Savannah: Fall themed Senior Portraits in Fairport, NY

Savannah loves all things fall… so we headed to Chase Farms for her senior portraits. The pumpkins and corn stalks were the perfect setting. It was a windy day, but Savannah took it all in stride! We made a couple other stops including this abandoned greenhouse down the street - which she rocked with that jacket.

We finished up at the Fairport High School track, where she has spent many hours. A double jump gets her pumped before each race, so we made it look like she could jump over the trees!

We laughed, took some great images, and we got photo bombed by a caterpillar… basically, it was everything you can hope for in a senior portrait session. :)

Thanks for the adventure, and enjoy the photos Savannah!

Outdoor Winter Family Portraits in Fairport, NY

When I first met with Marissa, she told me “We’re from Chicago, we can handle the cold.” Oh how little did we know…

It was 32 degrees and sunny on this early November day. It was not what we were expecting! We literally had the boys running down the sidewalk to warm them up! They were troopers though, and we worked really fast to get all the images they wanted and get them back into the car and warmth!

If you ask me, it was worth it. Look at those colors and those faces! Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? :D

Welcome to Rochester guys! Enjoy the Upstate New York winter,

Outdoor Fall Family Portraits in Fairport, NY

There is a lot to celebrate in the next year for this crew. Josh is graduating high school and Rachael is getting married! Mom and Dad wanted to celebrate their little family before it starts growing and changing, so they donned their favorite plaids and we enjoyed the autumn weather together.

The Thomas Creek Boardwalk, is one of my favorite “hidden” areas in Fairport. It gets a lot less traffic than the nearby canal path, but contains just as much beauty. Getting to share it with fun families like this one makes it that much better! 

Here are just a few of my favorites, enjoy!

Family & Cousin Portraits in Seneca Falls, NY

Exactly five years ago to the day was when I last photographed these two families! Crazy how that worked out. There were two less kids then, and we played in an apple orchard. This time, we hung out along the Seneca-Cayuga Canal in Seneca Falls, closer to their homes.

It was a bright, chilly morning and we had a lot of fun! The kids found ways to entertain themselves when they weren’t needed for their portraits, including a game of soccer using nearby fall fruit for a ball.

It’s such an honor to photograph these kids... aside from just being great kids, they have great parents too whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing most of my life. We always have a good time together, so I’m hoping it won’t be another 5 years before the next session! ;)  

Love to you all,

Jesse & Kristen: Buffalo Engagement Sessions

I’d never been to Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park, but it was the perfect setting for some early fall engagement pictures. Jesse and Kristen initially told us they were awkward in photographs.

I couldn’t disagree with that statement more. They were fun, sweet and lovable from start to finish. I’ll never know what Jesse whispered in Kristen’s ear to make them laugh so hard, but it was worth it.

These two fit so perfectly together, and are exactly the kind of couple that makes us so excited to do what we do year after year. I’m already so excited for their Finger Lakes Wedding day at Ventosa Vineyards next July.

Until then, send these two some love!

~ Erin

Pumpkins, Tractors & Family Portraits in Fairport, NY

What says Fall in Fairport better than pumpkin picking at Powers Farm Market?  

It was a brisk morning, but these guys didn’t seem to mind. Charlie and Barrett enjoyed the pumpkins, tractors and the animals too. Besides the fun, doesn’t this family have an amazing fashion sense? I’m a little jealous.

I just love this family and the stylish photos we made together. And I love Fall portrait sessions in upstate NY!  Cheers to another beautiful autumn season, and say hi to the Drumms!



Fall Family Portrait at Cobblestone Creek Country Club

They’ve got a sophomore and a senior now, but still live on the same beautiful golf course. I can’t imagine how many times they’ve crossed these bridges in those years, but they are definitely at home here. The Cobblestone community is truly such a lovely area to raise a family in every season.

Check out the scenery, the color and the happy! While you’re here, say hi to the Summersons!


Colorful Fall Family Portraits at Tinker Park Rochester, NY

I'd love to say it was the perfect day, but I gotta be honest. It was a really cold one! Sure looks like the perfect fall day though doesn't it?

Jed, Kate, Grace and Harper were troopers for this November session. Tinker Park in Henrietta was the perfect backdrop for some running and dancing. They ran not just because they're kids, but to keep warm! 

These two, young sisters are funny, sweet and full of energy. It was truly a pleasure to photograph them. I hope these photos help them remember the love they have for each other as they grow.


Fall Family Session in the Eastman Gardens

The Eastman Museum is gorgeous all year round, but the colors of autumn cannot be beat. This family of four and I enjoyed the afternoon exploring the gardens.

As with most of our sessions, you'll find a great mixture of portraits and play. And play we did!

Enjoy these cuties and the Fall colors!

Until next time,

Double Family Session: Central NY Portraits

Fall is the most popular season for family portraits, and I think it is easy to see why. The colors, the clothes, the weather... it's a great time to be outdoors! 

This was certainly not my first time photographing any of these folks, but it was the first time we got all 8 of them in one photo! These are some of my relatives in Syracuse and they chose Green Lakes State Park for their session. Both families also recently moved into new homes, so we got a few images to showcase their houses too. 

The best part about photographing my own family? The snuggles in between takes.

And when Landon asked if he could take a photo with ME?? :) He sure knows how to get extra Christmas presents...

-Aunt Lori

On Thankfulness and Love: Thanksgiving 2016

For awhile now, we've all felt like the country is splitting in two. This month, we saw it divide even further. Whether you were involved in the process, deeply committed, or just a bystander, it's affected us all in some way. It's been impossible to have remained unaffected.

But today, despite the polls, and despite the outcome Lori and I remain grateful.

We are thankful to be able to get up every morning, and work our hardest doing something we love. We're thankful, that we live in a country where we have that opportunity to work for ourselves and for our families.

So whether you placed your vote for women, for the lgbtq community, for gun rights or you took your stand for any number of other reasons, I want you to know - we still love you.

Because deep down past the albums and prints we provide - love is what we stand for. Love and relationships of all kinds.

If you've ever worked with us, you are now a part of our family (whether you like it or not!), and we want you to know that you matter to us. We'll continue to work hard every day to make sure you know do.

We hope that today, we can all find a little bit of peace together. We hope that we can build and grow relationships that last and that we'll put aside our opinions for the holiday season and just love.

Because in the end, regardless of votes, politics, possessions and opinions - love is all that will ever, truly matter.

With everything we have, thank you for being a part of our family. Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Lori & Erin

The Photographer's Family Portraits

When a photographer asks you to make their family portraits, it's nothing short of an honor. This session with them felt more like a hike in the woods than a portrait session, and it just reminded me how awesome this family is.

Seriously - kudos to Linda and Todd for raising three amazing people! I enjoyed catching up with Brian, Emma and Sarah, and hearing about their current adventures and future plans. They were all so easy going, and even though I know they get their photos taken a lot (it happens when your mom is a photographer!) there were no complaints.

Also, I can never get enough of these gorgeous fall evenings. Enjoy!

Oh, and don't forget to check out Linda's work at http://www.lindahayesphotography.com/