costume party

Membership Events: Wickham Farms Halloween fun

It's been almost a full year since our portrait membership program began. We've gone sledding, planted flowers, held picnics and played all year long.

It's been a blast getting to know our members and photographing them as they learn and grow. And even though it was a little drizzly - almost all of our members attended the last event of the year with us at Wickham Farms.

Halloween costumes were on point as we explored with everyone as they rode the train, jumped or fed goats. It was so awesome to see everyone in costume - even parents got in on the costume fun. We had everything from Harry Potters and Ninja Turtles to Lions and Batman.

We'd truly love to be a part of your lives all year round, so if you've ever wondered what the membership program is all about, check it out

We can't wait for what 2017's events will bring, and hope to see you there!

~ Erin