Sunday - The day of Rest

Sunday: the day I actively pursue... not working. 

Usually I sleep in. Then the day starts with chocolate chip pancakes. Afterwards, some combination of the following: hammocking, church, hiking, gardening, reading, or working on home improvement projects with my husband.

But more importantly, it gives me a chance to see my friends and family. People with normal Monday through Friday jobs, tend to get together on weekends. Crazy, right? 

In addition to seeing my family more, other good things have happened since I began taking Sundays off as well. I’ve found that some of my best thinking happens in the hammock. New ideas, inspiration and solutions tend to come to light when I am least looking for them. I also find my Mondays to be more productive, because I can sort out what’s really important and place my emphasis on those projects.

It’s not a perfect system, and there are still occasional exceptions to the rule. However, I think it's worth the effort, and I encourage you to take a day each week to pursue not working as well!

So there you have it... my motivational speech to do less. Stop being busy and just be. Make time for real life and those who are important to you. It may be just one day a week, but I have found that this one day helps shape the rest of my week, and life. Maybe, it will help you too!

Perhaps God was on to something when he took that day of rest...

Enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the lake with friends! 

Enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the lake with friends! 

Lori Coleman

The daughter of filmmakers, Lori may have been predestined for a life in the creative world. She met her husband, John, while studying photography at RIT. When not creating heirlooms for her friends, family, and clients, she can usually be found in the woods or on a yoga mat. Either way, her dogs Molley and Mouse are never far away.