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Life, #Lucasp and the end of a 365 Project: Rochester NY Photographer

Not including weddings, sessions and the occasional iPhone image, I have shot over 3000 images this year. And I only you showed roughly 365. And of that 365, most were of my favorite little hashtag, #lucasp.  

I've got to be honest, it's been a week since my 365 project ended, and I'm just now starting to get used to life without a camera constantly by my side. 

Now that it's over, I'm feeling so many emotions.

In some ways I'm sad. I feel like a major part of my family's life flew by in an instant, and I'm not ready to give it up yet. The good news is, I have documentation of it all... and for better or worse, my son has his own personal hashtag. 

I learned a lot from this year - not only about my photography, but about myself as well. I know more about who I am, and who I want to be.

I cherish not only the big milestones, but the every day moments too.  For example - One day, Lucas began using his own silverware. In an instant, he no longer needed my help - it was bittersweet.

No matter how hard we try, we can't stop it, or slow it down. There's no getting those little moments back.

Because of this project, I realize with an even deeper appreciation that these moments are fleeting. Now, I read just one more book at night, so I can cuddle him just a little bit longer. And even though he's getting heavier by the second, when he wants me to pick him up - I do. Because one day he'll stop needing that, too.

For that, I'm so glad I have these photos - to remind me now, and in 15 years of those times when laundry baskets and cardboard boxes were toys, and when his shoes were smaller than mine.

I think that my biggest take away from the project is the ability to really see, and know when even the smallest moment is happening. 

I still see my photo of the day - everywhere, in everything. But now, it's up to me whether or not to push the shutter button or just enjoy the moment.

Thank you to everyone who supported me, and to those who, whether they wanted to or not, became part of the project. These images also remind me of the love surrounding us every day, and all of the people who are a part of our lives.  It was a fun, emotional, sometimes frustrating, sometimes overwhelming ride, but definitely a worthwhile journey.

Here's a few of my favorites from the year!  ~ Erin

October's 365 Project: Rochester NY Photographer

October! I can ALMOST see the light at the end of this 365 tunnel! Honestly, I never thought I'd make to April, let alone October with this project. I can now say that I've completed over 300 days of this year in pictures. Yes, I've missed on or two, but I always try to make up for it when I do.

With Lucas now more mobile, it's fun to capture some of his every day routines. They're entertaining, and will someday fit nicely in a book for him. Things like playing in his toy box or crawling on his tip toes, or picking out a pumpkin that's bigger than his whole body.

Other than that, October was a month of kids - from newborns to babies to big kids in my photos. Not only did I take pictures of my own kiddo, I had some great family sessions and a few remaining weddings to complete as well. I even got in a few senior portraits too. And then there was a "big kid" session, with Lori and John to celebrate their five year anniversary at RIT.

Whew, what a crazy month! Here come the holidays. I know I'll be able to finish out this project strong with those on the way! Until next month! ~ Erin

Another month in the 365 project! Rochester NY Photographer

The reality that is Fall is finally settling in. I won't lie, I'm not prepared for the chilly nights. September was another month filled with beautiful wedding days, and fun filled times with family and friends. I'm extremely lucky to get to see as many people as I do in one month.

Lucas continues to grow in personality and in size. The toddling around is beginning as of this month. We've been watching him learn to walk, and it is filled with nervous moments and laughter at the same time.

I think that some of my favorite pictures of Lucas to date, were taken this month. For example, his smile on the swings, and splashing in the kiddie pool were two great memories we made this month. He also enjoyed his first of many fried cakes at Schutts, and boy did he enjoy that thoroughly.

Now that Fall is here, it's time to look forward to all the fun that comes along with it. Pumpkins, hayrides, Halloween... oh my, what fun indeed! ~ Erin

August's 365 Project: Rochester NY Photography

Wait, did I blink and miss August? It's a good thing for this project, because I barely remember the beginning of last month. We've been busy with sessions, great weddings, and some awesome milestone's for my little man, Lucas.

This month, I traveled to Boston for a wedding. I also spent some time in the woods and "off the grid" camping with my family. It was Lucas's first camping trip, and it was great to spend some time with my family. 

But the biggest memories of this month have to come from Lucas. One year ago, he entered our lives and forever changed my world. He celebrated his birthday month by learning not only how to crawl, but how to stand up on his own, say some of his first words. On top of that, he turned one and confirmed that he's definitely my child by diving into a few cupcakes face first.

Yes, the year did go by fast and it was amazing. But there's more amazing still to come, so I'm excited to see what he learns next.

Catch up with my 365 with these fun photos! I can't believe I'm still going strong! ~ Erin

The 365 project travels: Rochester NY Photographer

The middle of summer has come and gone. In a flash, I'm taking this 365 project into another new month. I was lucky this month - there was no lack of things happening.

From weddings to travels to Colorado to just ordinary every day adventures in gardening, this was a whirlwind month. But definitely a fun one.

I was in another wedding as the Maid of honor / photographer. And I traveled across the country to photograph a beautiful Colorado wedding also. Lucas in turn, got his first plane ride (and maybe his last), saw real mountains for the first time, and even saw an elk on one of our hikes through the Rocky Mountains.

