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Three birthdays, One Party: Real Life Portraits

When you've got 3 kids, all with birthdays within a month of each other, having one birthday party just makes sense! Family and friends gathered for a backyard BBQ with games in honor of Stella, Liam and Cormac turning 6, 4 and 1.

Real life happens during playtime, family parties, & birthday cakes. This was a real day, and it was a lot of fun to photograph.

We even snuck in a three generations portrait – with Liam throwing the ball in the air. Perfection in the imperfect portrait. 

Watching Liam watch the cupcakes... waiting for the song to be over so he could dive in... priceless. And it was love at first taste for Cormac!

Happy birthday, and thanks for letting me document this day for you!

Why I'm a Photographer: Reason #937 and counting

It was almost three years ago when we set up his crib. I was still pregnant, so it didn't seem real yet. How could I possibly know at that point, what placing my baby in that crib would feel like?

But now, night after night he's slept (mostly) peacefully in that crib. I do know how it feels to rub his back as his eyes close, say good night, and tell him I love him.

You know the saying. All good things must... right?

This. Is. Why. I. Take. Pictures.

Because tomorrow we'll put him to bed in a "big boy bed" for the first time. I blinked a few dozen times and he again changed before my eyes.

No, I didn't miss any of it - I was there the whole time. But now, that particular feeling of him as "a baby" will begin to fade. As time passes, my pictures of him will remind me of that feeling. They will become even more invaluable.

Nothing in this life stays the same for long, right? I know more changes are on the horizon for us. I may not know exactly when, but when it does, I'll have this moment captured forever.

Change is inevitable, for you and for me. It's sometimes hard to accept, but it's a natural progression in life.

What changes are coming your way? What do you want to capture before it does?

This is why I take your pictures.

~ Erin

Embracing the Storm: Rochester NY Photography

Embracing the Storm: Rochester NY Photography

As exhausting as it was in the midst of it, I tried very hard to embrace our time together. It's easy to forget sometimes that these are the moments I'll miss when he's grown. I love the memories we made together this week as mommy and son. I'm doubly lucky to be able to capture it in pictures, to keep for myself as he grows.

A Winter Themed Family Session at the Holidays

What a joy it is to spend the holidays with your family. When you've got folks living in three different states, together in the same room, it's really something special. And it was my pleasure to document the gathering of this really fun family.

There wasn't a dull moment as they packed in the memory making. After making a few portraits, things turned to a more documentary style of photography as Lily wrapped presents with grandma, and read books with her grandpa and uncle. We even got outside with the snowmen and left some treats out for the local deer. 

It felt like I had known everyone for years. What was captured in less than two hours, will now be tangible memories to take back to their homes, hundreds of miles apart.

To Kirsten and the whole gang, thank you for choosing me to capture this moment in your family's lives. Enjoy the photos, and I look forward to seeing you again next year!


2016 With Lucas P

Looking back on the year in pictures, I am again reminded of how fortunate I am as a mother and a wife. I took 1500 fewer personal photos in 2016, but I can still see how much my baby has changed. His chubby round baby face has thinned out, and he's become a imaginative, active little boy.

Our family life now has a third voice. It's sometimes a much louder, dictator style voice and sometimes a sweet, lovable two year old voice. He's gone from a baby to a toddler with his own likes, dislikes and opinions.

We explored nature, playgrounds, animals, sports, trucks, farms, zoos, and riding bikes this year. Watching him with the rest of the family has been nothing short of amazing. Holidays like Easter, Halloween and Christmas were all newish to him, but met with enthusiasm and learning.

Where he once didn't care about his clothes, he now has his own ideas. Star Wars socks MUST be on his feet at all times, but only the Stormtrooper socks.  Darth Vader are only acceptable if the Stormtroopers are dirty.

Thomas the Train is his newest "favorite thing ever" and also the first toy he's ever had that never leaves his hands. When he goes to bed, we read his Super Hero rules, so that we always remember to "Be Extraordinary."

These are just some of the things I want to remember forever about 2016. But without the pictures - will I?

I didn't photograph every moment; some were better spent being in them. Some I wish I had captured, but am glad I was more of a part of them than last year.

With the exception of the occasional toddler tantrum, all of the moments were loved - whether photographed or not.

Here's to new adventures with #LucasP and more love in 2017.

~ Erin

Day-in-the-Life at the Family Cottage

Did you know, that there is an island in Lake Ontario, near Sodus? I didn't.

It's called Eagle Island, and is home to many summer cottages. Obviously, you need a boat to get there, so I got a lift to this day-in-the-life portrait session.

I started capturing the day before I even stepped onto the dock. It was my privilege to accompany this extended family on a summer day at their cottage. 

This day in the life session included both sun and rain (which we haven't had much of this year). Also, I can't call it a typical session, as most of my sessions don't take place on a boat. Though I think could get used to the idea...

I believe this documentary style of photography is overlooked in the family portrait realm. Life is a wild and crazy adventure, and perfect outfits in front of a wrinkle free background doesn't do it justice.

Andrea said this session was, "A perfect representation of what our summer weekends are like."  That makes me happy. Wouldn't you like a time machine to the best days of your life? 

So rather than tell you what we did, I want to show you. 

I think every family should have something like this, no boat or island cottage required. If you believe in the power of photography, and want to have a record of your wild, crazy, fun life, call us today! I can't wait to be a part of your adventure.


Disclaimer: We spent about 20 minutes of this five hour session making portraits, so it was roughly 95% documentary. Because this was an extended family gathering, everyone doesn't get together very often. So it made sense to get a couple of group shots that wouldn't naturally happen on their own. I'm okay with that if you are.

Honeoye Family Session

Most of our family sessions are a blend of some portrait set-ups and then some documentary style fun.

At three years old, Cedella was mostly interested in playing around her swing set and having a nice cup of tea with mom and dad. While Nesta, the family beagle, was never far away.

We walked around their property and enjoyed some family snuggles along the way. Here are just a few of my favorites from this fun session.

Enjoy, and reach out when you are ready for your family portraits!


Poolside Family Portraits | Victor NY

When I think of my favorite sessions, they often go something like this. A few portraits around the house, and then let the kids play!

That's exactly what we did. We had a great morning in Victor with this family of five. All of the kids love lacrosse, so they got their uniforms on and showed me some of their skills. They raced around the yard and then jumped into the pool to cool off... in their clothes! I love this shot of them all in the air doing something slightly different.

Thanks for being you, and letting me be the witness! 


Lucas P turns two

Lucas P turns two

And just like that I have a two year old. And while I show you mostly the good stuff, not every minute of toddlerhood is magical. But his hugs and sloppy kisses usually outweigh the toddler tantrums. I swear, his full belly laugh makes me stop whatever mundane task I'm doing nearly every time.