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"Passion" - A seven letter word, which is so easily thrown around by photographers. Most photographer’s bios will tell you their ultimate passion is photography. They eat, sleep, and breathe photography. I’m just as guilty of it too, five years ago I’m fairly certain that my passion was photography as well.

But today, I’m here to tell you that photography is not my passion.

I know what you’re thinking “Whoa, back the train up… Erin, did you just say that? How is that possible, I mean, don’t you tell us all the time how much you love what you do?”

Yes, I do. I truly love what I do. But let’s make one thing clear - what I do, is not just photography. So if you're looking for someone to just "take some pictures," please read no further, because I'm not for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love photography, and I love learning and growing as a creative individual. I love the feel of a new camera body or lens in my hands as much as the next photographer, but what I actually do goes way beyond just pushing the shutter button.

Instead, it’s getting up every day, knowing that the people I photograph truly cherish each other. It's investing our time and energy in your lives, your relationships, and your story. When it comes down to it, my passion is you. 

It’s laughing and crying with you on your wedding day. It’s being awestruck by the smallness of your newborn baby together. It’s capturing your children playing with their grandmother.

Why? Because that wedding day will inevitably go too fast, and because that newborn will grow up before you can blink an eye. And if I'm being flat out honest, it's because none of us are guaranteed to be here forever.

But maybe, just maybe, my photographs will. Fifty years from now, your grandchildren won’t know who took that image, but they’ll be so thankful that someone did. 

I can’t think of a greater legacy that I can leave behind than that.

~ Erin

Rowan & Kevin : A Rochester Maternity Session

I am beyond excited for these two soon-to-be parents! Rowan and Kevin are expecting their first child in October - well, their first two legged child! :)

Kevin is a veterinarian, and we're all dog lovers, so of course we had to include the fur babies. Roxy and Kinsey enjoyed the walk around Linear Park and didn't seem to mind the camera. You'll be seeing more of this family, so stayed tuned to the blog. But for now, enjoy some of their baby bump photos!

Can't wait to meet the new addition! 


Published! Jameson's Rustic Nursery

It's so exciting to see our work in other places. Whether on poster, in a magazine, or even published on a blog. Janel and Kevin, have already once been published for photographs we've taken. They were our first cover to be published in the Rochester Bride and Groom Magazine.

Janel & Kevin and their 2010 wedding!

Janel & Kevin and their 2010 wedding!

And now, here they are again! It's a few years and one baby later, and their picture perfect nursery design has been published by 2Life Baby.

Check it out: Rustic Inspired Nursery for Baby Jameson

The published blog featuring the whole family!

The published blog featuring the whole family!

This year, Kevin and Janel celebrate 5 years of marriage together, and Jameson's first birthday, which we'll be photographing soon. They were some of my very first clients and I'm so very grateful for them! I'm truly honored to have been a part of all of these amazing milestones for them. ~ Erin

Introducing Lauren: Rochester NY newborn photography


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I truly love our clients. But really, they're not clients anymore. After five years, an engagement, wedding, and two children with multiple family sessions in between - they are friends, amazing ones at that. So photographing baby Lauren with her big sister Katie was a joy. We got to capture just a glimpse of them forming their early bonds as sisters. And I got to catch up with their amazing mommy as well.

I'll never cease to be grateful for the trust that this family gives us, and for continuing to allow us to be a part of their lives as more than just their photographers.

With that, I'm honored to introduce, and welcome Lauren to the world. ~ Erin