Jesse & Kristen: Buffalo Engagement Sessions

I’d never been to Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park, but it was the perfect setting for some early fall engagement pictures. Jesse and Kristen initially told us they were awkward in photographs.

I couldn’t disagree with that statement more. They were fun, sweet and lovable from start to finish. I’ll never know what Jesse whispered in Kristen’s ear to make them laugh so hard, but it was worth it.

These two fit so perfectly together, and are exactly the kind of couple that makes us so excited to do what we do year after year. I’m already so excited for their Finger Lakes Wedding day at Ventosa Vineyards next July.

Until then, send these two some love!

~ Erin

Husband and Wife Portrait in Allens Creek, Rochester NY

Wow, have these two got the story you just won't believe. Within days of showing me their home filled with stunning art and MacKenzie-Child's influences, their home was sold. It was never even meant to be on the market!

Susan admitted they hadn't really given thought to moving. But there was an interested buyer, the families met and instantly hit it off, and then suddenly they sold their home. Susan and Michael will be moving, and starting a new life down south. If that's not taking a cue from the universe and rolling with it, I don't know what is!

So what started as portraits of the couple in their home, quickly became a treasured memento for them to take with them. They'll use them to remember the many years of happy memories they made here.

Susan and Michael - it was a pleasure working with you both. I wish you much happiness in your new endeavors!


Roy & Diane: Cobblestone Creek Country Club Portraits

If your first thought upon seeing these images is, "man she looks like a beauty queen!" You would be correct.

Diane is former Mrs. Arizona, Mrs. America and Mrs. World and currently works for the Mrs. New York America Pageant. Roy was lucky enough to meet her in an airport bar and the two have settled in Victor with the cutest little Maltese Shitzu, Sadie.

Roy loves his Audi and is classically trained pianist. He is also a golf fanatic, and everyone at the Cobblestone Creek Country Club knew his name when we stopped by. It was a fun afternoon with these three, at home and on the golf course.

See for yourself!

Barb, Bill and Rufus: Victor, NY Portraits

At the end of this session, I wanted to take Rufus home with me... he is so cute and sweet!

I don't think Barb and Bill would have allowed that though, and they are sweet as well, so I wouldn't dare. :)

Bill is a retired brain cancer survivor, and Barb works in engineering. They love having the Cobblestone golf course in their backyard! 

Of her ideal day, Barb says "A perfect Saturday would be sunny but not too hot.  It would begin by enjoying coffee out on the deck while watching early golfers.  We may head out to breakfast or maybe make omelets at home.  Perhaps we might take a drive down to the lake for a picnic lunch...several of our friends have boats and we always enjoy a day spent with friends out on the water!"

It was lovely to meet and spend some time with you all!

See you soon,

Bob & Elena | Fairport Photography

One of my very favorite parts of this job is meeting new people and hearing their stories. Elena is Russian, and heading home soon to be with family for the summer months. We squeezed in a quick session before she takes off so she can show her family in Russia where she lives.

Bob runs Eastside Fence here in Fairport and came highly recommended for the quality work he does. I have enjoyed getting to know them both over the last few weeks and feel like I have made new friends. 

I mean, it's not every day that a session ends with tea and cookies! Thank you so much for your hospitality, and I cannot wait to hear about your trip, Elena! Safe travels!