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Behind the Scenes of Our Fairport NY Headshots and Personal Branding Session

Yes, we are photographers, so you might be thinking, why didn’t you take your headshots and branding pictures yourselves? The main reason is that it’s pretty hard to get us both in photographs together. But there are other perks to hiring someone from outside your circle.

We choose to work with Sarah Heppell Photography out of Syracuse. Along the way, we discovered some unexpected benefits of working with Sarah and her team.

  1. Outside Perspective on our Business. As much as we love, and are good at, helping others create a plan for their business headshots and branding sessions, we struggled with planning our own. Even though we have a strong social media presence and regularly have new photos to post (granted, more of clients than of ourselves), we had trouble focusing in on what would help people connect to us. Going through this process helped draw that out of us in a way that hasn’t been done before.

  2. Efficiency. We think of great shots all the time, but shooting them one at a time would be an inefficient use of time. By brainstorming several locations and themes in advance, we captured them all in one day, and now have several months worth of content to share. It was more work upfront and requires planning, but worth it to have so much ready to go, especially during the busy summer season!

  3. Fresh eyes. We stare at the walls of our offices all day long, so it can be hard to see them in a new way. Fresh eyes from someone who hasn’t seen them, we knew Sarah would see things in a different way.

These are all the things we offer our clients, and Sarah was able to offer them to us. So pop on over to Instagram to see how we are using these photos, and if it gets your idea factory running, give us a call or check out how we can do the same for you!

Personal Brand Photography: Megabolt Digital

When it comes to the glamorous world of SEO and being found in a google search, I tend to think of very technical people sitting in a dark office scanning computer screens like crazy.

Meg, from Megabolt Digital is not one of those people.

She’s amazing at creating an SEO strategy in ways that you’ll understand. She’ll tell you herself, she’s more technical that a web designer, but more people oriented than your typical SEO consultant. She’s relatable, funny, friendly and a fantastic mom to her boys.

She rebranded her whole business not too long ago, and ever since has been growing like the Hulk when he’s angry. (Except, she’s not angry and green).

The only thing that didn’t change in her super hero sized rebrand, were her photographs. And while those old photographs worked, they no longer fit her brand like they should.

So we helped to give her some new looks to choose from when she’s posting on social media, updating her website, or teaching her wealth of wisdom online.

If you haven’t met her yet, you should!

Check out Megabolt Digital online:
Facebook / Instagram: @megaboltdigital

Environmental Business Portraits: Rochester NY Photographers

Commercial portraiture isn't something we do every day, but we get the opportunity every once in awhile. When we do, It's fun to come up with different ideas for businesses like S&T Bank to use in their marketing materials.

We've visited this office on a few occasions now to work on different portrait options. This time, they wanted to incorporate the atmosphere of their downtown office location. With great exposed brick walls to use, their downtown Rochester location provided the right atmosphere for their needs.

Looking for ways to show off your business and it's great people regularly? Get in touch, let's talk!

~ Erin