Senior Pictures

James: a true McQuaid High School Senior

As a high school senior photographer, there are two types of seniors we typically see. A: Those excited to have special portraits made to celebrate where they are in life and B: Those who are smiling because mom asked them to.

I am so pleased to say that James went from a “B” to an “A”.

Last time I photographed James, he was approximately two feet shorter. It was such a pleasure to get him in front of the camera again and see how he has grown. Not just physically, but as a thoughtful, caring young man. He is an eagle scout, varsity football player and drives a cool truck, but what really sets James apart is his leadership and volunteer commitments. He spends his spare time on the Executive Council at McQuaid, showing new students around and also working at Camp Stella Maris on Conesus Lake.

When I asked how he wanted to be remembered, he easily replied with the McQuaid motto, “A man for others”.

James, I see big things for you in the future and am proud to know you. Enjoy your senior year!


Madison: Our Lady of Mercy Senior Photos

While she attends Our Lady of Mercy, Madison is a Fairport girl. After some family portraits at the house, we went exploring around the canal, right here in our quaint little village.

There is always something new to see and enjoy in our town, and I love it here. From the stone wall to the famous bridge and the gazebo, we hit all the hot spots. 

The weather was iffy, but the clouds provided the perfect cover. We actually did feel a few rain drops, but it didn't slow us down one bit! And besides that, how perfect is that umbrella? Madison rolled with it and rocked her whole senior portrait session.

Fairport NY really is front porch friendly, and we love living here. Thanks Madison for choosing us to capture this pivotal time in your life. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your whole family! Have a wonderful senior year!


Shannon: Penfield High School Senior Portraits

Shannon is smart and sweet. She enjoys time with friends on adventures all around town and drawing. The crazy part, is that she and her siblings were some of my very first clients over 5 years ago. Now she's part of the Class of 2018, considering going into the field of nursing – and I'm totally aging myself.

We met up with her this month to create some amazing senior pictures for her. We had a lot of fun finding beautiful light and great locations at the George Eastman Museum.

As you can see, we had no trouble with either. It helps that Shannon's awesome smile lights up her portraits and everyone around her.

Thanks, Shannon for a great evening of portraits, and best wishes for a great senior year!

~ Erin

Class of 2017 in Review: Senior Portraits, Rochester NY

It's that time of year again when we look back on the past year and ponder what is to come. For this group of high school seniors, adventure awaits. 

Whether it is studying chemical engineering, microbiology, photography, graphic design, ROTC, or undecided, the doors are open. I love hearing about your plans, or lack there of. I love that excitement that is bubbling with the unknown. The joy and fear in the parent's eyes. It is an exciting time, and you know it!

It is an honor to be your photographer, and I sincerely hope you keep in touch. Share your adventure, we are all rooting for you!


PS: We feature each and every one of our seniors on our blog. If you missed one, you can click through the posts below to find that special someone, or get ideas for your session!

The Lori and Erin Photography Class of 2017*

*There are a few 2016'ers in here too... they chose to get photographed closer to graduation, not to meet yearbook deadlines, so I include them in this bunch. There's really no wrong time to get your portraits made, it's just as exciting any time of the year!

Rachel: Victor High School Senior Portraits

Rachel is a gorgeous girl with a beautiful smile and an adventurous spirit. So naturally, we went on a little adventure for her senior pictures.

This bubbly Victor High School student led us on a tour of part of the Auburn Trails in search of an old abandoned house at the end of this particular trail. Unfortunately we took a wrong turn somewhere and never found the house, but we did find some spectacular spots for her portraits anyway! 

We found pretty wildflowers and fun trails paths through the woods. The black eyed susans were exactly the right color we were hoping to find. And her big teddy bear of a dog, Coda, was the best (and most lovable) accessory to her portraits.

Have a fun-filled Senior year Rachel!


Tim: Penfield Wrestling & Football High School Senior

If you are looking for Tim, you'll either find him on the wrestling mat, the football field, or hanging out by the bridge with his friends.

As it turns out, the bridge in Ellison Park where he spends his time is also an awesome spot for senior portraits! Between that and the Penfield High School Stadium, we had 2 perfect backdrops. Tim's older sisters were in town, so they joined in the fun too.

This session was everything I hope for in a senior portrait session, great people, fun times and awesome results. See for yourself, and call for your session before it's too late!

Allison: Harley School Senior Photos

Allison recently walked across the stage to receive her diploma from the Harley School. But before she did, we created some portraits around campus and at the Public Market. Having practiced fencing for 7 years, it was a no brainer to include some shots in uniform! It was a windy day, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely and the photos came out fantastic. See for yourself!

Congratulations Allison! 

Lori and Erin

Meet Ned | Rochester Senior Photographs

Ned is a senior at the Linsley School in West Virginia. Originally from the Pittsburgh area, he moved here with his parents just before starting high school. He attended Penfield High School, and then transferred to the Linsley School in hopes of studying pre-law in college.

For his session, we enjoyed the abstract art and ambience that is the Village Gate. Inside and out, there are photos to be made everywhere. 

Good luck next year Ned!


Teartiyana: Frontier Field, Public Market High School Senior Portraits

We love making every session we photograph relate to our clients loves. That holds true even with our high school seniors. Teartiyana, or as we now call her, T, was SO much fun to photograph. She LOVES the Rochester Red Wings. So naturally, we were excited, when we learned we were getting Frontier Field to ourselves for her senior session!

From the suites to the dugout, we took advantage of all of the opportunities to knock T's senior portraits out of the park. Yes, I realize that was a terrible joke, but c'mon it was there and just begging for me to say it.

After we finished at the park, we rounded out her session at the Public Market where the murals and the architecture fit her personality perfectly. We even got some really cute pictures with her dog, Seymour, on the field and at the market.

Teartiyana, we had so much fun with you! Enjoy the rest of your senior year! 

~ Lori & Erin

Christine | Brighton High School Senior Portraits

She's been playing for years, and you can tell. The notes and songs just came from her fingers without the need for sheet music. I felt like I was getting my own personal concert while I photographed Christine, and I didn't want it to stop! She is so incredibly talented, and plans to continue studying music next year. 

We met at her house on a gray fall day, but that smile was enough to light up the photographs. Thanks for a very fun and easy going session Christine! We hope you're having a great senior year!


Tony: Rush Henrietta Senior Portrait, Cobbs Hill Senior Pictures

Tony and Junior (his dachshund) were so easy going, it made for a easy breezy session at Cobbs Hill. No pun intended, although it was really windy up there! We had a great view of the city with the early fall colors. Tony rocked the formal look, and the casual outfit.

And bringing Junior along just made the session complete. There's never a bad time to include your four legged friend in your high school senior pictures. Especially when they give cute kisses like Junior did!

Enjoy the rest of your senior year Tony!

Hunter | Hilton High School Senior Pictures

I remember the first time I met my cousin, Hunter, pretty vividly. Because he peed on me. To be fair to him, he was also a newborn and I was a teenager. So I'm fairly certain it wasn't intentional.

Flash forward a few years to now. He's now taller and bigger than I am, and graduating from Hilton High School this year. It's just another moment in my life where I can't believe how fast time has gone by.

Hunter, is a fun, funny guy and also an avid goose/duck hunter - (insert bad pun drum and cymbal here). He loves this time of year, when the weather changes and he can get out in the woods. So naturally, he wanted a location that fit him - cattails and all. We also included his hunting hobby with his camo and gun.

Even though Hunter was a little timid about his senior session, he really did a fantastic job. And I love how everything about these images fit him so well.

Congratulations Hunter, we're so proud of you! Enjoy your senior year! ~ Erin