In less than a month, we'll be singing Lucas Happy Birthday while he dives into a cupcake. Wow. He's now 11 months old, and suddenly looks so much bigger. It's hard to believe that he started out as a 5 lb peanut in my arms.

Well, here's to another month down, five more to go! ~ Erin

The 365 Project in June: Rochester NY Photographer

Ok guys, I'm not going to lie, this project is starting to get harder. Seems a little backwards with all of the sessions, weddings, and fun summertime things going on right?

It's not getting harder to find a photo of the day, but it is getting harder to remember to take them, and share them. With the busy season in front of us, time is a bit more limited! However, it's still happening, and I'm very glad for that.

I love seeing how far Lucas has come in 6 months time. This motivates me to keep shooting. He's learning sooooo many new things (at his own pace of course). I love watching the light bulb go off in his head when he understands something new. Years down the road, I won't remember when he started eating with his own two hands, or the first time he really made an effort to roll over. So that's my main motivation. I'm capturing my family's history, one day at a time. Plus, he's just plain cute. So if you're sick of seeing his little face, I'm not sorry. 

I've also been enjoying photographing my backyard, specifically, the flowers that are popping up everywhere. I didn't plant them, but I'm glad someone did, so that I can enjoy them!

Here's this months' photo recap, enjoy! Only 6 more months to go! ~ Erin

The 365 project in May: Rochester Family Photography

The nice days are here, the flowers are in bloom, and my 365 project keeps on truckin'. I'm loving being able to get my family outside to enjoy the sunshine. It adds so many new activities for us to experience as a family, and to watch as Lucas experiences for the first time.

He's growing and learning, but not too fast. He's definitely taking things at his own pace, so when he finally figures something out - it's monumental. I never thought, I'd be so excited to watch a baby learn how to pick up his own food.

A lot of outdoor fun has also been had this month, including festivals, gardening, and getting back on the softball field.

But let's not forget, wedding season's just beginning and we're getting busier by the minute! Not only are our clients getting engaged and married, but our families are as well. Along with that comes family gatherings of all kinds as the preparations continue!

I'm thrilled that I've made it this far in the project. At this point, it feels like it has become a routine to find that photo of the day. When I find it, I feel accomplished and ready to find the next one. I can do this!

So enjoy the recap of my photos from May! Bring it on June! ~ Erin

April in Pictures: Erin's 365 project

Spring! Or so we thought.

April has come and gone, and my 365 project is still going strong. I'm starting to get to the point where I'm waking up at night just to think about what tomorrow's image might be. Yikes!

I still love photographing my son, and this month I had the joy of photographing a lot of other family time as well. Easter, bridal showers, birthday parties, and just time with family and friends were all among the images. But also, the beginning of Spring - which is my favorite season. A few of the days were about breaking out the flip flops (yay!), the daffodils, the green grass and yes... a touch of snow, unbelievable at this point, but still happened. Ew.

Next month, our engagement sessions and weddings for the year begin. I'm looking forward to photographing these moments for our awesome clients, as well as continuing to capture my own life as it unfolds. Thanks for following it all with me! ~ Erin

365 project in March : Rochester NY Photographer


I love compiling my images from each month for these posts. I get to see just how many things happened each month and how many great people are a part of my life. I also get to see just how much Lucas changes in just a few weeks. That alone makes me so glad I decided to take on a 365 project this year. I can't imagine not having these images to remember all of his milestones. Family, friends and fun was what March was all about. With Spring creeping in at a snail's pace, we were lucky to get outside a few times. We are also starting to see more sessions pop up on the calendar with our favorite clients. We even got away for a conference in Buffalo, where we got to learn new things to incorporate into the business and our shooting style.

So far so good, I'm still going strong. With our busiest months of the year yet to come, I'm looking forward to more friends and more fun images to share as a part of this project. 3 months down, 9 to go! ~ Erin


February in Pictures: Erin's 365


2 months down! Yes! I've been at my 365 project now for 2 months. It's obvious, that I've taken on a theme, a very "close to my heart" theme. My son is the inspiration for this project. I want to capture as much of this first year of his life as I can! He'll change so much this year - heck, he already has, and astonishes me.

So, naturally many of my pictures revolve around him and will continue to do so. This month, Lucas hit the "half" year mark. I'm trying to capture what he's learning, the funny and sometimes frustrating moments, and the relationships he's building with the world and people in his life. I want to remember all of these little daily milestones that are forming him into the person he's becoming.

Also this month, Nigel the Gnome returned! After Lori left on her trip, I started to feel lonely - so Nigel kept me company during my days. I'm looking forward to seeing where he ends up during my 365 project.

Valentine's Day was a part of this month's images and as we all know, the deep freeze of a winter we're having continued to tortured us.  So that had to be included somehow too!

Enjoy my recap in photos!

~ Erin













Erin's 365 Project begins : Rochester NY photography


As Lori finished up her year in photographs on December 31st 2014, mine began. Only 334 days to go, I'm just getting started. I was inspired to see so many of my photographer friends complete their project last year, and decided it was the right time to begin mine. So I guess I should warn you of three things as I embark on this photographic journey.

