Fairport NY Senior Pictures: Kristen in the Sunflowers

Kristen came to us all the way from Rome, New York for her senior portrait experience! She had read all about the Sunflower Festival at Wickham Farms and knew that was what she wanted for her senior photos. We hit up the Thomas Creek Boardwalk first to fit her barefoot country vibe, then enjoyed a sunset in the sunflowers. 

Who knew there were so many varieties of sunflowers? I sure didn’t. Tall, short, yellow, orange. They were all beautiful and fun to play in. Kristen was fun to work with and up for anything. I hope you enjoy her Fairport senior portrait session as much as we enjoyed capturing it!

Thanks for choosing Lori and Erin Photography, hope you’re having an awesome Senior year! 


A Family Yearbook: Our Membership Book

Megan has been a part of the Lori and Erin family for a few years now. It's been a joy to not only photograph her wedding day, but her family as well, which includes their spunky little two year old Mikaela.

They were one of the first to join our Portrait Membership Program. I love that they took advantage of every opportunity to capture their family together (more than to just update Christmas card photo.)

We could always count on seeing them at our events. It gave us more chances to watch Mikaela grow and play, and to give Megan and Jeff the chance to play with her without a cell phone in hand to take pictures.

Then there's this book. In a nutshell, it's like a family yearbook. Every year, for as long as they stay members, they're going to receive a book like the one below. It's FULL of pictures from each event they attended, and from each session they had throughout the last year.

What better gift is there to receive at Christmastime? It's not a disc of images, that will fail to work in 10 years, but rather treasured memories, in print. Tangible and real.

And for the moment, these memories are still fresh in their minds. But when Mikaela grows up, and looks back at these yearly books, she'll see how much she's loved. To me, that's priceless.

~ Erin

PS - if you're interested in learning more about the program - Check it out here!

A Hero To Look Up To: Father's Day 2016

It's Father's Day - time for some golf and barbecues. Or for hikes and picnics. Or for Marvel Movies and popcorn. Your description might be different - but the sentiment is the same.

Today's the day, I pretend I'm going to cook for my husband (instead of our usual vice versa) - when really, I might buy the ingredients but I won't touch the grill. And we'll spend time with our own Father's, who we're so blessed to have in our lives.

And whether I cook or not, I hope my husband knows how grateful I am for him. For so many reasons, but least of all because he gives my son someone to look up to.

In between tickles and "airplane" rides, I see how he watches Daddy - wide eyed, wanting already to be big like him. I watch as he and Daddy bond over Star Wars books and Super Heroes. Even though he still looks nothing like Daddy, I know they're a perfect fit.

My son clearly doesn't live in a perfect world - this is obvious. So I'm grateful for his Daddy, who gives him a super hero to look up to, and who says "I love you" on a regular basis. Because that's the man I want my son to be in this world...just like his Daddy.

Happy Father's Day!

~ Erin

This beautiful image is courtesy of Sue Egan Photography (www.seganphoto.com). I love it so much!

This beautiful image is courtesy of Sue Egan Photography (www.seganphoto.com). I love it so much!

Fun with Family Portraits: Fairport NY Portrait Session

Fall days don't come much nicer than this! It was a cool morning, but the colors were vibrant and the leaves perfectly placed. Beth, Tom, Sam and Miley were coordinated and relaxed.

I was very impressed with their dog Miley, she is much better trained than my dogs and that made it so easy to work with her! Sam brought his football for some casual pictures, and we ended up with many great images. Thanks for choosing Lori and Erin Photography and we hope to see you again soon! Enjoy!


Suhan - Fairport Swimming Senior Photos

We met Suhan at the Northern Stone Design Center on Route 31, just as it started to sprinkle. She braved the weather with us, and it turned out to be a gorgeous evening! I loved adding the umbrella for a little twist, and she looked amazing in all of her outfits. Not only did she change her clothes, but she had new shoes and earrings to go with each outfit. I asked her to be my personal shopper... we'll see how that goes :) Suhan is also a captain for the Fairport swim team, so of course we had to get in the water! I loved working in her environment, and she even showed us her speed in the water! This was another great evening, thanks for working with us Suhan! Have a fantastic senior year!


blog_0163.jpg blog_0164.jpg blog_0168.jpg blog_0166.jpg blog_0167.jpg

Monica - Fairport Senior Photos

She came to me with an idea. Monica said, 'Can we shoot in Canandaigua?' I'm always game for anything, and it turned out to be an amazing place for photos. We walked around downtown, incorporated the murals and architecture, and ended up down by the water. It was a wonderful evening, and we had so much fun. Monica is the Stage Manager this year for Fairport High School, so she surprised me by being a natural in front of the camera! I loved her red shoes, fabric filled suit case and bubbly personality. blog_0162.jpg blog_0160.jpg blog_0161.jpg blog_0158.jpg blog_0159.jpg

Monica-- thank you for a fun session! Have a great year!


PS: Special thanks to my always amazing assistant for this shoot, Linda!