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Victor NY Family Portraits at Home

Bacon and eggs a la Dad in the morning. 

S'mores in the fire pit at night.

BBQ's out on the patio.

These are just some of the ways this family loves to hang out together at home. With four great and very different kids, home is a big part of their world.

So why not plan your portrait session in your own space? Let the kids show off their rooms. Or let them giggle together in the kitchen.

Even if for most of the day it rained, you can still have fun inside like these cuties did. The possibilities are endless.

~ Erin

Summertime Family Portraits: Victor NY

This adorable family loves to spend time outside together when they can, whether they're hiking, riding horses or around the neighborhood on the golf cart.

I caught up with them, and their two cats for a Cobblestone Living portrait session. For a little something different, we even included some time on the golf cart, which really mades this preschooler happy!

I had a blast chasing around their 3 year old and getting to know them while I did. What a cute and fun family portrait session! :)

~ Erin

Spring Family Portraits at Home: Victor NY

With two adorable kids, and two adorable kittens, it's really hard to not get a cute image or two. You just can't go wrong.

And how about that backyard? I just loved the McKenzie Child's inspired curtains around the patio and that amazing outdoor couch to curl up in together. Also, we had to get a shot of dad with his Chevy Volt. Hooray for eco-friendly clients!

This family is so easy going and a joy to be around. Hope to see them again soon!

Cobblestone Living Portraits: Mike, Heidi, & Jack

I met them at their brand new home - so brand new, that they'd just signed the paperwork as I arrived to photograph them! It made finding areas to shoot within their home pretty easy without furniture to fight with lighting!

These three are adorable. Especially Jack, Heidi and Mike's "almost" 1 year old. Whether out for a walk, or enjoying a drink together on the patio, they love to be together as a family - whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Honestly, at this stage in their family life, that's what it's all about. They don't want to miss these moments together as a family of three. With cuteness like this, I can't say that I blame them.

Together is their favorite place to be - and I'm loving it.


Active Winter Portraits: Victor NY Photography

Jocelyn, a physical trainer, and her family of boys are certainly active!

Whether skiing/snowboarding in the winter, or swimming in the summer, they are always up to something that keeps them on the move.

I loved goofing around with these guys (check out the monkey faces!) and playing in the snow with Teddy, their most adorable little pooch!

If you can't tell, they're a pretty fun family! Say hi down below!

Family and Pizza: Victor NY Portraits

What a treat it is to work with fellow entreprenurial families. In this case, it's no exaggeration to say that the whole family is all hands on deck when it comes to their pizzeria - DeTomaso's Pizzeria in Victor NY.

They're also a lot of fun to photograph. We laughed a lot at each other during their portrait session both at their home and at the pizzeria. Siblings tend to have that effect on each other sometimes.

I enjoyed their playfulness and skills - even when nearly ate snow because I made the mistake of asking an eight year old to flip snow at me with her hockey stick. Lessons learned!

If you want to meet the fam, stop on in to the shop and grab a slice of pizza. Say hello and enjoy!

~ Erin

Family by the fireplace: Victor NY Portraits

This winter portrait session was a fun mix of "let's run out in the snow" and "let's warm up by the fire!" We got the best of both worlds. We were also able to include both the new puppy, Bear, and Ninja the cat!

This session was often broken up with a little bit of wrestling as we went - because how else do you make a 7 and 11 year old cooperate? :)

All kidding aside, it was a pleasure working with this crew, so step inside their cozy little world and say hello!


Roy & Diane: Cobblestone Creek Country Club Portraits

If your first thought upon seeing these images is, "man she looks like a beauty queen!" You would be correct.

Diane is former Mrs. Arizona, Mrs. America and Mrs. World and currently works for the Mrs. New York America Pageant. Roy was lucky enough to meet her in an airport bar and the two have settled in Victor with the cutest little Maltese Shitzu, Sadie.

Roy loves his Audi and is classically trained pianist. He is also a golf fanatic, and everyone at the Cobblestone Creek Country Club knew his name when we stopped by. It was a fun afternoon with these three, at home and on the golf course.

See for yourself!

Barb, Bill and Rufus: Victor, NY Portraits

At the end of this session, I wanted to take Rufus home with me... he is so cute and sweet!

I don't think Barb and Bill would have allowed that though, and they are sweet as well, so I wouldn't dare. :)

Bill is a retired brain cancer survivor, and Barb works in engineering. They love having the Cobblestone golf course in their backyard! 

Of her ideal day, Barb says "A perfect Saturday would be sunny but not too hot.  It would begin by enjoying coffee out on the deck while watching early golfers.  We may head out to breakfast or maybe make omelets at home.  Perhaps we might take a drive down to the lake for a picnic lunch...several of our friends have boats and we always enjoy a day spent with friends out on the water!"

It was lovely to meet and spend some time with you all!

See you soon,

Outdoor Spring Portraits: Victor, NY

Tammy and her family just moved into the Cobblestone area of Victor, NY. I'm so pleased to be able to create these photos for them at their new home. They have a nice fire pit to hang near in the backyard, and I just fell in love with the floor to ceiling windows (aka gorgeous light for portraits) in their living room.

With Bre in college and RJ heading into high school this Fall, they are certainly a busy bunch. Thanks so much for making time for some family portraits guys! Enjoy!


Rainy Day Family Portraits with Summer, Sienna and Family!

Today we are shining the spotlight on a wonderful, American/Canadian family in Victor! 

Summer and Sienna play lacrosse, hockey and swim. They also love animals— particularly giraffes and panda's, which they fell in love with at the Toronto zoo.

Their dad, Scott, is the women's hockey coach at RIT, and originally from Canada. The whole family loves going to his games in the winter and seeing the Toronto Blue Jay's in the summer.

When not playing or coaching, they enjoy curling up on the couch and watching movies on the big screen. This family is easy going and a lot of fun, which you'll see in their photos! They weren't afraid to play in the rain, which ended the session in a fun and unique way.

Hope you enjoy these family portraits and say "Hey" when you see them out and about! 

See you soon,

Toni and Ken: Portraits of Grandparents

Toni and Ken are a lovely couple living in Victor. They enjoy spending time with their seven grand children, traveling and personalizing their beautiful home.

Ken has done much of the work himself, including designing a custom bookshelf (which cleverly hides the TV), and adding the deck with gazebo all by himself. Toni enjoys arranging and decorating the home, and I have to say, she has an amazing eye for it!

I think that I could have spent all afternoon swapping travel stories with these lovely folks! If you meet them, give them a friendly hello for me.

Here's a sneak peek of a few favorites!