christmas tree

Christmas Through My Child's Eyes

When I took this image, I didn't see it at first. I was so focused on my 365 project and making sure that I had something to show from that evening, that I almost missed it. I didn't really see the wonder on my son's face as he gazed upon the fully lit Christmas tree in front of him.

It wasn't until I shared the image on social media, that I began to see what it meant to people. I received comments and messages thanking me for it, or telling me that it should be a Hallmark card. I never meant for that to happen. At the time, I was just being a parent like any other at the tree lighting, shooting like a Mom, recording these moments in time as they happen. I took this image for me, and for him. It's a happy accident that it resonated with so many people, but it was never my intent.

I didn't see it then. But now I do. Right now, to him magic is possible and everywhere. Faith and believing in something, still new and real. In his eyes, innocence. What I wouldn't give to be able to see the world again the way that he does.

I am so thankful now to have this image and more grateful for the child within it each and every day. He reminds me that anything is possible. He reminds me to be a better person. His light and love are my true Christmas gifts this year.

I hope that this Christmas you're reminded of how beautiful and magical this life of ours can be. We wish you joy and love through the holidays and beyond. Merry Christmas!

With grateful hearts,

Erin & Lori