anniversary portraits

Norvella and Cindi: Anniversary Session at Durand Eastman Beach

They’ve been married now for five years, but this was the first time they’d seen each other in their wedding attire. You see, five years ago they went to City Hall and eloped - no photographer, just them, and officiant and witness. They never really got the chance to have the wedding day they had always wanted.

So for their anniversary, they decided to gift themselves this evening together. They got glammed up and we set up a special “first look” for them at their portrait session.

These two make me smile. A lot. They’re fun and sweet and a little bit sassy together, and I loved every minute of their session as the loved on each other at Durand Eastman Beach. It was a well deserved moment for the two of them, one which I was thrilled to play a role in. Cheers Norvella and Cindi on your anniversary!

~ Erin

Anniversary & Family Portraits in Penfield, NY

New to the area, this gaggle of girls and their parents love the outdoors. They are excited about the seasons, stomping in puddles and look forward to playing in the snow!

Chelsea and Steve are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, and coupled with their recent move from Florida, this was the perfect way to celebrate!

The girls are so full of energy, and each has their own personality. We enjoyed hopping and climbing, even roaring in the woods. Besides that - just look at those gorgeous fall colors! 

Thanks for inviting me along on the adventure, and welcome to Rochester! I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

Five years together: Our Anniversary Portraits

Nearly 11 years ago, John and I first met inside one of these brick buildings. RIT played such a huge roll in our dating lives, in fact all of our dating. It was just days after I graduated that John proposed and we became "fiancés". Now that we've been married for 5 years, I wanted to celebrate where we are now as a family, with 2 fur babies, at the place where it all started. 

My favorite from this set of images, captured by who other than the amazing Erin Perrotta, is the first one below-left. That's us, our little family, in front of our freshman year dorms. The session was so much fun. Walking around with two dogs on campus, we had some students come pet Molley and Mouse and say how much they missed their dogs. If only we could have had pets in the dorms... 

We hit up a few spots on the residential side of campus, and ended at the field house. How nice of them to paint "We ❤︎ our Alumni" just for us! After Erin left, we continued walking and exploring the academic side of campus. John hadn't been back in years, so we reminisced over what was the same, and oogled at all the new buildings. We especially love the Global Village area with all of the new restaurants and outdoor seating. 

We ended the night watching Mouse try to drink from one of the pulsing fountains. That's a mental picture I won't soon forget!

In the end, it's a really lovely memory: walking campus with the man I love and my two furry loves. And thanks to Erin, we have photos to remember it by. Happy anniversary love, here's to the next 5 years!