class of 2016

Congratulations to the Class of 2016: Rochester NY High School Senior Portraits

It's hard to believe another school year has passed. We're so honored to be able to capture this amazing time for our graduating high school seniors. We love learning about who you are and what activities make you - you. It's exciting to watch what adventures you have planned take shape.

We just want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our Class of 2016 graduates. They come from high schools all over the Rochester area. From Fairport to McQuaid to Spencerport and everywhere in between. Each one with their own path to take after they graduate.

Congratulations to each and every one of these Seniors! We wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors!

~ Lori & Erin

Teartiyana: Frontier Field, Public Market High School Senior Portraits

We love making every session we photograph relate to our clients loves. That holds true even with our high school seniors. Teartiyana, or as we now call her, T, was SO much fun to photograph. She LOVES the Rochester Red Wings. So naturally, we were excited, when we learned we were getting Frontier Field to ourselves for her senior session!

From the suites to the dugout, we took advantage of all of the opportunities to knock T's senior portraits out of the park. Yes, I realize that was a terrible joke, but c'mon it was there and just begging for me to say it.

After we finished at the park, we rounded out her session at the Public Market where the murals and the architecture fit her personality perfectly. We even got some really cute pictures with her dog, Seymour, on the field and at the market.

Teartiyana, we had so much fun with you! Enjoy the rest of your senior year! 

~ Lori & Erin

Nikolas | Spencerport High School Senior

Have no fear: Nikolas rocked his senior session at Durand Eastman Park. He seemed a little nervous at the beginning, but by the end of the session we had him swimming in the lake. So he may have been quiet, but he was also adventurous. We had a lot of fun!

He's a runner and a swimmer for Spencerport High School. With being on the cross-country team, it made sense to photograph him as though he's running a trail in the woods. And to make the session even more exciting, Nikolas was willing to jump in the lake in his swimming gear. I'm guessing it was a little chilly, but he was a trooper!

Thanks for braving the elements with us! Have a great senior year Nikolas! Go Spencerport! ~ Lori & Erin

Christine | Brighton High School Senior Portraits

She's been playing for years, and you can tell. The notes and songs just came from her fingers without the need for sheet music. I felt like I was getting my own personal concert while I photographed Christine, and I didn't want it to stop! She is so incredibly talented, and plans to continue studying music next year. 

We met at her house on a gray fall day, but that smile was enough to light up the photographs. Thanks for a very fun and easy going session Christine! We hope you're having a great senior year!


Tony: Rush Henrietta Senior Portrait, Cobbs Hill Senior Pictures

Tony and Junior (his dachshund) were so easy going, it made for a easy breezy session at Cobbs Hill. No pun intended, although it was really windy up there! We had a great view of the city with the early fall colors. Tony rocked the formal look, and the casual outfit.

And bringing Junior along just made the session complete. There's never a bad time to include your four legged friend in your high school senior pictures. Especially when they give cute kisses like Junior did!

Enjoy the rest of your senior year Tony!

Jake | Brighton High School Senior Photos

We had lots of possible locations to choose from for Jake's session, but ultimately, Genesee Valley Park  was the clear winner. Surrounded by the waters he frequently rowed as part of the Brighton Crew team, he was right at home.

Oh, and there is that really cool fallen tree that we just had to include! Jake  was up for anything, and the result is some great images! Check them out for yourself.

Another beautiful fall day spent doing what I love. We are so lucky to live in a place with beauty in every season!

Til next time,


Abby: George Eastman Museum Senior Portraits

Working with Abby at the George Eastman Museum was like a walk in the park, errr, gardens... because it was! Her family has ties to photography and have been members at the Museum. Plus, it's just gorgeous, and so is Abby! We were able to get a good variety of images while enjoying the grounds and the beautiful fall day. Thanks for choosing us, Abby, and best wishes for a great senior year!


Hunter | Hilton High School Senior Pictures

I remember the first time I met my cousin, Hunter, pretty vividly. Because he peed on me. To be fair to him, he was also a newborn and I was a teenager. So I'm fairly certain it wasn't intentional.

Flash forward a few years to now. He's now taller and bigger than I am, and graduating from Hilton High School this year. It's just another moment in my life where I can't believe how fast time has gone by.

Hunter, is a fun, funny guy and also an avid goose/duck hunter - (insert bad pun drum and cymbal here). He loves this time of year, when the weather changes and he can get out in the woods. So naturally, he wanted a location that fit him - cattails and all. We also included his hunting hobby with his camo and gun.

Even though Hunter was a little timid about his senior session, he really did a fantastic job. And I love how everything about these images fit him so well.

Congratulations Hunter, we're so proud of you! Enjoy your senior year! ~ Erin

Hannah | Honeoye Falls Senior Photos

When I first met Hannah, she told me she was looking for something different. She didn't want "normal" senior photos. We were happy to oblige that request!

One of the places she enjoys is the Public Market. Well, the location certainly fit! We went on a day the market wasn't open, and wow are there opportunities! Graffiti, architecture, and texture galore! It's an awesome place and Hannah's an awesome girl! We even got mom involved for some photos, and of course, the dogs too! Such a fun session, thanks Hannah!


Lindsey: Lima Christian Senior Pictures, Cobbs Hill, Mendon Ponds

I knew there was something special about Lindsey. She just oozed a very welcoming personality. Her goal for the session? To make ME smile. Can you believe that? Well, she succeeded, because her gorgeous attitude was indeed infectious. 

Lindsey is currently attending Lima Christian School, and plans to attend the Bible Institute next year before going to college. She brought her bible and some favorite books to her session before getting serious in her soccer jersey. And that dog? Do they get any cuter? We always love to include pets, and Jake was no exception.

Well, before I rattle on all day, check out a few of our favorites from Cobbs Hill Reservoir and Mendon Ponds Park. 


Jack & Family: McQuaid Senior Portraits

Jack is a soon-to-be McQuaid graduate. He's a rower on the crew team and an all around good guy. We photographed his high school senior session at the Boat House at Genesee Valley Park. We hung around the docks, on the path and even went inside the boathouse for a few.

What made this session different, was the addition of his mom, dad, and sister into the photographs too. We took a little bit time to create some family portraits for them as well. Jack heads off to college soon, so this was the perfect day to have their family picture updated as well. As the sun went down on the river, the light was perfect for some great images.

Congratulations Jack, and thanks for a great waterfront session! ~ Lori & Erin

Daniel | Brighton High School Senior Pictures

We asked Daniel to describe his perfect selfie - he responded with "I am on top of Mount Fuji, in a hot tub with some diamonds and explosions in the background."

Well played Daniel, well played. From the answers he gave, we knew his session would be nothing short of entertaining. We've photographed him before with his family, so we know that Daniel is definitely a fun guy to be around!

We laughed a lot, and his session went smoothly. We even got some great shots with their dog, Kojo, a big loveable best friend. Oh, and we got a little goofy on a tricycle... there's nothing wrong with having a little fun on the job, right?!

Daniel, while we didn't get your Mount Fuji request in, we definitely had a blast with you. Have a great senior year! ~ Lori and Erin