extended family portraits

Extended Family Portraits at the Lamberton Conservatory, Rochester NY

Last time I saw this group, Emerson was Preston’s age, and Preston didn’t exist! My how time flies. It was so wonderful to catch up with everyone again, this time enjoying the warmth and greenery of the conservatory while it snowed outside.

The boys are definitely the stars of this show, and it’s obvious they love their parents and grandparents. I know these photos will be treasured now, and as they grow older.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy this winter holiday celebration of three generations!


Family & Cousin Portraits in Seneca Falls, NY

Exactly five years ago to the day was when I last photographed these two families! Crazy how that worked out. There were two less kids then, and we played in an apple orchard. This time, we hung out along the Seneca-Cayuga Canal in Seneca Falls, closer to their homes.

It was a bright, chilly morning and we had a lot of fun! The kids found ways to entertain themselves when they weren’t needed for their portraits, including a game of soccer using nearby fall fruit for a ball.

It’s such an honor to photograph these kids... aside from just being great kids, they have great parents too whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing most of my life. We always have a good time together, so I’m hoping it won’t be another 5 years before the next session! ;)  

Love to you all,

Extended family fun with child and grandparents

There is a special bond between child and grandparent. I saw that when Teddy stopped running long enough to sit still on grandma's lap and take part in "If you're happy and you know it." He beamed, he clapped, and he asked for more. And grandma loved every second of it, never tiring to oblige when he asked.

He was happy to read books with grandpa, play puzzles with his cousin, and push his toy car down the sidewalk, squealing with happiness. My favorite moment is in those sweet eskimo kisses!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek into Teddy's time with his family.

Until next time,

A special portrait session for the whole family

Large families are the best. Sometimes they're crazy, sometimes they disagree, but they always come together when they're needed. It's a beautiful thing.

Sometimes though, with as many people as this family has, it's tough to schedule a time where 32 people can all be in one spot, and inserting missing people from an extended family photograph is not in the norm for us.

But when Laura told me the circumstances, we made it happen. It's a lot of work, so we're thankful for the special skills of a very good retoucher, Megan Mullen for helping us make this full family portrait possible.

The O'Connor Family: An Extended Family Portrait Session

Grandparents, parents, kids, grandkids, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews - all in one place, at one time. For some families that's a near miracle.

We've photographed Rosanne and her family before, but this time was different. Because it's a rare occurrence for them all to be together, and for this family it was a privilege to photograph for them.

So they gathered at The Century Club in downtown Rochester, and we captured the whole family together. They're so kind and fun, and one of the easiest large group portraits we've ever had the opportunity to photograph.

Here's a few of the images that we were happy to capture of this great family. Enjoy!

~ Erin

Three Generations, Extended Family Session

And one year old, Theo makes FOUR. Grandsons that is! Grandma and Grandpa are so lucky! There's all boys on this side of the family. Thankfully, the women married in. :) 

I loved spending time with this crew a few weeks ago. The sun was still warm in the sky, leaves still on the trees. The boys showed me their scooters and loved playing with their littlest cousin. It won't be long until they will be teaching him how to scooter all by himself. He just started walking, so it's not a big jump from feet to scooter, right?

I don't think that dog gets any love, do you? ;)

Til next time,

Family Photos on Lake Ontario

Summer is when families come together.

Well, we think anytime is a great time for a family to come together - but meeting at the family lake house also means there's time for cousins to have fun.

Oh and hey, while we're at it – it also makes the perfect opportunity for extended family photos! These kiddos were ready for fun and enjoyed hanging out with their grandparents, aunts and cousins. The morning rain made way for a lovely afternoon, and as soon as the last photo was taken, there was a mad dash toward the lake for a swim. 

But really, could these kids get any cuter? Meet Hannah, Emi, Theo and family. Say hello!

Extended Family Portraits | Fairport NY

We were fortunate to be there to witness and capture the wedding day of Judith and Paul back in March of 2014. This time around, Paul wanted to share a gift with his two daughters.  It's our pleasure now to introduce you to the rest of the family. It was fun, and sometimes a little crazy, with everyone comes home for the holiday. I'm sure that they wouldn't have had it any other way. Heading into this session, we had been warned. We had a feeling that our magical powers of child persuasion might not cut it with a toddler who was enamored with Hello Kitty. We were warned, and they were right - there was no changing the pajamas for the photographs. But as always, we adapted to the situation and captured the moments as they happened.

Is it the perfect L.L. Bean holiday portrait? Not necessarily. But honestly, sometimes you just have to take the family portrait in Hello Kitty pajamas. And that's ok - it's real life, and we love it.

Until next time,

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