Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Ellison Park Rochester NY Engagement Session: Jessica and Keaton

This spring has been a game of dodging rain drops on the daily. It’s caused us more than a few rescheduled portrait and engagement sessions. So when their night came, and it wasn’t raining for just a few hours - we took advantage of it. It was cold (think winter engagement sessions in Rochester type cold), but Jessica and Keaton weren’t going to let that stop them.

They laughed through their shivering and went with every idea we gave them. As the daylight faded into night, we created beauty out of what could have been dreary Friday night. Thank you Jessica and Keaton for the laughs, the fun and trusting us to capture your relationship.

~ Erin

One Bride's Favorites: Finger Lakes NY Wedding

Today's post comes to us from Cailee, one of our amazing 2017 brides. Her spring wedding day at Ventosa Vineyards made our hearts so full. We asked if she would mind sharing some advice and a favorite moment of the day - and here's what she shared with us.

My favorite moment of the entire day was when James and I shared our “love” letters with each other (during the ceremony). It was such a personal moment for the two of us, and it felt like it was just the two of us standing on that vineyard, instead of in front of 175 people. Seeing the pictures of us both crying (him more so than I) brings back a flood of emotions.

I remember looking at him and thinking "This is the moment that I am going to want to carry with me forever – the one where he is speaking straight from the heart, in front of everyone we know, speaking his love and truth for me." It was the most profound moment, and one that was captured beautifully through your pictures.

My piece of advice for new brides/grooms would be the following:
I know EVERYONE says it, and I honestly didn’t believe it until after our wedding day but…the day ABSOLUTELY FLIES BY. You HAVE to take a few moments just the two of you to be able to really soak in the moments.

You will be pulled in twelve different directions, at all times by friends and family wanting to congratulate you (you might not even be able to eat!), listening intently to speeches, doing your first dance(s), cutting the cake, and then grooving all night long…but do not forget to take a few moments alone to step back and look at the beauty of that day. You both did an amazing job of that, specifically when you pulled us outside of our venue and had us dance in the dark. At first I was confused, thinking “Why are we doing this when we can be inside partying!”

But the second we had a moment alone, it was so nice to breathe, get some perspective, and remember why we were really “partying”… because of our love, and our marriage. It was such a sweet, almost serene moment, to be alone and think about the day, but more important cherish exactly where we were in that moment in time. And it was a chance t0 get excited about our honeymoon!

Thanks Cailee for reliving a little of your day with everyone! :)

~ Erin

Vince + Amanda: Lockport Canalside Wedding Photography

When we first met with Amanda and Vince, they told us they wanted their wedding day to be different. After being wedding guests countless times, they wanted their day to be something unique.

Amanda looked stunning in her gold trimmed gown as she walked up behind Vince for their first look. I typically encourage a first look if I can, but it was even more helpful on this day - as rain began minutes after we finished up their portraits. It was such a relief to have all of our important photographs completed in the nick of time.

It rained through their (covered, thankfully) ceremony, but stopped just in time for a super fun, boat cruise down the canal for cocktail hour. We traveled through the Lockport Lock system on the Erie Canal and back to the venue for dinner and dancing. It was such a great way to start their celebration.

Amanda and Vince, it was so much fun to capture this day for you. Thank you for being you, and for planning a day that was not only beautiful, but fun for everyone involved.

As your cake topper so perfectly put it - and so the adventure begins! Congratulations!

~ Erin

Thanks to these vendors who helped complete this day!
Hair: Tiffany Torres
Makeup: Tiffany Ramos
Florist: Stacy K Floral
Venue: Lockport Canalside
Officiant: Pastor Dan Brown
Bakery: Rachael B Cupcakes
DJ: DJ ET Music, Evan Tavelaris
Transportation: Q Tours

Where to Find us: Social Media Links and Updates

What is your favorite way to stay in touch with friends and family?

Is it Facebook or Instagram? Perhaps Pinterest or Twitter? Are you of the snapchat generation, or are you more apt to pick up the phone? (gasp! How old school!)

As a small business, we like to keep up with you in various forms too, but rather than put ourselves everywhere... we focus on our favorites.

Currently, my favorite is Instagram. Imagine that... it's a platform based on photos! Who'd have guessed right? If you are on Instagram you can see our latest sneak peek images and behind the scenes work @lorianderin. If you are looking for more #lucasp, follow Erin @erinmperrotta. Or, if you want to keep up with Lori's travels and dogs, you can find her @adventureswithlori.

Number two on the list is Facebook. We've been there the longest, so we are connected with lots of our clients and we still get lots of interaction there. We often post a sneak peek to Facebook and Instagram... sometimes different photos (hint hint).

Pinterest is sort of a distant third... we use it, but we don't update it as often as we should. We'll try to make this a 2017 goal.

In the interest of putting out quality content, we're really focusing on those platforms and for the moment have chosen not to engage on Twitter or SnapChat. 

So where are you (digitally)? Wherever you are sharing your images, tag us! We'd love to keep in touch and see what you are up to.

If you have feedback on any of this, don't hesitate to let us know! Here's our 'Best Nine' on Instagram from 2016 - were you one of them?


Anyela's Vineyard Wedding Photography: Skaneateles NY

A tiny threat of rain lingered over most of the day. While this should have concerned us, we were actually pretty excited for the clouds that would pop up and keep us shaded in between times of beautiful blue skies.

Because there were SO many beautiful opportunities for wonderful wedding day photographs at Anyela's Vineyard in Skaneateles NY. From the vineyards, to the amazing gardens, to the wine cellar bar. Everywhere you looked, there was another possibility.

From a love filled ceremony to the emotion filled toasts, this day was nothing short of beautiful. We even got a perfect sunset and fireworks from across Skaneateles Lake as night fell and the party continued.

We want wish these two nothing but many happy memories together throughout the years. And congratulations on a beautiful wedding day!