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Madison: Our Lady of Mercy Senior Photos

While she attends Our Lady of Mercy, Madison is a Fairport girl. After some family portraits at the house, we went exploring around the canal, right here in our quaint little village.

There is always something new to see and enjoy in our town, and I love it here. From the stone wall to the famous bridge and the gazebo, we hit all the hot spots. 

The weather was iffy, but the clouds provided the perfect cover. We actually did feel a few rain drops, but it didn't slow us down one bit! And besides that, how perfect is that umbrella? Madison rolled with it and rocked her whole senior portrait session.

Fairport NY really is front porch friendly, and we love living here. Thanks Madison for choosing us to capture this pivotal time in your life. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your whole family! Have a wonderful senior year!


To the Dad's on Father's Day

Whether you're the weary, sleep deprived brand new Dad or the veteran in the trenches Dad.

To the kisses and snuggles Dad, the play tea party Dad, or the fishing buddy Dad. To the nerdy, gamer Dad and the outdoorsman Dad. 

To the Dad who just changed his first (of thousands) of diapers and the dad whose handing over the car keys. 

Or, you're the Dad proudly walking alongside your child on their wedding day. Or the Dad, watching his child with their children.

We've watched you grow, we've photographed your moments with your children. We see your strength and compassion, but we also see your love.

Whatever kind of Dad you are, to us, you're a good one. Happy Father's Day!

Lori & Erin

Documenting a Campaign: Rochester NY Photography

Most of the time, when we pick up our camera to shoot, it's to capture relationships, whether at a family session or wedding (which is how we first met the Wilt Family). We don't often dabble in current events and politics.

However, we were recently retained to provide headshots and some documentary style photography for Robin Wilt. She is one of the recently announced candidates running for New York's 25th Congressional District, which was formerly Louise Slaughter's position.

Robin Wilt goes from Brighton Town Council to Congress hopeful

Robin Wilt goes from Brighton Town Council to Congress hopeful

Documentary photography is fast moving - you have to get the shot quickly. Often with this type of work, the client is really only in need of that ONE photo that shows the necessary story.

This is different from a family portrait session, where the whole set of images tells a family's story.

Documentary work keeps us on our toes, and actually helps us react faster to catch the perfect moment at our weddings and portrait sessions. So while these events were not the norm for us, it was interesting to do something different.

~ Erin

Announcing: Mental Pictures! New Product Offering

We all know that prints fade and hard drives get corrupted. But what type of photography never fails?

Mental pictures.


Lori and Erin Photography is proud to introduce a new product line completely void of any physical manifestation.

Mental pictures!

Don't let the limitations of your wall space or cloud storage stop you from reliving life's greatest moments. Close your eyes and relive that memory in vivid 3D, imax, technicolor with unlimited pixels!

How is this possible you ask?

When you don't have to worry about fixing an image physically, anything is possible! Literally, anything! We'll help you dream up the most incredible experience of your life, and bring it into the sharpest possible focus, all in your mind.

Always wanted to see the Earth from the moon? We'll make it happen.

Always wanted to swim with sharks, but afraid of sharks? We guarantee they won't bite!

Always dreamed of the view from atop Everest, but think the couch is just so darn comfy? We'll take you there!


Sample Mental Picture

Surgeon Generals Warning: Mental pictures may only be viewed by the person they were created for. Others may experience a blur or dizzying effect.

What you get

With multiple, thorough planning sessions, we will get to understand your deepest desires. You tell us exactly what you want to see, and we will tell it right back to you.

By channeling our endless creativity, and exactly what you have told us, we will create the most vivid mental picture you've never seen!

We'll deliver the image to your brain through our soon-to-be-patented process of BWT*, or Brain Wave Transference. 

*Ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for BWT.**

**As this is a soon-to-be patented system, you may not tell your doctor until after you have placed your non-refundable deposit.

People who love mental pictures

Source: Second hand mental picture. Data may not be reliable.


How much is it? Mental pictures take time and skill to perfect. While there is no expensive equipment involved, it has taken many minutes to develop the skills and process you see listed here. Therefore, we are pleased to offer this breakthrough product for seven easy payments of $995.

How do I share my mental picture? Since all brains are inherently unique, we are only able to produce one pristine mental picture at a time. Sharing will result in the degradation of the experience. You may attempt to describe your mental photo to another, but doing so may result in self-destruction. We are not liable if your brain explodes.

