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Our Favorite Wedding Photographs of 2015: Rochester NY Wedding Photographers

Around this time every year we update our website with some of our favorite images of the past season. During the summer and fall months, we're on the run. We're on the go like energizer bunnies. So now, I get to take the time to sit back, relax (a little), and enjoy all of the beautiful faces all over again. One thing's for sure - 2015 was filled with some amazing people and awesome weddings.

From traveling to Massachusetts, to a few rainy day weddings, to beautiful sunsets on Canandaigua Lake - it was a great year, full of love. We danced, we hugged, we played Kan Jam - we became part of your family for a day. We are so lucky for each and every couple we've met.

I could go on all day about how wonderful the year was. But for your sake, I won't. What I will do is share a few of our absolute favorites from this year's weddings, all chosen for various reasons. And as the winter progresses, I'll be sure to explain a few of them in more detail. But for now, enjoy!  ~ Erin

Colorado Destination Wedding with Jeremy & Jen!

Every wedding is special to us, and this one was certainly no exception! I first met Jen about five years ago when my husband and I went out to visit his brother, Jeremy. They had only been dating a few months at the time, but we all had a ton of fun together. They are such a cute couple, and really balance each other out perfectly. When it came to wedding planning,  Jen was the organized one with the highlighters and lists galore, and Jeremy was there to infuse some fun and playfulness into the affair. Jen was welcomed into our family with open arms.

For their wedding, they did things their own way, as I hope every couple will do. They wrote their own heartfelt vows, married in a beautiful garden setting and threw a party in an opera house. Everything was within a few blocks of the home they share together. Family came in from all over the country, and made a week out of the celebration. 

We did a beautiful, stress free first look with them, and got to play all around the gardens. Looking back, I think this was one of the most relaxed weddings of this size I have ever seen. Not much for tradition, they skipped the cake cutting and just set desserts out. From hanging with the guys at lunch, to a dance floor that was packed all night, it was a truly wonderful day.

Jen, all of your color coordinated sticky notes and binders were worth it! Welcome to the family, and thanks for letting us be part of your amazingly special day! Much love to you both.


Vendor Love!
Makeup & Hair: Maggie Dolores
Flowers: Westminster Flowers & Gifts
Ceremony Venue: Callahan House
Officiant: Sam Carroll
Reception Venue: Dickens Opera House
DJ: Cameron Trainor
Bakery: "B" Sweet Cupcakes

Wedding Reception Locations | Where we've been and where we're going

Rochester is home to so many beautiful locations to host a wedding. From grand formal to beach casual and everything in between. We have had the pleasure of working at several of them. For those of you still looking for venues, we thought this might be a helpful list of some of what is out there.

Where We Have Been:

Hyatt Regency, Rochester NY The Hyatt is beautiful because of it's modern feel. There are so many neat little locations, perfect for photography and the food is always outstanding. Hyatt Rochester Wedding Photography, Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Colgate Divinity School, Rochester NY Everything from the chapel to the ballroom gives this space a classic feel. It's proximity to Highland Park helps too! Colgate Divinity School Wedding Photography, Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Bristol Harbour, Canandaigua NY If you're looking towards Canandaigua Lake, Bristol Harbour has amazing views and a fun rustic decor. bride and groom alone bristol harbour wedding ceremony

Harro East, Downtown Rochester NY Harro East has a great set up for large weddings, and a stage for live entertainment, if that be your heart's desires! harro east wedding photography, rochester ny

Genesee Valley Club, Rochester NY Custom designed weddings from start to finish! It's another one of those historical, and classic beautiful spaces that just takes your breath away. Genesee Valley Club Wedding, Rochester NY

Casa Larga Vineyards, Fairport NY It's the perfect vineyard setting, right here in our own backyard. It's got vineyards, it's got wine, it's got a grand ballroom. Love it. Casa Larga Wedding Photography

Barn Weddings, Rochester NY We've had the opportunity to work at two different barn locations recently. One was Kindred Ground Farm, and the other was the Wingate Barn. The rustic theme lovers will feel right at home at either of these two locations. Wingate Barn Livonia NY, Barn weddings rochester ny

Here's some of the other venues we've been too: Radisson Riverside Hotel, Rochester Plaza Hotel, Plantation Party House, Eagle Vale, Deerfield Country Club, Woodcliff Hotel, Burgandy Basin Inn, Cobblestone Creek Country Club, Steamboat Landing, Lakeshore Country Club, Tapas 177, Belhurst Castle, The Rabbit Room, Rochester Riverside Convention Center, Ravenwood Golf Club

This year's weddings are taking us to some new places like Midvale Country Club and the Avon Century Barn. We always love new locations, because it gets our creative juices flowing, allowing us to see things in a new way for you.

My suggestion to you is - think about your style, and what you want your day to look like. Then, come talk to us! We can give you ideas and a direction that will get you on the right path for you. No, we're not wedding planners - but we have enough experience in wedding industry that we can maybe help guide you towards your dream day.

And while this short list focuses solely on Rochester, we do enjoy working all over. Here are some other places we have had the pleasure of working:

Syracuse and Buffalo - These two destinations are not too far for us to photograph a wedding day! Melbourne, Florida - What a treat to be a part of some warm sunshiney wedding fun. Virginia Wine Country - A destination worth visiting, especially for a wedding! Our trip there was certainly memorable!

On that note, we love to travel and are looking forward to new experiences in new locations. We hope to someday visit: The Carribbean, Italy, Hawaii, France..anywhere really! We have our passports ready, and are willing to travel with you and your bridal party! There are so many benefits to taking us along for your destination wedding. For example, wouldn't be nice to know your photographers in advance of the wedding day? Also, not only would you have wedding coverage, you'd have rehearsal coverage, and even some vacation photographs too! What's not to love about that idea?

Having a destination wedding or looking for the perfect venue? We might be able to help, so say hello and let's start a conversation!