Wyatt: 6 Months Old

Chubby little legs and cute baby rolls get me every time. This particular set of chubby little legs just turned six months old. Isn't Wyatt adorable?

He can leap tall buildings (or short duplo ones) in a single bound with assistance from Daddy. Or he can simply look adorable in his overalls and onesie. Or he's even cute in a tie, sitting in a rocking chair once used by his Mommy.

He perhaps wasn't as smiley as he normally is, but hey he's a baby, he's allowed to have those days occasionally. And that's when cuddling close to Mommy with a bottle is all that matters. It really didn't matter what we did, he was cute no matter what.

We can't wait to see him again!

~ Erin

365 project in March : Rochester NY Photographer


I love compiling my images from each month for these posts. I get to see just how many things happened each month and how many great people are a part of my life. I also get to see just how much Lucas changes in just a few weeks. That alone makes me so glad I decided to take on a 365 project this year. I can't imagine not having these images to remember all of his milestones. Family, friends and fun was what March was all about. With Spring creeping in at a snail's pace, we were lucky to get outside a few times. We are also starting to see more sessions pop up on the calendar with our favorite clients. We even got away for a conference in Buffalo, where we got to learn new things to incorporate into the business and our shooting style.

So far so good, I'm still going strong. With our busiest months of the year yet to come, I'm looking forward to more friends and more fun images to share as a part of this project. 3 months down, 9 to go! ~ Erin


Jameson: Rochester NY Newborn Session

When we last saw them, Janel and Kevin were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little man. We took their last portraits as a family of two, and as we did I learned a secret. They shared with us their little guy's name via sign. It was adorable. I know it kept a lot of their friends in suspense too. Well, here it is - the big name reveal. :) 2014-11-05_0001.jpgIf you haven't already met him, meet Jameson John. He's a 7 lb cutie, with the best little face and was absolutely perfect for us during his newborn session. With my own little guy growing so fast, it was a reminder of how small they start out!

Kevin and Janel, I have loved watching your journey from engaged to married to now parenthood. There's no doubt in my mind that you'll be amazing parents, as you already are! Congratulations - I look foward to continuing to capture this chapter in your lives for you. ~ Erin

2014-11-05_0007.jpg 2014-11-05_0006.jpg 2014-11-05_0004.jpg 2014-11-05_0003.jpg 2014-11-05_0005.jpg 2014-11-05_0002.jpg

beautiful baby jayden: rochester ny newborn photography

Less than a week old, and he's already growing too fast. We've been looking forward to his birth for awhile now. Back in the fall, we photographed their announcement, - so finally he's here!  And now that he is, we all want to slow down time and keep him this small forever. I went to photograph his first session of his first year plan, and probably spent a bit more time snuggling him than I meant to. But I couldn't help it, he's just so cute and cuddly! I'm so happy for his mommy, daddy and big brother, and am excited to watch him grow up. Hopefully though, not too fast.

Here's a few of the mornings photographs in between cuddles! ~ Erin2014-06-25_0004.jpg

2014-06-25_0001.jpg 2014-06-25_0003.jpg 2014-06-25_0002.jpg

Morgan at 6 months : rochester ny photography

Fair warning, there is a lot of adorableness in this post! For this session we played dress up with Morgan at 6 months. Mom and Dad had lots of fun dresses to show off, and Morgan was the best little model. From an elegant white gown to pink ruffles and finishing off with a fun sailor dress, how could you resist? baby girl in baptismal gownblack and white baby imagesbaby in pink and white

in between takes

The Century Club on East Avenue provided the perfect backdrop for this session. I just love this sweet little girl! See you soon Morgan!


PS - Morgan is one of our "First Year" babies. Check out her newborn, and 4 month session too!

Welcome Baby Dempsey | Syracuse Newborn Photography

Landon has a new little brother, and some competition in the cuteness category. His name is Dempsey and he is such a sweet pea. When I visited, Landon was in play mode and Dempsey was asleep. That's basically how the whole session went. It was a good thing the focus was on Dempsey! Even though Landon didn't want to pose with his brother, it did result in one of my favorite family photos of late. It shows what life is really like with an almost two year old and newborn under one roof. A little crazy, a little fun, and a little tiring. Here we go, enjoy!

newborn with family

I have a new little brother!? Where is he?

bw baby boyWelcome to the family baby boy! Love, Aunt Lori

mom and dad with baby

Babies, babies everywhere! : rochester ny baby shower


A few months ago, I shared a special announcement about my dear friend Sarah's upcoming addition to their family. It's so special to me to be a part of her and her family's life. Well, that bundle of joy is due to arrive within the next two months. It was time for the baby shower to commence! I am by no means a DIY, crafty kind of girl, but Sarah and her family - they most definitely are. And wow, they sure know how to plan a themed shower!

Sarah has a love for being on the water. Out on the boat, is one of the places she's always made her happy. So, in true Sarah style, she requested a nautical theme to her baby shower. But there's a twist to that theme...Sarah and Mike, are waiting to be surprised by the baby's gender! Thus some pink had to be added to the blue nautical waters on display. The results were adorable, from the crab croissant sandwiches to the anchored centerpieces.

One of the highlights for me, was reconnecting with another great friend from my younger days...who coincidentally is also pregnant! What a year for the three of us, getting to experience this journey together. It's exciting, and if nothing else, we can commiserate together as our feet slowly disappear from our view this summer. I can't wait to meet these new additions, and hopefully watch them grow up together as we did.

The day went great, the weather was perfect and Baby Scorse was showered with everything from diapers to his or her own fireside camp chair. I can't wait to meet Sarah's newest addition, and capture their first days at home with Mom, Dad and Brother. Here's to a safe delivery, and healthy baby!

