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In Between Portrait Membership: Tie Dye Night candid family portraits

Oh what a lovely, messy night we had! The threat of rain didn’t stop us from creating our new shirts with our member families. These candid family portrait moments are always different, each event changing with the season.

There are some events that are now traditions. Apple picking (which is coming up soon!) being one of them. But this was a new one for us. Tie dye is such a common “summer time with kids” activity, that it made sense to include it in this years lineup.

Big thanks to Dana Sharp (one of our awesome members) for leading the group and showing us all some tips and tricks in creating great tie dyed shirts for the whole family!

Curious as to what these “members” are that we’re always talking about? Check out our membership information, or come to our next event to find out more!

Outdoor Winter Family Portraits in Fairport, NY

When I first met with Marissa, she told me “We’re from Chicago, we can handle the cold.” Oh how little did we know…

It was 32 degrees and sunny on this early November day. It was not what we were expecting! We literally had the boys running down the sidewalk to warm them up! They were troopers though, and we worked really fast to get all the images they wanted and get them back into the car and warmth!

If you ask me, it was worth it. Look at those colors and those faces! Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? :D

Welcome to Rochester guys! Enjoy the Upstate New York winter,

In Between: Cookie Decorating with our Portrait Membership

There were cookies, there was frosting, there were marshmallows and sprinkles. It was a sugary delight for all of the kids. And then the big guy in the bright red suit showed up.

My husband told me after the event, that he finally saw it. When I asked him what “it” was, he said “The magic of Christmas.”

Whoa. I didn’t see that coming.

He went on to tell me how he watched the kids’ faces when Santa popped in to say hello, and it was beautiful.

You guys - that right there is everything this program is all about.

See, while we were working to capture their faces, he was enjoying the moment. I imagine, without their camera phones in front of them for a change, our other parents were doing the same. They didn’t need to stress about getting the best picture, because we were there.

I’m so glad to be able to give this gift to our members all year long. Whether it’s the magic of Christmas, or a day at the beach, It’s an honor to capture their childhood.

Thank you to our families who give us this opportunity all year long. We hope you’ve enjoyed the moments and the memories made.

Happy Holidays,

Lori & Erin

Family Portraits at Highland Park: Rochester NY Photographer

Last time we saw this family it was much colder and one tiny human smaller. It was a snowy winter day but also at Highland Park. What a difference a season (and a few years) makes. :)

Chasing the littlest became the name of the game at this spring family session. It's tough work to catch the right moment with a two year old. Sometimes you have to play some silly games, make funny faces and basically just let them do what they want to in order to get those super cute smiles.

But when you get them, they're worth every ounce of work. I mean, look at how adorable they are. Until next time!

~ Erin

The Value of a Portrait: Rochester NY Photographer

I want you to go find a photo - maybe it's you and your parents, or your parents wedding album, or you with you deceased grandmother.

Look at the people in it. What do you see? How does that photograph make you feel?

Now, imagine never having that image. Was it 5 years old? 10? Can it be retaken? Do you still have the story behind that image? Imagine how you would feel, if that photograph was taken away from you.

Or rather, try this scenario. Imagine holding that image after 40 years. Are the people in the image all still with us, or have you lost a loved one over the years? Does it mean more to you now that time has passed? My guess is, it does.

For all of these reasons - that's the value of a portrait. 

I can tell you from first hand experience that the photos of my son with his grandfather are some of my most valued possessions. You can have my tv, my computer, heck, you can even take my camera. But if I ever lost those photos, I'd be a wreck.

Those photographs are how I'm going to teach my son who his grandfather was. They're how I'm going to hold on to him when I need to hear his voice. They're part of our story, and serve as a reminder to our history.

But had they never been printed, or worse, never been taken at all, I would have only have the pictures in my ever fading memory to rely on.

Moral of the story - take pictures, and then also print them. Because to me they're one thousand times more valuable than any of the most expensive gifts you'll ever receive.

If you don't understand the feeling right now, trust me, someday you will.

~ Erin


Small Business Saturday 2017: Mini Session Offer!

You asked, so we answered. We very rarely offer mini sessions, but we know the holidays are super busy for everyone, and fitting in that full portrait session can be a tough thing to do.

Here's some deets. Sign up for your mini session between now and Small Business Saturday (November 25th) to get this limited time offer!

We will contact you to schedule your time and location. You can use your mini session anytime between now and December 31st, in Fairport or within the city of Rochester.

Reasons you want to take advantage of our holiday mini sessions.

1) We rarely offer them, especially at this special rate!
2) Those holiday cards you're going to send will look better with a professional portrait.
3) You desperately need to update your family portrait. And this is fast, 30 minute way to do it!
4) They make great gifts for the people you treasure.

So check out the offer here and sign up today! 

Family Vacation Time on Lake Michigan

Living on Lake Ontario, it's easy to assume that all of the Great Lakes look the same. However, on a recent trip to Ludington MI, I learned I was quite wrong. The lake was blue, the beaches had white sand, and there were sand dunes that made you feel like you were in a desert (even if the day we visited them was the coldest one all week). It was strange and beautiful all at the same time.

We checked out the beach, lighthouses shops and sand dunes in the area. We visited one of the coolest botanical gardens that I've ever seen, in Grand Rapids.

At first, I had my camera out and at the ready. But as the week passed, I left it in the bag more often, and either used my iPhone camera, or just enjoyed the time without it.

Mostly, we spent the week getting some R&R and spending time with family.

I came to the realization about myself that because of what I do, being an observer is now engrained into who I am.  I love to see the moments that sometimes go unseen in the everyday world.

