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Garden Party with the In Between Portrait Membership, Fairport NY

At Lucas Greenhouses, soil is not considered dirt until it falls to the ground. Well, with ten families in attendance at our planting party there was no shortfall of dirt. There was also no shortfall of fun and real life moments with family - my own included.

My own arrived in full super hero attire…to plant flowers. You guys, this is my real life. When your four year old insists on wearing a cape in public, you let him. And we captured it, because someday that tiny, every day moment will mean everything to me.

This is what our membership does. If this moment resonates with you at all, then please come talk more with us - your family is worth it. Your memories are worth it.

~ Erin

Dana: Personal Brand Photography in Fairport, NY

Talk about a fun photo shoot! Say hello to Dana!

Dana is an entrepreneur. She sells Arbonne and wants to help women feel their best, inside and out. Though I have known her for several years, I learned so much more about her in preparing for this headshot session. When she launches her brand, she wants it to be vibrant, positive, fresh.

Cue playing in the fall foliage.

Everyone is on a journey, and this is a journey to wellness. Since Dana’s husband runs the bike shop in town, why not include this adorable vintage bike in her shoot!? We had so much fun in the Village of Fairport creating images for her to use as she shows the world who she is.

So say hello to Dana, the Fresh Start Lady! And if you are looking for images to help illustrate your new brand, give us a shout today!


2018 Family Portrait Membership Recap

From sledding to the beach, looking for Easter eggs to apples, or just generally playing and enjoying life. We capture it all with our Family Portrait Membership program!

If you've ever found yourself wondering: “What the heck are they talking about with this membership program?” you are not alone. It’s pretty unique, as in, we invented it and as far as we know, it’s the only thing like it out there. (If you know someone else offering this, please let us know in the comments!)

This post is shows off the best part of the membership program – our (almost) monthly events. We planned 10 get togethers this year covering a variety of real life activities for you to do with your kids. Then we’re there to document them so you can be present and enjoy!

At the end of the year, each family receives a custom designed book with their photos from throughout the year, at the events as well as their personal family session. How’s that for something to go under your tree?

Thank you for everyone that came out this year, and to everyone who has supported this project. We love seeing you every month. While we are busy planning out 2019’s schedule, here is a look back at some favorite moments of 2018’s events!


PS: Want to get in on this? Contact us today to become a member!

Outdoor Fall Family Portraits in Fairport, NY

There is a lot to celebrate in the next year for this crew. Josh is graduating high school and Rachael is getting married! Mom and Dad wanted to celebrate their little family before it starts growing and changing, so they donned their favorite plaids and we enjoyed the autumn weather together.

The Thomas Creek Boardwalk, is one of my favorite “hidden” areas in Fairport. It gets a lot less traffic than the nearby canal path, but contains just as much beauty. Getting to share it with fun families like this one makes it that much better! 

Here are just a few of my favorites, enjoy!

Spring One Year Family Session: Rochester NY Photographer

This little man was one of the most peaceful one year olds I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. He had no trouble wearing his cute little bow tie and suspenders. And for the most part, he stayed just about anywhere we put him.

He was content to sit and watch the world go by while his parents did their silliest dances to make his adorable little smiles happen.

He kissed Mommy with big open mouth kisses. He walked barefoot through the grass (a feeling most one year olds can't stand!). And when he was done, he cuddled into them both so naturally perfect.

Being able to photograph one of our former wedding couples - well that was just icing on the birthday cake.

Happy First Birthday little man!

Community Spotlight: Next Level Strength & Conditioning

Like us, Next Level Strength and Conditioning is celebrating their fifth anniversary this year. Located on Lyndon Road and very active in the Fairport Community, we have enjoyed getting to know them over the last few years.

We're also super excited to be partnering with them for an upcoming member event in June! 

So since we're doing that, we thought it'd be fun to ask 5 questions to help them celebrate this business milestone.

Without further ado, meet Coach Nate, the Founder and Owner of Next Level Strength & Conditioning!

Nate VanKouwenberg, Owner of Next Level Strength and Conditioning in Fairport

Nate VanKouwenberg, Owner of Next Level Strength and Conditioning in Fairport

What makes Next Level a unique place to train?
There are several unique qualities that make NL (Next Level) a special place to train, from offering the latest in scientifically proven training methods, our state of the art 5,000 square foot facility and a wide range of comprehensive services, including Physical Therapy and Sports Massage. Despite all of these factors that make us very proud, Next Level would be nothing without the people. We have the most amazing staff, athletes and general fitness members! Our team of Strength Coaches have a wide range of certifications and degrees, but most importantly they are amazing people. They truly care about the well being of our members both inside and outside of the gym. We take pride in the family like culture we've developed here.