Baby Shower Rochester NY photography, pink and blue nautical theme

Baby Shower Rochester NY photography, pink and blue nautical themeBaby Shower Rochester NY photography, pink and blue nautical theme

Baby Shower Rochester NY photography


a cute spring arrival: rochester ny newborn session

She's tiny, cute and perfect. She's also the newest adventure in Natalie and Dan's life. What an honor and joy it was to get to meet her last week, in her first few days at home. Thanks to Rochester's weather, in her short time here so far she's already seen 3 different seasons...spring, summer and winter. She's also been on a few hikes and has been showered with love from friends and family alike. It's always exciting for us when we get the opportunity to meet a new addition to the family of one of our wedding couples. We love reconnecting with you, and capturing that next stage in your family's history. For us, it doesn't get much better than that.

Welcome to the world little one! Your mom and dad are so happy you're here, and we can't wait to watch you grow into a beautiful, sweet little girl!

2014-04-14_0004.jpg 2014-04-14_0005.jpg 2014-04-14_0003.jpg 2014-04-14_0001.jpg 2014-04-14_0002.jpg

Big, Life Changing, Exciting News! : rochester ny family photographer


Sharing our days with you and your families is so special to us. We love capturing everything from the wedding to those newborn tiny little feet, and watching them grow. We enjoy being a part of your lives, while we continue to live our own. But there's nothing like watching a family grow, especially if it's your own!

So without further ado, I'm excited to share some great news about my own little family. We've been waiting ever so impatiently to tell the world! Check it out in the video below!

Yes, we are soon to be welcoming two tiny new feet into the family!  So for now, I'm going to put aside my wine, and enjoy a little extra ice cream instead. Thank you to our family and friends who have supported us this far, and will continue to do so as we enter this amazing, yet totally sleep deprived, new chapter of our lives! We can't wait for you to meet him or her in September!

With Love, Erin, Matt and Baby Perrotta

Baby's First Year Plan | Rochester NY Photographer

During your baby's first year, it is so exciting to witness all of the changes taking place. What better way to remember and celebrate those little milestones than with a first year photography plan? We are excited to announce that we have completely revamped our first year plan to be customizable for your exact needs. Unlike other photographer's plans, we have no minimum orders. We have a guideline as to what months we suggest capturing, and will work with your desires and budget to come up with the best program for you. We offer unique ways to display your portraits, including albums, storyboards, and wall clusters in addition to custom designed birth announcements.

A typical first year plan includes a newborn and 12 month session, and then 1 or more sessions in between. Maternity sessions are an optional but fun way to celebrate your remarkable changing body. As with all of our sessions, we come to you or meet at your favorite spot. The newborn session is always easiest in your home, so you don't have to travel, and all outfits and necessities are close at hand.

4 stages with volleyball

Fun things to capture in the first year

Every baby grows and develops at their own pace, but these are some general guidelines we have found to be good estimates for each stage of development.

Maternity : We try to schedule this session about 1-2 months before you are due. This way you are showing, but hopefully still able to move around comfortably.

4-10 days : This is the tiniest your baby will ever be! At the newborn session, we capture the tiny details and nursery. Lots of sleeping shots are also common.

3-4 months : Your baby is starting to hold their head up and make faces! This is what we aim to capture at this age.

6 months : Your baby may be sitting up, or close to it. So it’s a whole new ball game as to what we can capture. Have favorite stuffed friends and toys nearby.

8-9 months : Now we add motion! Your little one may be crawling or scooting toward their favorite things.

12 months : Still little munchkins, but no longer a newborn! They’re standing with or without assistance, and close to walking. They are also very interactive and playful. Bring lots of toys!

Beyond the first year: We recommend a family portrait at least once per year after this point. As their personalities come out and change, don’t forget to celebrate those moments as well!

baby standing 3 ways

If you are pregnant, or know someone who is (we offer gift certificates!) contact us today for more information on this awesome opportunity!

Don't need 600 onesies, but love photos? We also offer registry cards you can put in your shower invitations!

Talk to you soon, Lori

Morgan: 1 month new, Rochester NY Family Photography

Morgan started out as little red riding hood in her Christmas dress. Oh my goodness, she's as beautiful and perfect as a doll! When we started out, she was wide awake, but then we played in the nursery, changed outfits and hats, and before long, she was asleep. Mom had a great trick when Morgan was in that cranky "in between" awake and sleep phase. Just by turning on the vacuum and letting it run, Morgan was out in seconds. It was incredible! We got those wonderful sleepy baby photos, and then she woke up right at the end to give me a great big smile to end our session with. Love this little one, and look forward to her first year journey with us!baby in black and white baby on changing table

happy baby, sleepy babynewborn baby rochester nybaby with mom and dads handsbw baby rochester ny

Life is tough when you're a baby. Sigh. Stay little my friend!

a growing family: rochester ny portrait session

When she asked me if we had time for a portrait session, I knew. Something in the way she worded things gave her away. So when she pulled her "prop" out of the closet, the "I knew it!" could have been heard down the street. Now that I finally have her permission to share this news with my world, I'm so excited to share the photographs she used to tell her family the big announcement. My long time BFF, (am I still young enough to use that term?) is expecting a new addition to their already beautiful family. What more is there to say really? I'm thrilled, excited and even nervous for them as they write the next chapter in their story.

Writing this, and seeing the joy on their faces in these pictures brings tears to my eyes. I can't wait to snuggle him or her, and watch them grow. Mike, Sarah and Chris - I love you always, and one more time congratulations!

Rochester NY Family Portraits

Rochester NY Family Portraits

Rochester NY Family Portraits