Jesse & Kristen: Buffalo Engagement Sessions

I’d never been to Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park, but it was the perfect setting for some early fall engagement pictures. Jesse and Kristen initially told us they were awkward in photographs.

I couldn’t disagree with that statement more. They were fun, sweet and lovable from start to finish. I’ll never know what Jesse whispered in Kristen’s ear to make them laugh so hard, but it was worth it.

These two fit so perfectly together, and are exactly the kind of couple that makes us so excited to do what we do year after year. I’m already so excited for their Finger Lakes Wedding day at Ventosa Vineyards next July.

Until then, send these two some love!

~ Erin

Lisa and Brandon: Letchworth State Park Engagement Session

Brandon and Lisa are comfortable and perfectly relaxed together, they should be, they've known each other practically forever. It's safe to say they've been together as long as they've known each other. They met as kids in 5th grade, and began in high school.

So being engaged was just as natural progression to them being together. And their engagement session at Letchworth State Park was a night full of fun, laughs and love.

I loved watching them together - how Brandon would let his goofy side out, and Lisa would join right in. But then a few moments later, they would wrap up in each other as though no one else was around.

It was a relaxed, beautiful night with beautiful people in love. Can't wait to see them when they take their next steps together as husband and wife!

 ~ Erin