fairport ny portraits

Personal Branding Photography: Natalli in Fairport NY

Bright, airy. Professional, but real. Her style is classic, and she enjoys flower arranging in her spare time. How do you incorporate all of this into a “headshot”?

If you didn’t know, every single session we photograph comes with a planning consultation to make sure we know your goals and aesthetic. Any photographer in Rochester can take a picture, but together, we can make images that tell your story and relay your brand (and who you are) in a fun and visually pleasing way.

Say hi to Natalli, and if you need to refresh your personal brand photography, reach out to us today!


Family and Pizza: Victor NY Portraits

What a treat it is to work with fellow entreprenurial families. In this case, it's no exaggeration to say that the whole family is all hands on deck when it comes to their pizzeria - DeTomaso's Pizzeria in Victor NY.

They're also a lot of fun to photograph. We laughed a lot at each other during their portrait session both at their home and at the pizzeria. Siblings tend to have that effect on each other sometimes.

I enjoyed their playfulness and skills - even when nearly ate snow because I made the mistake of asking an eight year old to flip snow at me with her hockey stick. Lessons learned!

If you want to meet the fam, stop on in to the shop and grab a slice of pizza. Say hello and enjoy!

~ Erin

Apples, Family and Pictures: Portrait Membership Fairport NY

I've been writing these event posts all year with my goal being to show you how much fun and how worthwhile our membership program is.

The events we plan are typically not over the top. They're things your family might do whether or not our cameras were there. For example, going apple picking. It's a fun fall activity, which you might do all on your own time together as a family.

I love seeing the little things at these events, like a child instinctually grab grandma or grandpa's hand as they walk through the orchard. I love watching our families grow together and seeing the kids interact with each other along the way.

And at the end of the day, we have the privilege of giving you back those moments in the photographs we take. 

We have one more awesome event planned in October and really hope that you'll all join us. If you're interested in coming, we'll be at Wickham Farms on October 29th from 12-2pm. Whether your a member or not, we want to enjoy these moments with you!

~ Erin

Michele: Senior Portraits at Village Gate

For Michele's senior pictures, there was no lack of ideas. We started at Corbett's Glen in Penfield with her dog and the waterfalls. The natural setting is always so nice, and we had the place practically to ourselves – which is pretty rare for Corbett's Glen! 

Stop number two was at the Village Gate where, where we used the color and textures to our advantage. Michele is a competitive cheerleader, and made some ridiculous poses look easy. All in all, this was a really fun session with lots of variety!

Check them out and leave some love and congrats for Michele and her senior year of high school! 


Lollypop Farm and Playground Fun: Photography Membership Fairport NY

Goats, horses, pigs AND a playground? What a fun combo!

Our membership events are in full swing (no pun intended, just a nice coincidence). And this month we visited Lollypop Farms in Fairport with the littles in our membership program.

One of the truly beautiful aspects of this program is that there's no pressure. Letting the kids be kids is exactly what this is all about. Exploring, playing, climbing, swinging, laughing, being goofy with goats, slides and with you.

It's so much fun for us to capture. With no pressure to get "the perfect shot", we can get some amazing smiles in photographs - some that you'd never expect to get anywhere else.

And all by just letting the kids be themselves.

~ Erin