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New Product: Portfolio Box now Available

Have you ever found yourself thinking…

“I love photos, but don’t know where to hang them.”

“I wish I could swap my photos more easily.”

“I want to keep these photos safe and beautifully preserved, but also easy to access and appreciate.”

You are not alone!

Last year we had multiple requests for this particular new product, and of course,

We listened!

We are excited to launch the newest addition to our catalog, and along with it this gorgeous Portfolio Box.

Subtle embossing on the cover

Subtle embossing on the cover

What is it you ask?

This stunning, hinged black box is home to your favorite matted images. Choose 10 to 20 images, or pick a few now and add to it over time. The possibilities include:

Child/Family: Growth of your child over the years

Senior: Showcase your personality, style and hobbies

Wedding: Highlight your favorites!

Display one at a time, while the others are preserved in the box

Display one at a time, while the others are preserved in the box

How to enjoy it:

You can store the images in the box,

take them out and frame them,

or place them on an easel and rotate the image throughout the seasons.

The possibilities are endless, and we think you’ll love this new display option. So stop in to see it in person, add it to your next session, or if you’ve been waiting for just the right way to display those photos we’ve already created, give us a call and let’s get his heirloom in your hands!

You’re going to love it!

Your choice of black or white mats

Your choice of black or white mats

Becker Farms Wedding: Heirloom Album

It’s been a year since Rich and Shay held their gorgeous wedding day at Becker Farms and Vizzcara Vineyards. I still remember vividly how Shay laughs, and how Rich gazed at her with adoration that day. These are the little things I’ll always remember.

Of course, having just completed their wedding album doesn’t hurt the memories either. While we aim to always have your album completed as quickly as possible after the wedding, sometimes it takes longer for our couples to decide on certain things. And that’s ok, because we’ll be here when they’re ready.

In this case, telling Rich and Shay’s story took a 40 page, Lustre Album. There were just so many beautiful images, we had to expand it to do it justice. I’m so glad they chose to, because their story is their own personal fairytale and deserved the additional pages.

What you do with the images is just as important as having the photographs taken in the first place. There’s nothing like holding your wedding album in your hands, reliving it whenever you need to and then handing it down as a piece of your history to your family.

I’m so glad that Rich and Shay will be able to do just that with their story.

~ Erin


Below: The Story Inside