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Congratulations Class of 2019: Rochester NY High School Senior Portraits

First, I want to wish the Class of 2019 happiness and success. Second, I want to say thank you! Thank you for sharing your smiles, your stories and your laughter with us.

It has been our pleasure to get to know each of you over the last year, and to document your personality, style, and interests.

This year, we worked with dancers, golfers, baseball and volleyball players. We also worked with musicians, animal lovers, and even some with political ambitions. We visited parks, beaches, schools and farms. We played in the flowers, the rain and even in Rochester City Hall.

Yes, it was a fun year and one for the record books. Thank you to each high school senior and their family for taking us along on the ride! If you want to relive it with us, you can find blog recaps for each student below.

Please join me in congratulating the Rochester NY Area Class of 2019!

-Lori and Erin

Congratulations to the Class of 2016: Rochester NY High School Senior Portraits

It's hard to believe another school year has passed. We're so honored to be able to capture this amazing time for our graduating high school seniors. We love learning about who you are and what activities make you - you. It's exciting to watch what adventures you have planned take shape.

We just want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our Class of 2016 graduates. They come from high schools all over the Rochester area. From Fairport to McQuaid to Spencerport and everywhere in between. Each one with their own path to take after they graduate.

Congratulations to each and every one of these Seniors! We wish you all the best in all of your future endeavors!

~ Lori & Erin

Sandya : Fairport Senior Photos

From the second we starting shooting, Sandya was all smiles and laughs. Her description of herself couldn't be more accurate: energetic, bright, always smiling, and smart.

She's a wonderful senior at Fairport High School, who plans to study chemistry next year. For her senior photos, we started at the Penfield Town Hall where we used a variety of architectural elements. After that, we hit up Webster Park. Sandya is a swimmer, so she wanted to incorporate the water somehow, without actually getting in the pool. Webster Park was the perfect spot for that! 

I love what we captured in this session, and Sandya was a blast to work with. Have a great year Sandya! 


A Senior Session on the Ice: Fairport NY High School

We love it when our senior sessions present a unique opportunity. Luke not only gave us a unique opportunity, but he also gave us a fun challenge. He's a goalie for the Fairport Hockey team. So after we did some of his senior portraits at home, we headed over to Thomas Creek Ice Arena. He suited up, while we lit up the ice rink...very carefully. It definitely fun to try some new things and get some different looks than usual!

And, we even managed to stay upright on the ice the whole time. I think that almost qualifies us for the Stanley Cup...right?

Enjoy these fun images! ~ Erin 2014-08-12_0004.jpg 2014-08-12_0005.jpg 2014-08-12_0003.jpg 2014-08-12_0002.jpg 2014-08-12_0001.jpg

Suhan - Fairport Swimming Senior Photos

We met Suhan at the Northern Stone Design Center on Route 31, just as it started to sprinkle. She braved the weather with us, and it turned out to be a gorgeous evening! I loved adding the umbrella for a little twist, and she looked amazing in all of her outfits. Not only did she change her clothes, but she had new shoes and earrings to go with each outfit. I asked her to be my personal shopper... we'll see how that goes :) Suhan is also a captain for the Fairport swim team, so of course we had to get in the water! I loved working in her environment, and she even showed us her speed in the water! This was another great evening, thanks for working with us Suhan! Have a fantastic senior year!


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Senior Portrait Tips: Rochester NY Photographers


Our month of July is jam packed with sessions of all kinds. Weddings, family portraits and a great deal of senior portraits are all on the schedule for the coming weeks. Since our high school portraits are so popular this month, we thought it might help a few of you if we offered up a few tips for some great senior pictures. After all, these photos will live on the pages of your high school yearbook and on your walls for years to come. The experience you have should be fun, memorable and unique! So here's a few tips to get you thinking...

1) Clothing - Do your best to avoid clothing with words, stripes and plaids. Solid colors tend to photograph much better, especially in a busy background like a park or among colorful flowers. Make sure you're comfortable in your choices, and that they are flattering to you. If there's a part of you that you're self-conscious about, like your arms - simple solution, wear sleeves! Be comfortable in your clothes, so that it shows in your photographs! Also, keep your jewelry simple so it doesn't distract from what we're really capturing - you!

If you have questions on what to wear, bring a variety of options - from dressy to casual! We can help you pick the right outfit for the right setting.

2) Makeup - Ladies, don't feel like this is an opportunity to layer on the makeup. We want the natural you, not someone that no one will recognize! Your makeup should only be slightly heavier than usual. And please...don't use sparkles, they only make you look shiny in all the wrong places. Don't worry too much about blemishes either, we have ways to help diminish those!

3) Shaving - Guys, unless you're into the bearded look, shave prior to the session to avoid unwanted stubble. If you're face gets irritated easily, leave enough time for it to return to normal.

4) Props, pets and activities - Here's the fun part. What is it that makes you, you? Do you have a cat, dog or pet iguana to include? We're game, just make sure you bring treats for motivation, and someone to keep watch over Fluffy the Lizard while he's not in the photographs.

We encourage you to bring items that reveal your personality and hobbies. For example, an instrument, sporting equipment, vehicle, collectible, or whatever it is you enjoy!

High School Senior Pictures Fairport NY

High School Senior Pictures Fairport NY

High School Senior Pictures Fairport NY

High School Senior Pictures Fairport NY

We're so excited, and really can't wait to work with each and every one of you. If you're planning or have questions - contact us today!


Congratulations Class of 2014! High School Senior Portraits


So we may be a month late with this post and for that we apologize!  We couldn't let another day go by without congratulating our 2014 high school seniors. We were so honored that you chose us to photograph your senior sessions. We had so much fun working with each and every one of you. Each session was different in it's own way, based on all of the activities and hobbies you enjoy - which made our job even more fun! We wish the Class of 2014 all the best on their future endeavors. We hope that you'll achieve your dreams, while  in your own way making the future a better place for those who come after you.

Congratulations to Kathryn, Naomi, Katie, Jessica, Nate and Kate!  Here's to you!  ~ Erin & Lori

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