Fathers Day

To the Dad's on Father's Day

Whether you're the weary, sleep deprived brand new Dad or the veteran in the trenches Dad.

To the kisses and snuggles Dad, the play tea party Dad, or the fishing buddy Dad. To the nerdy, gamer Dad and the outdoorsman Dad. 

To the Dad who just changed his first (of thousands) of diapers and the dad whose handing over the car keys. 

Or, you're the Dad proudly walking alongside your child on their wedding day. Or the Dad, watching his child with their children.

We've watched you grow, we've photographed your moments with your children. We see your strength and compassion, but we also see your love.

Whatever kind of Dad you are, to us, you're a good one. Happy Father's Day!

Lori & Erin

Happy Father's Day: Fairport NY Photography

We talk to a lot of moms, and we talk a lot about Moms. Maybe it's because I am one, so I can pretty easily empathize and share in how they feel on a daily basis.

But don't think we haven't noticed you Dads. We're so honored to know and photograph amazing Fathers - whether part of our Membership program, or a normal family portrait session, or even at a wedding.

We see the playful laughter you provide when you start a tickle fight. We see the way your eyes light up as your kids learn and discover something new. We see the quiet moments you share with them that otherwise might be hidden from view - the cuddles, the kisses, the bedtime stories.

We see the pride and joy on a job well done in your face as they graduate. We see the stoicism and more often than not, the tears as you walk them down the aisle as adults.

You may not have carried them in the womb, but you're there for everything else. I believe it is because you also know that these days are fleeting. Today we thank you for being open with us, and for allowing us a glimpse of the relationship you have with your children.

Happy Father's Day to all of our amazing Dads!

~ Erin

A Hero To Look Up To: Father's Day 2016

It's Father's Day - time for some golf and barbecues. Or for hikes and picnics. Or for Marvel Movies and popcorn. Your description might be different - but the sentiment is the same.

Today's the day, I pretend I'm going to cook for my husband (instead of our usual vice versa) - when really, I might buy the ingredients but I won't touch the grill. And we'll spend time with our own Father's, who we're so blessed to have in our lives.

And whether I cook or not, I hope my husband knows how grateful I am for him. For so many reasons, but least of all because he gives my son someone to look up to.

In between tickles and "airplane" rides, I see how he watches Daddy - wide eyed, wanting already to be big like him. I watch as he and Daddy bond over Star Wars books and Super Heroes. Even though he still looks nothing like Daddy, I know they're a perfect fit.

My son clearly doesn't live in a perfect world - this is obvious. So I'm grateful for his Daddy, who gives him a super hero to look up to, and who says "I love you" on a regular basis. Because that's the man I want my son to be in this world...just like his Daddy.

Happy Father's Day!

~ Erin

This beautiful image is courtesy of Sue Egan Photography (www.seganphoto.com). I love it so much!

This beautiful image is courtesy of Sue Egan Photography (www.seganphoto.com). I love it so much!

Father's Day for a new Dad, from a new Mom

Most of the time, my little munchkin is a laid back and calm kid. Honestly, he's almost a little TOO laid back. So far, he has no real interest in crawling, let alone rolling over. He's happy to sit back and enjoy life, and let Mommy and Daddy do everything for him.

I joke, that his procrastination in learning these things is the one trait he's clearly gotten from his Daddy. Daddy doesn't deny this trait in himself or in Lucas; and sometimes it makes Mommy crazy. However, I'm learning that things will be learned, or get done, when my boys are ready to do them.

This weekend, is my husbands first Father's Day. I'm a terrible wife, because even as I write this, I still haven't gotten him a gift. I suppose I could cook something. I honestly think that would shock him the most - but let's be realistic here.

Over the past year, I've watched my husband transform from, "husband" into "daddy." I have a photograph (that yes, I took from my hospital bed) where I can see the moment on the day Lucas was born, when the transformation began. Ten months later, it's still a beautiful thing to watch. I love watching his face light up when he gets a full belly laugh out of the baby. Or how proud he is over the smallest accomplishments, like when Lucas first managed to feed himself a puff.

We have no idea who our little man will take after the most, it's definitely still a toss-up in the personality department. But there's no question, he's his Father's son - and I couldn't be happier about that. Because his Daddy is a loving, giving, hard-working man, and I'm so lucky that he's mine.

Happy Father's Day to "New" Dads, and all Dads (including my own!) - here's to you!

~ Erin