live from the kitchen: JK Cooking!

I recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of my 21st birthday… yes, I said that correctly, don't judge. During the day we climbed into the car, and traveled Seneca Lake, tasting some local wines and delicious cheeses. That alone would have been enough for me, but there was more. Oh, so much more deliciousness to come that evening, all set up by my awesome husband.

As wedding photographers, we like to get to know our couples and their passions. It also means a lot to us to keep in touch with you after the wedding. We like knowing what's new and happening in your lives!

This brings me to introducing Jared Kierecki, one of our amazing grooms of 2012. Jared has a love of all things culinary, and it shows in the dishes he creates. He loves it so much, he started his own business: J.K. Cooking.

On Saturday evening, Jared was our very own personal chef. He arrived with pots, pans, and all of the ingredients to make an incredible four course meal for us.

Jared's goal is to come to you, with all of the necessary supplies, create a delicious meal for you and leave you with no mess to clean. Along the way, you may even learn a tip or two about how to make these dishes yourself. I hope my husband was learning while I was enjoying!

After an amazing evening filled with Lamb "pops," salad, beef braciole (stuffed with cheese, spinach and prosciutto), and a delicious creme brulee (layered with raspberry preserves on the bottom), we were stuffed!  Oh, and did I mention the wine pairings? YUM.

We just couldn't put our forks down, it was all so delicious. I know, you're jealous... but the thing is? You could have this too - just call Jared to set up your own culinary adventure! Check out these images for some insight about our amazing meal, just try to keep your drool off the keyboard ok?

Thanks Jared - best wishes on your new endeavor, you'll be a hit!

To contact Jared Kierecki about cooking you an amazing meal: J.K. Cooking 585.478.6752

If you're one of our past couples, and are working on something awesome, get in touch! We'd love to catch up and maybe share your story!