1st birthday party

One Year Birthday Party: Family Portrait Photography

She's sugar and spice - but maybe a little more spice than sugar, as only this little girl can be. Her personality is emerging more and more every day as a sweet yet strong girl. 

We celebrated her birthday with family. It was beautiful to see all of the love surrounding this little girl's life. We played and captured this milestone together.

And when it came time to cut the cake, we sang loudly and proudly as a family. And as a family, they watched as she dove into her bright purple cake. Naturally, Mommy, Daddy and her big brother all got in on the fun too.

Sometimes we get so caught up in work, we forget to play. This day, we played and I loved being there for it  - not just to capture it, but to play as well. Happy Birthday, "Baby" Stella.

~ Auntie Erin

Chloe: First Birthday Party, Fairport NY

Chloe wasn't sure about her first bites of birthday cake, but she sure loved the toys at her 1st birthday party! Mom and Dad planned her an awesome "Under the Sea" themed party which lots of family and friends came out to enjoy. Chloe flashed her smile all day long and enjoyed opening her gifts. Can you believe her mom made that cake? How cute! 

It has been my pleasure watching this little family grow, and I felt like part of the family while photographing this milestone for them. Looking forward to the next one, she'll be walking in no time!


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