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Chelsea and Steve's Wedding Album: Simply Elegance

I don't think I've ever met a couple more excited to be married than Chelsea and Steve were on their wedding day. They wanted the day to be simple yet beautiful with the focus on two things. 1 - getting married and 2 - being with everyone they love. It was perfect.

Putting together their wedding album during the winter months brought back all of the warm, fuzzy feelings I have about their day. And I know, they will cherish it always. It's a simple design, but it tells the story of all the love that surrounded them beautifully.

I wish I could be there with them as they go through it for the first time. But since they live a few hundred miles away, I'll have to settle for a virtual hug and hopefully some smiley face emojis.

Enjoy a little peek into their album, leave some smiley faces if you like it too!  :)

~ Erin

FAQ: 3 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Albums

FAQ: 3 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Albums

Yes, it will then take it's place on your book shelves for short while. Until the day that your baby wants to know what you looked like "back then." And then you'll relive that wedding day all over again, this time with a whole new perspective on life and time. We say it all the time, your album isn't really for you. It's for your children and their children.

Sarah & Jeremiah: Williamson NY Wedding Photography

Sometimes when it's right, you don't want to wait a year for the wedding date to arrive. Sarah and Jeremiah's engagement was short and sweet. Back in June, they began planning their September wedding.

To keep things easy, they planned to have it at home. Their officiant, was a friend, and together they planned a short and sweet ceremony. To keep it fun, they planned for barbecue.

But even in their own backyard, there was no lack of emotion during the ceremony, first dances and parent dances. It was beautiful. That's the stuff I love - the relationships that bring families together for a wedding and the emotions that emerge, no matter what size your wedding party is.

Congratulations, Sarah and Jeremiah! Best wishes on many happy years together as a family! ~ Erin

An Open Letter to our Couples: Rochester NY Wedding Photography

As we conclude another amazing wedding season, I have to admit, I am a little sad.  

It's an interesting thing being a wedding photographer. It is way more than just a job. It's an emotional investment in our clients. They become our family, and sometimes, we become theirs.  

Before every wedding, we get to know our couple. Often times, we also get to know a parent or best friend that is helping with the planning as well. We learn about their love for each other, and the family and friends who will be celebrating with them and/or who will be standing by their side in the bridal party.

On the wedding day, we meet all of the people that are so special to our couples. We get to see the family love, and occasionally a touch of family drama. (Don't worry, everyone has some.) We capture both raw emotions and family portraits. We also photograph the little details that otherwise might go unnoticed, like Dad making sure that everyone's ties are straight.

By the end of the day, I know who is who, learned many new names and faces, and heard beautiful stories through out toasts and casual conversations with guests. I feel like I know my couple that much better, and now I know the people they love the most. 

This past weekend, the groom's sister invited me to dance with her. A random friend complimented us, and as we left, the hugs we exchanged were so tight, I really felt like we were part of the family.

It was after that I realized, this wasn't the only time I have felt that. With every wedding, our family grows.  So when we call you "our couples", we really mean "our families". And with every wedding, I wish the same thing for the Bride and Groom - happiness, friendship, and love forever. 

So to our couples, thank you for being part of our family, and for welcoming us into yours. We treasure you.  

~ Lori & Erin