On Convention and Our Photo Family: Buffalo NY Photography

Every March, Lori and I throw some clothes into a bag, grab some gear and head out of town for an important weekend away. It's kind of an anniversary trip of sorts for us. Seven years ago at the PPSNYS (Professional Photographers of NYS) Convention was when we really got to know (and like) each other. It led us to where we are today.

We do it every year, and every year we come home exhausted after two nights of 2am bedtimes. But we also come home better educated, inspired and with grateful hearts for the many relationships that keep us coming back.

A few of our less than professional (iPhone), but fun moments from the weekend with our photo family.

A few of our less than professional (iPhone), but fun moments from the weekend with our photo family.

We're educated by industry leaders all weekend. But we also learn from each other, not as competition but as a photography community, ready and willing to help each other grow. 

We're inspired by our peers. They are our photo family. There's no way to accurately describe what it feels like to be surrounded by so many talented, fun and caring people all at once. We stay up late, because we want the experience to last as long as possible.

To be able to connect with the people who get us is humbling and motivating at the same time. We are constantly reminded that we have a community like no other.

So yeah, we come home exhausted - but also grateful for the friends who inspire us, remind us who we are, and why we do what we do.

We're ready. Ready for the busy season ahead, and ready to share our inspiration with all of you.

~ Erin

PS - Below are some of the photos we took on the last day. We did a photo walk around Silo City, an abandoned factory area. There was inspiration everywhere, with textures, doorways, grit and grime. Three instructors wandered with three different fashion models, but all we could think about was getting a high school senior in that space! There are SO many options for unique photographs here.

Lori & Erin Present: "Lori and Erin, A Partnership!"

I think it's safe to speak for both of us when I say that speaking in front of an audience has never really been a lifetime dream of ours. We spend our time behind the camera, blending in as much as possible and letting our clients shine in their moments and photographs.

But recently, we've had the opportunity to talk with other photographers in the area about who we are, and how our partnership came to be. We also gave out some helpful tips to others who might be starting on their own path into a photography partnership.

We've now had the privilege to speak her at The Grand to the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers as well as in Syracuse to the Central Chapter of PPSNYS. We even had a Skype in attendee who wanted to join us, but was 3 hours away with her infant son. It was such a treat!

I don't think we're running away for the spotlight any time soon, but it was a good experience to have and we got to meet new faces as well as catch up with "old" ones along the way.

~ Erin

Courtesy of  Hayes Photography

Courtesy of Hayes Photography

Courtesy of  Kelvin Ringold

Courtesy of Kelvin Ringold

Focus NY: Part 2, What Lori Learned

Focus NY: Part 2, What Lori Learned

Secondly, I realized that I would be nowhere without my friends in the industry. It was at this convention several years ago that I first met Erin and forged several other bonds that still exist to this day. Returning to this place year after year is like going back to school. We get to learn together, eat together, and party together. If that's not how you make unbreakable friendships, I don't know what is.

Always learning: PPSNYS Photo Imaging Workshop, Geneva NY

Lori and I are both college educated in our chosen field of photography. Thankfully however, our journey to becoming better photographers and business owners didn't end when we walked across the stage at our college graduations. If it had, I feel that we would be doing a great injustice to our clients. We've mentioned before that we are members of a group called the Professional Photographers of New York State. Every year around this time they hold a week long workshop for photographers throughout the area to learn and build new skills from some of the best photographers in the United States.

This year, we enrolled in Doug Box and Randy Kerr's class, renowned PPA photographers from the great state of Texas. We learned about all kinds of ways to create even better photographs for our clients. Here's a few images to illustrate our time at the Workshop. We're so glad to have opportunities like this to continue growing our skills. We can't wait to put them to great use - give us a call so we can!

Rochester NY Senior Portraits, Rochester NY Senior Portraits, PPSNYS Workshop

Rochester NY Senior Portraits, PPSNYS Workshop

Rochester NY Portraits, PPSNYS Workshop

Rochester NY Portraits, PPSNYS Workshop