A Garden in Three Seasons

A garden in three seasons, and an album a year in the making. I am proud to share this art piece of an album that has been in progress for the last 15 months or so!

It all started last Spring when I met Jodi and got the chance to see his amazing gardens. Jodi, wife Deb and their three children live on a quiet cul de sac in Victor. Their home is surrounded on all sides by lush plants, trees and flowers. On one side is Deb's vegetable garden, but the rest is mostly flowers and tended by Jodi. 

The deck and patio on the back offer the perfect viewing station for watching the colors that change throughout the seasons. One thing I admire about Jodi's garden, is that he always has something in bloom!

Jodi approached me with a vision for a book that would capture the work he has put into his yard. The result is an album that will be enjoyed year round. By photographing the garden multiple times between April and October, we have a thorough picture of the seasonal changes that take place. 


The album itself was printed on thick, inkjet paper which shows off the vibrancy and color as true to life as possible. We inset a photo of tulips,  Jodi's favorite flower, on the cover.

The same view over three seasons

The same view over three seasons

Above: a few spreads from the book.

I am so happy to have been a part of this project, and hope this brings joy to Jodi and his whole family for many, many years! Check it out, and leave Jodi some props for his beautiful work!


PS: If you can't tell, I love making heirloom albums! Let us know if you have a special project (or wedding!) you'd like to showcase with a one-of-a-kind album! 

Cobblestone Living Magazine : Victor NY Photographer

family with dog

For the past few months, we have had the honor to work with some great families in the Cobblestone neighborhood of Victor. Some who have lived there just a few years, others who have had a hand in building the original development. It's been fun getting to meet new people and hear their stories. And then, to see them published! cover of cobblestone living

The Cobblestone neighborhood is a beautiful area that surrounds the Cobblestone Creek Country Club. The monthly magazine celebrates the families, students, pets, lawns and travels of their neighbors. The articles are written by folks that live there about issues and people important to them. Each month there is a featured family in the "get to know your neighbors" section. That's where we come in!

Here are a few of the images we have made in the neighborhood.

train restore

cobblestone living

skiing family

family and dog

1961 vodka

All of the neighbors seem to have golf in common, but this couple had a putting green in their bedroom!

If you live in the neighborhood and want to suggest a family to be featured, send us an email! We'd love to connect.

Have a great day! Lori