I enjoyed watching as my three year old transformed from a toddler to a little boy. Chasing his cousins around the yard, playing a version of "Star Wars meets Batman" that I will never fully understand. At night, there was ice cream, popcorn, s'mores and more ice cream, along with beautiful sunsets and board games.

I enjoyed this week, just sitting back and watching my family be together. Sometimes, that's just what's needed. Enjoy the glimpse into our week in Ludington!

~ Erin

Picnic at Egypt Park: Fairport NY Photographers

Every year we take a night to say "thank you" to our clients with a picnic. We love sitting down to a meal with you and spending time with you outside of your portrait sessions.

It's our favorite way to say thank you, and it was a beautiful night to do so.

Thank you to all of the engaged couples who let us capture their biggest day. Thank you to the couples who are still with us, as families now six years after their wedding day. To each graduating senior who shared their world with us. And to the families we've photographed, as well as to our members who we are so grateful to see and photograph regularly.

We are so grateful for each and every one. Here's a glimpse of the fun!

~ Erin


Happy Father's Day: Fairport NY Photography

We talk to a lot of moms, and we talk a lot about Moms. Maybe it's because I am one, so I can pretty easily empathize and share in how they feel on a daily basis.

But don't think we haven't noticed you Dads. We're so honored to know and photograph amazing Fathers - whether part of our Membership program, or a normal family portrait session, or even at a wedding.

We see the playful laughter you provide when you start a tickle fight. We see the way your eyes light up as your kids learn and discover something new. We see the quiet moments you share with them that otherwise might be hidden from view - the cuddles, the kisses, the bedtime stories.

We see the pride and joy on a job well done in your face as they graduate. We see the stoicism and more often than not, the tears as you walk them down the aisle as adults.

You may not have carried them in the womb, but you're there for everything else. I believe it is because you also know that these days are fleeting. Today we thank you for being open with us, and for allowing us a glimpse of the relationship you have with your children.

Happy Father's Day to all of our amazing Dads!

~ Erin

Relay For Life 2017: Rochester NY Photography

I've been photographing these events for three years now. The passion that the volunteers and staff put into them moves me continuously. The mission behind their passion fuels them, and me as well.

While each Relay event is different, the reasons stay the same. To fight back against cancer, to celebrate those who've survived and to remember those who have passed.

This year I was asked to also photograph The Gates Chili High School Relay for Life event. It's a few weeks before the Fairport one and early in our wedding season, so I was happy to help.

The major thing I noticed about this Relay was how many children were there wearing the purple survivor t-shirts. My heart breaks for those children, for those families and the struggles they probably continue to endure because of cancer.

And so I'm putting out my annual plea to you today, please support my Relay team this year. No amount is too small - even $5 helps a child receive treatment, or research be completed. Because if they're still fighting, so am I.

To donate: Relay for Life 2017

In continued hope for a world without cancer,

~ Erin

Sweet Newborn Portraits: Buffalo NY Photographers

She's six adorable pounds of perfection. I'm not the only one who thinks so. Her village of family and friends think so too. And let's not forget Mommy and Daddy.

She's Stella Skye, and she's my newest niece. Eight years ago, her big brother Caleb was one of the first to ignite the spark that led me to where I am today, capturing relationships of all kinds. And now here's Stella, and I'm doing it all again.

Her newborn session began a little messy, but within minutes she was sound asleep. She stayed that way for hours...perfectly peaceful while we captured sleepy smiles all over the house. Her room was my favorite - everywhere you looked there was another handmade piece. Whether the mural or the drawings done by her own Mommy, the handmade blankets, or the signage lovingly made by family.

For now we'll cherish the smallness of her fitting into her Daddy's two hands or her Mommy's comforting arms as she sleeps. Because all too soon she'll wake, and those mountains she's going to move won't know what hit them.


Membership Spotlight: Gail, Greg & Chloe

Our goal as a business is to document relationships to help you treasure them, and we are proud to being doing just that. We first started documenting Gail and Greg's story with their engagement session, then their wedding, and now with their first child. Now that they are a part of our membership program, we get to see them nearly every month. 

Building relationships is important to us. I love when a family crosses the line from clients to friends, and that is what our membership program has become. A circle of friends who gather each month to get together and make memories.

This month, we are shining the spotlight on this wonderful little Fairport family.  We love watching baby Chloe learn and grow! Check out a bit of our photographic history together, and say hello to them at our next event!

Q & A with Gail and Greg

What has been your favorite event so far? Why?

Probably a tie between the halloween party and the pool party. It was so fun to do our first family halloween costume (Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, & Hedwig the owl)! And we love apple cider! But we also loved going swimming at the rec center for the first time!

What is your favorite perk of membership?

It is so great to have some good family photos without having to bother everyone to take a picture all the time- (and then usually have them try to take it again and again because it is blurry etc).

What is one of your favorite things to do as a family?

We like to go for walks around Fairport village and on the canal path. We also like playing video games (Chloe knows how to use an xbox controller - no joke), going to coffee shops, visiting Schutts Apple Mill, reading books, and going on mini road trips.

In what ways is your family unique?

We have, over the past few months, discovered a number of songs on Youtube that instantly make Chloe happy, no matter what she is upset about. We now have a "Make Chloe stop crying" playlist. It currently includes the theme song to the original Mickey Mouse club, "The Cat and the Moon" from the theatrical version of the Lord of the Rings, and the opening theme to the Big Bang Theory. We have no explanation for why this works, but it works.

Thanks guys, we love you!
Lori and Erin