Winter engagement sessions

The Playhouse, Swillburger Rochester NY Engagement Session: Helen and Tim

Their perfect evening is a good beer and sitting home together playing video games. Everyone has their thing together, and for these two it’s gaming. Naturally, the first idea that came to mind for their engagement session was heading downtown in Rochester for an engagement session at The Playhouse. Conveniently, this was also where they had their first date.

It was super perfect - from skee ball to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They laughed and played and fake pouted when the other person beat them in a game. Along the way, we photographed who they really are as a couple.

After a drink and some games, we headed outside to Highland Park for a quick outdoor portion to their session. It was cold, but the light was perfect and they kept each other warm. We’re loving these Rochester winter engagement sessions lately. It seems to be making a come back, and we’re all for it!



George Eastman Museum, Winter Engagement Session: Kyra and Alex

Believe it or not, with a little snow on the ground a winter engagement session can be just as beautiful as any other time of the year. We’re so glad that Kyra and Alex were up for the challenge while they were home for the holidays.

Kyra’s smile widened every time she looked up at Alex. Cuddling close (and a warm cup of coffee) helped to ease the cold in their extremities at their engagement session in Rochester NY at the Eastman Museum. Her red coat gives the images a perfect pop of color and was a great outfit choice for an engagement session during the holidays!

If you’re recently engaged and want to fit your engagement session into the winter - we’re game if you are! Aren’t Alex and Kyra amazing? Enjoy a few of our favorites! (With a cup of coffee if you have it!)

~ Erin

Belhurst Winery Engagement Session: Sara and Larry

On their wedding day Larry is most looking forward to seeing Sara walk down the aisle. Sara can't wait for the reception. Together, they're excited about all of it.

They love to travel. I loved hearing the story of how they got engaged in Santorini, Greece. What an amazing adventure and awesome story to remember!

They're also a little bit silly together, which showed in all of the laughter at their engagement session a few weeks ago. There's really nothing I love to capture more than a couple laughing together. The laughter is real and beautiful, even if the joke was awful.

We had hoped for a warmer day, but at a February engagement session in the Finger Lakes, we'll take anything above freezing temperatures.

After venturing out onto the grounds at Belhurst, we stopped by the tasting bar for a chocolate and wine tasting to warm back up. It was the perfect way to end an afternoon with them, and a great way to get us all excited for their September wedding at Ventosa Vineyards.

Enjoy and bit of our time together - and feel free to leave Sara and Larry some well wishes for a fantastic wedding day!

~ Erin

Rebecca & Orion: Rochester NY Engagement Session

Orion and Rebecca moved here from Alabama together for school, they love being outside (even in the snow) and trying new cuisine together. I heard their Southern accent and just knew they'd be the sweetest couple. I wasn't wrong. They're meant to be husband and wife. 

Their engagement session brought us to downtown Rochester NY, first to The Old Toad. I have a fondness for that pub, as it's where my own first date with my husband was. Ah, memories. I digress... 

The way Rebecca's eyes sparkled when she smiled at Orion - so crazy beautiful. We also hit up Cobbs Hill Park for a little fun in the snow. Whether cozied up in a pub or dancing in the snow, they fit perfectly together.

See what I mean?

~ Erin

Amanda & Vince: Black Creek Park Engagement Session

Oh these two. From the minute I heard that they got engaged on the top of the EIffel Tower, I knew they were adventurous and up for anything. They love to travel and they love hiking and exploring with their big love able dogs, Jude and Shadow.

They wanted something of a winter wonderland for their engagement session - but of course, we live in Upstate NY where even in December you never know what you're going to get. They took us to their favorite spot in the woods at Black Creek Park in Chili, and while the day was a little dreary, when we ventured into the woods together none of that mattered. 

I loved the sweet way Vince smiled at Amanda, and then the way she would laugh at him or even on occasion stick her tongue out at him to get him laughing too.

We may have found the right light and background - but they made their engagement session about who they are together. Fun, adventurous but also sweet and romantic all at the same time.

We're just the lucky ones to get to show that off.

~ Erin

Katie & Roman: Wilberts Tree Farm Engagement Session

We ask all of our couples to fill out a little Q&A before their engagement session. It helps us get to know them just a little better, and learn more about their relationship. Now, I hadn't yet met Roman but after reading some of his responses (and busting out laughing) I knew that this would be an amazing engagement session.

Q: What is unique about you as a couple? 
Roman: "We'll have been together for 6 years by the time we get married. Much of that has been spent in a long distance setting which we're both very excited to see come to an end. However, at the risk of sounding cliche, I think it's strengthened us to the hardships that come with marriage and establishing a family and also taught us to appreciate the happy moments together, no matter how small they seem. Also, we rule. Well, mostly her. But she'll be my wife so I guess I rule a little bit too?"

Why yes, Roman, you do rule a little bit.

Their engagement session fit them to a tee. (or tree, hehehe, I'm so punny)  They got engaged in the wee morning hours on Christmas, which also happens to be Katie's favorite time of year. She loves snow, and cuddling together under warm blankets, watching TV with Roman. So a Christmas-y, winter scene at Wilberts Tree Farm in Webster was perfect.

Every single time they looked at each other, their smiles widened and eyes sparkled. And I just can't get over how beautiful they are when they laugh together. And we laughed a lot, so it all worked out perfectly.

Congratulations Katie and Roman - we can't wait to see you again!

~ Erin

Bill & Stacy: Winter Engagement Session

The whole month of December was unusually warm... except for the one day that Bill and Stacy were in town for their engagement session.

We wandered around High Falls, looking for warmth and great light for photographs. We found at least one of the two easily. With stop in La Luna for a warm up, we all persevered despite frozen fingers, toes and cameras. We even had a little bit of fun too.

I'd like to be cute and say their love kept them warm, but I think it was actually the random jumping jacks and then the beer at the Genesee Brew House.

So excited for their warm, May wedding! Emphasis on "warm"! Check out some of our favorites, and leave Bill and Stacy some love and well wishes too! 
~ Erin