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Well, it’s official - one of us finally won the great Canon vs Nikon showdown here at L&E. Among photographers, this is a huge debate. It’s like asking someone whether they call it “soda” or “pop.” There are strong opinions on both sides. So when someone switches - it’s a big deal. For years now, it’s been a running joke between us. I always loved my Nikon gear, while Lori stayed true to her Canon gear. Seriously, put a Nikon camera in Lori’s hands, and you’d think she was on fire with how fast she tried to give it back to me. So while I loved my Nikon equipment, I knew there would come a day when one of us would have to make a change. It just so happens that, that person was me!

There's good reasoning behind this move, like being able to share gear easier. By doing that, we're able to get some newer and better lenses, including some fun ones to create unique images with. For those who get "the lingo" we've added some fun prime lenses into the mix, like a 35 mm, 1.4 and a 50 mm, 1.2. They're sharper, and will allow us to get a variety of different looks. It will also make editing sooooo much easier, which means faster results for our awesome couples and families.

Hopefully Lori isn’t reading this, as I still sometimes stubbornly defend the Nikon side of the coin. But I have to admit I’m excited for all of these new pieces of gear.  I look forward to putting these new lenses and new technology to good use going forward - even if it is labeled Canon. ~ Erin


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