1) The overwhelming majority of this project will focus on my son, my family and my dog. These are the most important things in my life, and this is a milestone year for us. Lucas is going to change so much, so fast, and we're all going to change with him. So naturally, this is my inspiration for this endeavor. If you don't want to see cute pictures of babies or my dog, don't look.  :)

2) I'm not burdening myself with any rules. It's hard enough to complete a 365 project without adding rules in. Besides that I know me, I'll miss a day or two. Some days I'll use my iPhone instead of my DSLR. Some days might include an Instagram filter. Or, some might include two images. Again - it's my project, my rules, right?

3) Some of my images are probably going to be boring. I'm not sure that this can be avoided, but you can bet there will be a few days where nothing exciting happens. Not every day of a year is photographic gold.

So here we go folks, my 365 project begins. I'll need your help and encouragement to keep going. I know from watching others do it, that it's a big undertaking. I'm proud of myself for trying, and so far succeeding.

This month focused on Lucas, a fun family wedding in Chicago, and other random goodies. January is complete, bring it on February. Only 334 days to go.

In no particular order, here's January! ~ Erin











2014 in Review / 365 Wrap up


We've made it through another year, and survived... no... thrived. If nothing else this year has taught me that we can do anything. When Lucas showed up 4 weeks early, in the middle of our busy season and threw the entire business into my lap so Erin could be with him, we made it. With help from our intern, our colleagues, and support from family and friends, we made this year our best yet. I can't wait to top it all next year! Rewinding a second now... I set some goals for myself last January including this little 365 project. It started as a creative challenge to make a photo every single day. Some months had themes, some did not. Some photos were great, others a little lame. But I stuck through, I kept creating, I kept sharing, and I can now check this project off the list. And it feels good.

Some of my other goals included: -Decluttering my newsfeed/email (I did this by hiding people whose posts I always found myself shaking my head at and unsubscribing from dozens of emails I didn't read) -Bike a 50 mile event. This one will stay on the list another year. My best event this year was 33 miles. -Start a new hobby (Archery). Didn't happen, but I am still interested in it. -Workout 3x a week. I think I get partial credit here. I actually put this on the calendar for Mon, Wed, Fri mornings which makes me much more likely to do it. I've been good the last 2 months, but over the summer... this goal always seems to die. -Simplify finances. This I can say I did accomplish. I got rid of unnecessary credit cards, closed unneeded bank accounts and made everything much easier to keep track of.

So I can say I accomplished 4.5 out of 6 goals. Not bad, but I can do better.

I spent a while on the Christmas theme this month, trying to explore it in different ways.

Do you ever find yourself thinking "Where has the time gone?" Yeah? Me too. The cool thing is this photo-a-day project has helped make me really aware of how I spend my time. There are some days when literally -nothing-interesting happened and I found myself photographing the shadows on the wall. Other days were so full, it was a challenge to pick the best photograph/moment to share! So as I review my images of the year, I thought it would be fun to share some highs and lows with you in this recap.

First, the cool stuff: -LASIK! AKA the best investment I ever made and wish I made sooner. It is seriously the biggest change to my life this year. I am free from contact lenses and glasses, and it's something I am thankful for every day. -Seniors! This year we photographed 26 seniors, shattering our goal of 12. I learned just how much fun it is to work with this age and look forward to growing this portion of the business! -Lucas! He's only going third because he didn't arrive until August. But this little man entered the world lucky enough to have two fantastic parents and the best auntie in the world. He changed everything, and I can't wait to watch him grow. -Friends and Family. Between a little road trip, a new nephew being born, throwing a themed party, and just hanging out on game nights, I love looking back at all of the fun we've had this year. -Home Improvement. We finished the kitchen by finally installing a backsplash, added a nice gate for the dogs, and replaced our old windows and sliding door to improve heat retention. This crosses off a few items we had on the house list for a few years, yay! -Being outdoors: Rec softball, hiking, hammocking, jarts, gardening. Love it. -Eating. In true instagram style, I photographed a lot of our meals this year. I'm happy to say we have been eating healthier, more local and more in-season. There's room to do better here, but a good start nonetheless. -Portraits. This was a record setting year for how many folks I was able to put in front of my lens. Thank you to every single one of you, I'm so lucky that this is my profession!

2014 wasn't entirely sunshine and rainbows though. We said goodbye to my grandmother this year, learned about Erin's father's cancer, and I had a frustrating ordeal with technical issues in the middle of our busiest month. But we made it through alive, stronger, and ready to conquer a new year.

And what's Christmas without the people you love?

And of course, my lapdog.

Looking ahead to 2015: we'll be traveling to New Zealand, Florida, Colorado, Massachusetts and who knows where else! We get to celebrate several weddings with friends, family and clients. I'll be replacing the 365 project with a new challenge (more to come). But most importantly, we'll get some more time to spend with our family, our friends, and our awesome clients as we continue on this journey.

Thanks for being here, I hope to see you around this year. Get in touch, let us know how it's going for you too!

I encourage you to set some goals, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with them! Wishing you all the best in 2015! Lori

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The final photo of 2014... and I'm excited to hand this project off to Erin this year!