Fairport Canal Days

Canal Days Event Photography: Fairport NY Photographer

We're part of a pretty fantastic community. Fairport looks and feels like the small town that it is, but it throws some pretty famous events. Fairport Canal Days is top on that list.

Have you ever gone to a festival and wondered what the "behind the scenes" looks like? No? Well, Neither have I. But now I know that it literally takes a village... ba dum dum.

But seriously, did you know that there's a group of VOLUNTEERS that runs the whole festival?

For the past few years, we've been the Official Photographers of Fairport Canal Days. It's a joy to get to know not only the community better, but also the people who give weeks of their lives to this event every year.

From food, to music, and down to the toilets - the whole festival is created by a group of giving team members and leaders, who play their part in creating a better community.

It is an honor to create the photographs that tell the story of an entire community.

See you next year Canal Days!

~ Erin