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Three Reasons We Love Elopements: Rochester NY Small Weddings

We love weddings. All weddings. It’s not a secret.

Every shape, every size, even small ones. Even ones where there’s just a couple and an officiant. We love being elopement photographers in Rochester just as much as any other wedding.

If you think eloping is right for you, you could be on the right track with your wedding planning. Here’s three reasons why we love photographing these small weddings in the Finger Lakes or close to home here in Rochester.

1) More time for what YOU want: From the very start there’s more time. Before the wedding day there is more time to spend dreaming of the future together rather than wedding planning. There’s more time on your wedding day to spend with each other, loving on each other and relishing in the moment together. Or, if you invited guests, cherishing more than a minute with them.

And - (yes, shameless plus) if you have placed importance in an elopement photographer, you have more time to create beautiful portraits that celebrate your story. Because even though you eloped, you still deserve to remember this moment in photographs years from now.

2) You can focus on what’s important: The most common thing we capture when we’re photographing an elopement is the ceremony itself. To us that means you’re focusing on what’s important to you. In this case, the actual process of becoming a married couple. The words you say and the meaning behind them. You’re focusing on each other’s emotions and what that person means to you. That’s the good stuff right there. We love capturing these moments.

3) It’s perfect, no matter what: When there’s a lot less to plan, there’s a lot less that can “go wrong.” This equates to a lot less work and a more relaxed “you” on your wedding day. We love that relaxed feeling because it really shows in your photographs. And if something does go wrong, just remember that at the end of the day, as long as you got married - everything went perfectly.

So if you’re thinking of eloping, it’s ok. We hope that you’ll still consider hiring a professional photographer to document your day, because your family history is worth it. In the end we applaud whatever decision you choose, whether a large affair or just you and your spouse to be. We love your wedding, because it’s about you.

~ Erin