Rochester NY Family Photography

Spring Family Pictures in Rochester NY

Does it feel like just yesterday it was spring? I mean…those flowering trees, right?

I miss those trees at Highland Park so much right now. That and the cooler spring days, now that summer is full on here with all of it’s humidity in tow. But that’s ok, because I have this adorable family’s portrait session in Rochester to remind me of spring and all it’s amazingness.

Playing guitar in the magnolias, running down the paths, flying in Daddy’s arms - all beautiful moments in the beautiful backdrop that Rochester NY has to offer.

Summer has some pretty gorgeous things to offer too, so if you’re looking to update your walls with family pictures - we’re here for you. Enjoy this glimpse into a gorgeous family portrait session at Highland Park!

Rochester NY Family Portrait Membership: Picnic at the Playground

Going to the playground with Lucas is one of my favorite things to do. It’s an everyday moment and a simple joy. But how often in these moments are we as parents thinking of everything else going on in our lives? Or maybe we’re so busy chasing one child around with our phone camera, that we didn’t see the other climbed the rock wall on his own for the first time? How often do you notice their giant candid smiles as they run or slide down the slide?

These moments, they’re what’s real. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to capture these moments for our portrait members every single month. The family pictures they receive don’t have you chasing your kids with your camera. They show you on the slide with them.

Someday friends, these candid family pictures will be more priceless than you can imagine today. This single thought is what keeps us motivated to capture your family pictures in Rochester NY.

I look at the pictures below and I actually feel every smile. And I smile back. I hope you do as well.

~ Erin

PS - if you’re interested in finding out more about our portrait membership and our events, check this out:

Portrait Membership Program: Swim Time in Fairport NY

So yes, technically spring is here. Technically we should have been soaking in the sunshine and warmth.


I’m so glad we planned a swimming event for our portrait members in March, because technically - it snowed that day. So rather than complain about the snow, we hopped into the pool and captured our families splashing around.

The best part of this event, was that some of our families were at our last swimming event two years ago, when their littles - were super little. We’ve captured their growth for years. Even my own little has grown. In two years, he’s changed from a nervous toddler who wouldn’t go past his ankles in the water, to finding the deepest spot where he can still touch the ground on his tip toes.

I may not have been soaking in the sunshine, but I was soaking in the memories while my fingers got wrinkly.

We’ve grown together as a group, always welcoming new members with arms open. The kids are all becoming friends and forming bonds. Towards the end, they were playing water basketball as one big group. It’s becoming the thing we hoped it would be - a community.

If you’re still wondering why we keep talking about this membership - stop wondering, and start asking. We want to capture your family throughout the year! We promise, you won’t regret it.

~ Erin

At home portrait sessions with four kids! Rochester NY Family Portraits

In order to create photos like these, it takes a level of trust. There must be a willingness on behalf of the subjects to let me into their homes, play rooms and backyards.

Alicia knows.

She knows that from her side of the lens, she sees chaos, and kids that are shy/cranky/rambunctious/sweet/silly/loving… you name it. And those feelings and expressions change FAST!

But Alicia trusts me. After all, we’ve been doing this for 7 years, since their oldest, Stella, was a baby. With the additions of Liam, Cormac and Finn, it just gets more entertaining each time I photograph the family.

This time, the kids showed me how they make their own instruments, pine cone piles, even no handed flips onto a mat! My favorite pictures almost always end up being the unscripted ones. My job is leave room for the kids to express themselves, and be ready to capture it.

Here are just a few of my favorites from their most recent session. Love you guys!