How far out are you booking? Mental pictures are a labor intensive process. We recommend booking as soon as possible, or last week.

Is this for real? All I can say is, well, it isn't not an April fools joke...

Be the first to own your very own Mental Picture!

Then, tell your friends, so they too can be on the ground floor of this revolutionary, game changing, no, LIFE changing, new product!

Copyright 2018 Lori and Erin Photography

Belhurst Winery Engagement Session: Sara and Larry

On their wedding day Larry is most looking forward to seeing Sara walk down the aisle. Sara can't wait for the reception. Together, they're excited about all of it.

They love to travel. I loved hearing the story of how they got engaged in Santorini, Greece. What an amazing adventure and awesome story to remember!

They're also a little bit silly together, which showed in all of the laughter at their engagement session a few weeks ago. There's really nothing I love to capture more than a couple laughing together. The laughter is real and beautiful, even if the joke was awful.

We had hoped for a warmer day, but at a February engagement session in the Finger Lakes, we'll take anything above freezing temperatures.

After venturing out onto the grounds at Belhurst, we stopped by the tasting bar for a chocolate and wine tasting to warm back up. It was the perfect way to end an afternoon with them, and a great way to get us all excited for their September wedding at Ventosa Vineyards.

Enjoy and bit of our time together - and feel free to leave Sara and Larry some well wishes for a fantastic wedding day!

~ Erin

Celebrating 5 Years: Radio Social Anniversary Party

Oh my goodness, I think we're still processing it all.

It was almost like a wedding and a reunion mixed together. Lori and I couldn't stop smiling as we talked to everyone that joined us for our big five year anniversary bash at Radio Social.

We bowled, we played, we ate great food and amazing cake. Stepping back and taking it all in, we really have so much to be grateful for when it comes to this two person operation we've got going on.

After reflecting on the party, I realized something pretty big. This is wayyyy more than a two person operation.

It's taken a village, our tribe of amazing people who have supported us every step of the way. From clients and other photographer friends, to family members, amazing friends and our ultra patient spouses – we're never without someone to push us further, or pick us up when we need it most.

Thank you to those who came to celebrate with us. We have to especially thank Heather McKay of McKay's Photography (her's are the rounded corner photos below) for photographing the event for us, and Michelle Crawford of Shell's Sweets for the delicious cake!

And thank you to all those who have supported us - whether from close to home or afar. It's your referrals and your kind words that have allowed us to do what we love for five wonderful years.

Here's to the next chapter!

~ Erin (and Lori)

Family Vacation Time on Lake Michigan

Living on Lake Ontario, it's easy to assume that all of the Great Lakes look the same. However, on a recent trip to Ludington MI, I learned I was quite wrong. The lake was blue, the beaches had white sand, and there were sand dunes that made you feel like you were in a desert (even if the day we visited them was the coldest one all week). It was strange and beautiful all at the same time.

We checked out the beach, lighthouses shops and sand dunes in the area. We visited one of the coolest botanical gardens that I've ever seen, in Grand Rapids.

At first, I had my camera out and at the ready. But as the week passed, I left it in the bag more often, and either used my iPhone camera, or just enjoyed the time without it.

Mostly, we spent the week getting some R&R and spending time with family.

I came to the realization about myself that because of what I do, being an observer is now engrained into who I am.  I love to see the moments that sometimes go unseen in the everyday world.

I enjoyed watching as my three year old transformed from a toddler to a little boy. Chasing his cousins around the yard, playing a version of "Star Wars meets Batman" that I will never fully understand. At night, there was ice cream, popcorn, s'mores and more ice cream, along with beautiful sunsets and board games.

I enjoyed this week, just sitting back and watching my family be together. Sometimes, that's just what's needed. Enjoy the glimpse into our week in Ludington!

~ Erin

Favorite Wedding Moments: A Dance Floor "Trash the Dress" Session

Does anyone (except us photographers) remember the "Trash the Dress" sessions that were popular not too long ago? It's a trend where a Bride get's all dressed up again, post-wedding and goes on a mission to play in the mud, or a swimming pool or have an adventure in that one dress they know they'll never wear again.