The team at Next Level Strength and Conditioning

The team at Next Level Strength and Conditioning

Who are your main clients?
We work with a wide range of athletes and general fitness members, including youth athletes (athletic development FUNdamentals), Middle School athletes (introduction to sports performance) and High School, College and Pro athletes (advanced sports performance). Our adult general fitness members range from recent college graduates to people that are enjoying retirement. The benefits from quality functional strength training reach all ages and skill levels!

What about non-athletes, do they need a fitness program too?
Absolutely, everyone deserves a quality program that holds them accountable and gets them feeling and moving better. We have many HS students who are in our sport performance groups despite not playing a sport! These students absolutely crush it!

We also offer an Adult Functional Fitness group program called Roots (getting back to the Roots of functional fitness without the BS). Our Roots members are a tight knit family that creates a supportive environment, regardless of skill level. Each workout consists of mobility, functional strength training and metabolic conditioning. "Everything you need, nothing you don't." Our team of qualified coaches can modify workouts to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual. We offer a free roots session to anyone that wants to give it a shot!

What fitness goal are you most proud of accomplishing?
We take pride in helping our athletes and general fitness members achieve their goals, regardless of how big or small they are. Whether it's helping an athlete improve their performance, or someone reach an ideal weight, this is why we do what we do and love every minute!

Tell us a little about your path, Nate:
I grew up playing hockey and loving sports! After my Freshman year playing hockey at SUNY Brockport, I realized that everything I was doing to prepare off the ice was wrong. I decided to major in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science. It was mind blowing to me what a huge difference quality training could make in my on ice performance. This is where I fell in love with what I do today.

After Brockport I started teaching PE in Victor and training HS athletes on the side at local gyms. Each year my following grew and I realized what a huge impact I could have on people if I focused on Strength & Conditioning more than school breaks. In March of 2013, we opened our current facility connected to the Rochester Ice Center in Fairport. I could not be more proud of the culture we've built at Next Level and how many people we've helped achieve their goals! I am also the Strength Coach for the RIT Men's hockey team, so I've been able to stay in the game and get the best of both worlds! I could not be living out my dream without the support of my wife, kids and amazing team of coaches and managers!

Want to learn more? Go visit, or find them here:

Website  / Facebook  / Instagram  / Twitter  

Exterior of Next Level Strength and Conditioning, next to the Rochester Ice Center on Lyndon Road

Exterior of Next Level Strength and Conditioning, next to the Rochester Ice Center on Lyndon Road

Announcing: Mental Pictures! New Product Offering

We all know that prints fade and hard drives get corrupted. But what type of photography never fails?

Mental pictures.


Lori and Erin Photography is proud to introduce a new product line completely void of any physical manifestation.

Mental pictures!

Don't let the limitations of your wall space or cloud storage stop you from reliving life's greatest moments. Close your eyes and relive that memory in vivid 3D, imax, technicolor with unlimited pixels!

How is this possible you ask?

When you don't have to worry about fixing an image physically, anything is possible! Literally, anything! We'll help you dream up the most incredible experience of your life, and bring it into the sharpest possible focus, all in your mind.

Always wanted to see the Earth from the moon? We'll make it happen.

Always wanted to swim with sharks, but afraid of sharks? We guarantee they won't bite!

Always dreamed of the view from atop Everest, but think the couch is just so darn comfy? We'll take you there!


Sample Mental Picture

Surgeon Generals Warning: Mental pictures may only be viewed by the person they were created for. Others may experience a blur or dizzying effect.

What you get

With multiple, thorough planning sessions, we will get to understand your deepest desires. You tell us exactly what you want to see, and we will tell it right back to you.

By channeling our endless creativity, and exactly what you have told us, we will create the most vivid mental picture you've never seen!

We'll deliver the image to your brain through our soon-to-be-patented process of BWT*, or Brain Wave Transference. 

*Ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for BWT.**

**As this is a soon-to-be patented system, you may not tell your doctor until after you have placed your non-refundable deposit.

People who love mental pictures

Source: Second hand mental picture. Data may not be reliable.


How much is it? Mental pictures take time and skill to perfect. While there is no expensive equipment involved, it has taken many minutes to develop the skills and process you see listed here. Therefore, we are pleased to offer this breakthrough product for seven easy payments of $995.

How do I share my mental picture? Since all brains are inherently unique, we are only able to produce one pristine mental picture at a time. Sharing will result in the degradation of the experience. You may attempt to describe your mental photo to another, but doing so may result in self-destruction. We are not liable if your brain explodes.

How far out are you booking? Mental pictures are a labor intensive process. We recommend booking as soon as possible, or last week.

Is this for real? All I can say is, well, it isn't not an April fools joke...

Be the first to own your very own Mental Picture!

Then, tell your friends, so they too can be on the ground floor of this revolutionary, game changing, no, LIFE changing, new product!

