Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards

Becker Farms Wedding: Heirloom Album

It’s been a year since Rich and Shay held their gorgeous wedding day at Becker Farms and Vizzcara Vineyards. I still remember vividly how Shay laughs, and how Rich gazed at her with adoration that day. These are the little things I’ll always remember.

Of course, having just completed their wedding album doesn’t hurt the memories either. While we aim to always have your album completed as quickly as possible after the wedding, sometimes it takes longer for our couples to decide on certain things. And that’s ok, because we’ll be here when they’re ready.

In this case, telling Rich and Shay’s story took a 40 page, Lustre Album. There were just so many beautiful images, we had to expand it to do it justice. I’m so glad they chose to, because their story is their own personal fairytale and deserved the additional pages.

What you do with the images is just as important as having the photographs taken in the first place. There’s nothing like holding your wedding album in your hands, reliving it whenever you need to and then handing it down as a piece of your history to your family.

I’m so glad that Rich and Shay will be able to do just that with their story.

~ Erin


Below: The Story Inside

2017 Wedding Review: Finger Lakes NY Wedding Photographers

When your wedding season begins with a couple stopping for pizza and ends with a dozen adoptable dogs at a cocktail hour - you know you're doing something right.

Simply put, 2017 was an amazing year of weddings.

Here's just a few reasons why:

1) They were unique: Our first wedding of the season, and we're stopping for pizza. Cristin and Michaela also threw the most amazing reception at the Rochester Museum and Science center, including an epic bridal party dance off throw down.

2) Vineyards: Whether it was a sunset ceremony at Knapp Vineyards, or quiet time together at Casa Larga, Ventosa Vineyards or even Becker Farms. The grapes were a gorgeous, prominent part of many of our wedding images this year.


3 Sunsets: Because oh golden hour magic, how we love thee so.

4) Relaxed elegance: Our couples added so many fun, relaxed touches to their elegant wedding days and portraits. Like s'mores, campfires and hanging out with very friendly horses at The Wadsworth Homestead in Geneseo.

5) Cocktail hour on a boat? Why yes, please! Amanda and Vince's Lockport Locks boat cruise was one of the most unique ways to host cocktail hour that we've ever experienced.

6) New Venues: We were so lucky to capture weddings at some new places this year. The Wintergarden by Monroe's, Becker Farms, Shadow Lake, Statler City and so many more. From Rochester to the Finger Lakes to Buffalo - it felt like we were always experiencing somewhere new!


7) Puppies! Matt and Ellen killed it with hosting Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions during their cocktail hour at the Port of Rochester. Because who wouldn't want to play with puppies at a wedding?!


8) Playfulness: We loved that our couples were up for fun. You might think being silly can seem out of place at a wedding - but what better way is there to enjoy the day?

9) Realness: Above all the rest, what an honor to see real emotions, true friends, love and so much joy from our couples and their families. Soooo many genuine reactions in wedding day photographs. It reminds me of how much trust is put in us on such a beautifully important day. I mean, really when a groom cries, my heart melts.


Thanks for stopping by and checking out our favorite moments of 2017. Did yours make our list? Share yours with us in the comments if it didn't!

Rich and Shay: Becker Farms Wedding Photography

It feels like we've known Shay and Rich our whole lives, yet it's only been about two years.

That first time we met in our office (and by skype from the UK) we could tell that these two were everything our wedding couple dreams were made of. Sweet, funny, honest and so, so in love. We knew then, that they were perfect for us as well as each other.

I mean come on, the family dog Cody was the ring was kismet.

They have a very close group of family and friends, and you could feel the love from all around throughout the day. From the surprise song from their Mom, Aunt and Uncle at the start of the ceremony, to the laughter around the campfire at the end of the night their joy at being together with everyone they loved was real and strong. There was no lack of happy tears.

I believe that their Becker Farms wedding day was everything they hoped for and more. And the pictures that remain, tell the perfect story of their family and their love.

Congratulations Rich and Shay, thank you for welcoming us into your hearts and your family with so much love.

~ Erin

Sharing some vendor love and thank you's for this great day!
Venue: Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards
Hairstylist: Michelle Hammel
Florist: Blossoms N Treasures
tationary: Clokendagger, Josh Doty
Wedding Dress: Casablanca, The Wedding Dress and Tux Shop
Officiant: Dennis Swineford
DJ and Photobooth: H & H Entertainment