Got the picture? Ok, now - imagine that actually happening while the wedding is still going. Yep, that's one we'd never seen before, and it's a moment that stands out as a favorite in my mind.

There wasn't much about Bill and Stacy's, Lancaster PA wedding that we didn't love. It was what we dream every wedding could be like - relaxed and fun, full of family, love everywhere and beautiful to top it off.

But among all of the moments that proved to me just how carefree Stacy is, was when she decided her dress was too long on the dance floor. Out of nowhere came a pair of scissors, and her dress was cut on the spot.

I mean, wow, talk about living in the moment, right? This was a moment that instantly became a favorite of ours, and one I'm sure we won't forget any time soon.


Allison: Harley School Senior Photos

Allison recently walked across the stage to receive her diploma from the Harley School. But before she did, we created some portraits around campus and at the Public Market. Having practiced fencing for 7 years, it was a no brainer to include some shots in uniform! It was a windy day, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely and the photos came out fantastic. See for yourself!

Congratulations Allison! 

Lori and Erin

And Two More Makes Six | Family Portraits in Spencerport NY

Last time I photographed this family, they were a family of four. Now - they're a complete family of six. And as hard as I try, I can't imagine anything more beautiful.

But first, you have to imagine me with my camera, Lori, and Mom and Dad each wrangling in a child for their family portrait. I'm sure that anyone nearby watching had a good laugh at our expense. And I'm also pretty sure we were laughing right along with them. Thank goodness for the man to man defense at this session! It was crazy, but it was fun too!

When they found out they were having twins, after already having two handsome boys - scared didn't begin to cover what they were feeling. But seriously, look at these faces. The twins are now one year old, and while they may be hard to slow down - they're also pretty adorable together.

I've been blessed to be able to photograph each one of these kiddos through the years, and every time it gets better and better. I'm so lucky to have them as part of my family! ~ Erin

Sunday - The day of Rest

Sunday: the day I actively pursue... not working. 

Usually I sleep in. Then the day starts with chocolate chip pancakes. Afterwards, some combination of the following: hammocking, church, hiking, gardening, reading, or working on home improvement projects with my husband.

But more importantly, it gives me a chance to see my friends and family. People with normal Monday through Friday jobs, tend to get together on weekends. Crazy, right? 

In addition to seeing my family more, other good things have happened since I began taking Sundays off as well. I’ve found that some of my best thinking happens in the hammock. New ideas, inspiration and solutions tend to come to light when I am least looking for them. I also find my Mondays to be more productive, because I can sort out what’s really important and place my emphasis on those projects.

It’s not a perfect system, and there are still occasional exceptions to the rule. However, I think it's worth the effort, and I encourage you to take a day each week to pursue not working as well!

So there you have it... my motivational speech to do less. Stop being busy and just be. Make time for real life and those who are important to you. It may be just one day a week, but I have found that this one day helps shape the rest of my week, and life. Maybe, it will help you too!

Perhaps God was on to something when he took that day of rest...

Enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the lake with friends! 

Enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the lake with friends! 

Photo Tip: Alternatives to Using your Camera Phone Flash

You are out with your family, and it’s dark. Maybe you are in a restaurant or stargazing in the backyard, and you want to remember this moment. But alas, all you have is your phone. You know you need light, but if you turn on the camera phone flash it’ll wash everyone out! What to do?

Here's a tip to try:

Step 1: Turn off the camera phone flash! Please!

Step 2: Grab a flash light (or a friends phone in flashlight mode), and place it about a foot to the right or left of the camera, pointed at your amazing family.

Step 3: Before you ask them to look at you and smile, take a test shot. This serves 2 purposes: One, you can make adjustments if you need to and two, you have a candid image of everyone in the moment.


A simple guideline is to get the light away from the lens. You’ll notice professionals use flash brackets, bounce light off the walls or using light stands. The major flaw with cell phone photography is that the flash is super close to the lens. This creates that hazy, deer in the headlights feel. I mean, if that’s your thing, go for it! Otherwise, give this a try!

Camera Phone Shot with the Flash On: The whole scene is washed out and people have demon eyes.

Camera Phone Shot with the Flash On: The whole scene is washed out and people have demon eyes.

Using an off Camera Light - much better exposure and faces are well lit! Bonus, NO demon eyes!

Using an off Camera Light - much better exposure and faces are well lit! Bonus, NO demon eyes!