two young kids, they were both calm and patient through it all. Stella came out of her shell and was this energetic, spunky little girl (as compared to the quiet, shy girl I see in church). And Liam, well he is just a happy little boy that was along for the ride. I loved spending time with these guys, as its always a fun adventure. From hide and seek to looking at albums, reading and petting the cat, and even a little jumping in our Christmas outfits, it was real. And it was fun! Check out some of the photos, and learn a little more about this amazing family below. family hanging out by the doorpeek a boo

boy in patriots jersey

little girl reading

boy and cat meet

girl bw on rocking horseplaying on the couch

girl laughing

outside family portrait in the fall

Meet the Family

Alicia and Tom | Started dating in college in January of 2000 and got married June 30, 2007 | We used to have favorite couple activities, now we have kids. =)  We really enjoy sitting down and just talking to each other, which is rare with two busy kids running around.  We also like going out to dinner, watching movies and taking walks.

Stella | Age 2.5 | Loves reading books, taking care of her stuffed friends, and running circles around the house!

Liam | Age 5 months | Loves to have conversations (he has a smile for everyone), and he likes to roll around the play area finding toys to chew on!

Favorite way to celebrate life together: We love sharing meals together, going to church each week as a family, and finding clever ways to keep "Adultitis" at bay.

What makes a good portrait? A good portrait captures the spirit of a family.  When you look at the picture you see a real moment, not staged, but as if you just froze a moment from your everyday life. 

Anything else? After two sessions, I am still amazed that what looks like utter chaos to me, turns out to be so perfect through the view of a lens. =)