Copyright 2018 Lori and Erin Photography

Celebrating 5 Years: Radio Social Anniversary Party

Oh my goodness, I think we're still processing it all.

It was almost like a wedding and a reunion mixed together. Lori and I couldn't stop smiling as we talked to everyone that joined us for our big five year anniversary bash at Radio Social.

We bowled, we played, we ate great food and amazing cake. Stepping back and taking it all in, we really have so much to be grateful for when it comes to this two person operation we've got going on.

After reflecting on the party, I realized something pretty big. This is wayyyy more than a two person operation.

It's taken a village, our tribe of amazing people who have supported us every step of the way. From clients and other photographer friends, to family members, amazing friends and our ultra patient spouses – we're never without someone to push us further, or pick us up when we need it most.

Thank you to those who came to celebrate with us. We have to especially thank Heather McKay of McKay's Photography (her's are the rounded corner photos below) for photographing the event for us, and Michelle Crawford of Shell's Sweets for the delicious cake!

And thank you to all those who have supported us - whether from close to home or afar. It's your referrals and your kind words that have allowed us to do what we love for five wonderful years.

Here's to the next chapter!

~ Erin (and Lori)

Brian & Sarah: Shadow Lake Wedding Photographers

Sarah and Brian grew up here, met through mutual friends and decided to move to North Carolina together, where they now reside with their two adorable kids. Having been together for 6 years now, they were more than ready to finally be married.

Their sunny, late spring wedding day was held completely at Shadow Lake in Penfield NY. On this June day it was in full bloom wherever we looked. Shadow Lake is a picturesque location to be sure.

We loved how their whole family let their happiness and emotions flow from the ceremony, through dinner and right onto the dance floor. This great party definitely had some serious dance moves worth capturing!

Congratulations Sarah and Brian - on a great wedding day, amazing family and here's to your beautiful life together wherever it takes you.

~ Erin

The Vendors:
Hair & Makeup: Simply Glamorous, Natalie Tortoretti
Flowers: Flowers by Renee
Officiant: Pastor Macdonald
Venue: Shadow Lake Events & Weddings
DJ: Showcase Sounds
Photography: Lori Coleman & Erin Perrotta

Corbett's Glen Family Portraits: Penfield NY

You wouldn't know it by looking at him, but at his latest session, this little man was tired. But Mommy and Daddy were patient, as they always are, and I pulled out as many of the tricks as I could think of that would make an 18 month old happy. Thankfully, even with the tougher moments we ended up getting smiles and laughs on the trail at Corbett's Glen.

Mommy and Daddy won't ever forget the tiredness brought on by sleepless nights. But Theo's great big smile and contagious laughs will be first and foremost in their minds as they reflect on these images in the years to come.

Love you to pieces little man (and mommy and daddy), can't wait to see you again soon!

~ Erin

Spotlight on Wood Prints: Rochester NY Photographers

If you don't know it by now, we wholeheartedly believe in printing your pictures. We believe that prints outlast digital files, and become priceless heirlooms to future our generations.

We love adding new items to our ever growing catalog to display your memories. We have canvas, framed prints, metal for the modern artist and now we also offer wood prints.

They are for someone who prefers a natural look, as the image is printed directly on real maple wood. The grain from the wood comes through on the lighter areas which will give it a warm feel.

No two wood prints will ever be the same because of the nature of the maple wood printing process. So it's great for someone looking for something unique!

Tangible printed photographs, whether on your wall or in a book create a different feeling of happiness than of those left in a digital world. If you need help deciding what to do with your photographs, call us. We're always here to provide you with ideas, and give you the perfect piece to smile about.

~ Erin



Why I'm a Photographer: Reason #937 and counting

It was almost three years ago when we set up his crib. I was still pregnant, so it didn't seem real yet. How could I possibly know at that point, what placing my baby in that crib would feel like?

But now, night after night he's slept (mostly) peacefully in that crib. I do know how it feels to rub his back as his eyes close, say good night, and tell him I love him.

You know the saying. All good things must... right?

This. Is. Why. I. Take. Pictures.

Because tomorrow we'll put him to bed in a "big boy bed" for the first time. I blinked a few dozen times and he again changed before my eyes.

No, I didn't miss any of it - I was there the whole time. But now, that particular feeling of him as "a baby" will begin to fade. As time passes, my pictures of him will remind me of that feeling. They will become even more invaluable.

Nothing in this life stays the same for long, right? I know more changes are on the horizon for us. I may not know exactly when, but when it does, I'll have this moment captured forever.

Change is inevitable, for you and for me. It's sometimes hard to accept, but it's a natural progression in life.

What changes are coming your way? What do you want to capture before it does?

This is why I take your pictures.

~ Erin