Product Spotlight: Engagement Guest Book

Engagement sessions (in any season) are my favorite type of session. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that fact before. I love their peacefulness or playfulness and always their love - without the timeline of a wedding day.

We've photographed engagements anywhere from Letchworth State Park to downtown Rochester NY, and even in local coffee shops like Starry Nites Cafe or Joe Bean on University Avenue. Each one is unique and personalized to our couple.

But the one question we always get asked is - what should we do with these images? Answer: let's make a book!

But this isn't just any old Shutterfly book. Yes, it's a story of you, and who you are as a couple - but you can do more with it. One of our most popular ideas, is to incorporate the book at your wedding as a guest book.

These days, thanks to Pinterest, there are thousands of ways to display a guest book concept. Crafty people love coming up with new, never seen before ways to mark the occasion. But we love this book because it allows your guests to leave you notes, and answers to questions about love and marriage. Bonus point - there's no glue gun or mason jars involved, because we do all of the hard work for you.

It's an interactive guest book for your wedding. After the wedding, it's a cherished heirloom that you can safely keep alongside your wedding album. (And you don't have to find wall space to fit it into your home decor!) 

It shows not only who you are as a couple, but also how much you're loved by those who joined in your wedding day. So - what would you like to do with your engagement session photographs?

~ Erin

Ryan and Danielle's Statler City Wedding Album

I am in love with all of the gorgeous wedding albums we've created from our 2017 weddings. This Buffalo NY wedding did not disappoint. Danielle and Ryan planned an elegant affair, straight out of a scene from The Great Gatsby.

It's fair to say that their album should match their wedding style. They selected a black traditional cover, with a cover image taken inside the classic Statler City building in downtown Buffalo.

If their day interests you, check out the whole post about their wedding day! Enjoy a look back with us!

~ Erin

wedding album

Vince & Amanda's Custom Wedding Album

It was one of our most unique and favorite wedding days of 2017. Amanda and Vince's Erie Canal, Lockport Wedding day topped the charts.

They had a great location at Erie Canalside and Lockport Locks. There were so many choices for backdrops for their first look. The weather cooperated nicely - mostly. The rain held off just until we were done with our portraits, and then stopped just in time for the cocktail hour onboard the boat cruise through the Locks on the canal. 

Now that it's all over, the cherry on top is this gorgeous heirloom album. Now that the rush of wedding season is slowing, we can focus our attention on creating an album of what you hope the story of your day told. In this case, we also included photographs from their engagement session to include their fur babies, and do their story justice.

Take a look back with us and enjoy the engagement and wedding story of Amanda and Vince.

A Garden in Three Seasons

A garden in three seasons, and an album a year in the making. I am proud to share this art piece of an album that has been in progress for the last 15 months or so!

It all started last Spring when I met Jodi and got the chance to see his amazing gardens. Jodi, wife Deb and their three children live on a quiet cul de sac in Victor. Their home is surrounded on all sides by lush plants, trees and flowers. On one side is Deb's vegetable garden, but the rest is mostly flowers and tended by Jodi. 

The deck and patio on the back offer the perfect viewing station for watching the colors that change throughout the seasons. One thing I admire about Jodi's garden, is that he always has something in bloom!

Jodi approached me with a vision for a book that would capture the work he has put into his yard. The result is an album that will be enjoyed year round. By photographing the garden multiple times between April and October, we have a thorough picture of the seasonal changes that take place. 


The album itself was printed on thick, inkjet paper which shows off the vibrancy and color as true to life as possible. We inset a photo of tulips,  Jodi's favorite flower, on the cover.

The same view over three seasons

The same view over three seasons

Above: a few spreads from the book.

I am so happy to have been a part of this project, and hope this brings joy to Jodi and his whole family for many, many years! Check it out, and leave Jodi some props for his beautiful work!


PS: If you can't tell, I love making heirloom albums! Let us know if you have a special project (or wedding!) you'd like to showcase with a one-of-a-kind album! 

New Zealand, aka Panoramaland, in Print

It's here, it's here, it's here! My precious... my 8x18 inch, panoramic New Zealand book! 

Yes, this book is larger than my coffee table!

Yes, this book is larger than my coffee table!

If you were looking for me in February, you probably heard back from Erin. I was on the other side of the planet fulfilling a bucket list, trip of the lifetime. I wrote about it and shared some photos in this blog post.

But now... now I have the tangible record. Physical proof and many vibrant images to show for it. It's the coffee table book that cannot be topped. An original, custom creation, 100% designed and photographed by me. There is literally nothing else like it in the world– the size, 8x18 is when the book is closed. Once opened, it spans 8x36. Yes, that is three feet across. Why? Well, as I affectionately dubbed New Zealand "Panoramaland", it just seemed appropriate. I wanted to feel like I was there again, so I included multiple full spread panoramas that you can really immerse yourself in. 

Molley guards the book for me...

Molley guards the book for me...

One of my favorites is an image from atop Mount John, in which my husband, John, is the only human. The view is of Lake Tekapo and one of my favorite memories. Ahh, it's like being there again! So worth it. 

Here are the technical specs:

50 pages | 156 photographs | Inkjet printed in California | Two tone black cover with inset photo

Did this book cost more than my wedding album? ...maybe. Okay, yeah it did. But it is worth it. It holds the prime spot on my coffee table and brings me so much joy. It's fun to share the experience with people, reliving that trip over and over. Also, it gets me excited for my next trip, wherever that may be.

I'm not going to share the whole book here, as that would ruin the experience. But come on in, I would be thrilled to share it with you!

PS: We now offer this incredible type of printing for wedding albums too! Ask us about it!

Baby's first year album, featuring Clara

The first year of life is full of growth, discovery and love. Lots and lots of love! It is our honor and pleasure to capture all of those special moments, especially in this case. If you have followed the blog for any period of time, you have no doubt seen Clara before. I am now delighted to show off her first year album!

first year album cover

This project was a labor of love, and would not have been possible without my sister-in-law's help and input. I had a vision for how this book would look, but Kerry made it possible by providing the details and memories to enhance the photography.

first year album details

By working together, we have created a time capsule of Clara's favorite things and how they changed, fun facts from every stage of development, and a beautiful letter from her parents. Can you imagine having one of these of your own first year? Today, this is a gift for mom and dad. In time, it will become a treasured possession for little Clara herself.

Take a look inside, and witness the development of Clara from womb to infant to toddler. Isn't life amazing?

This is a brand new product that is now available as part of our first year plan. We'd love to make one for you next!

Best, Lori