fall family portraits

Family Session at the Butterfly Trail in Macedon, NY

We are having such a beautiful Autumn, and this morning was gorgeous. It was my pleasure to walk the butterfly trail with this awesome family of four.

It's hard for us to believe that Mom and Dad are celebrating their 5th anniversary this year. We've been photographing weddings for that long? 

And their two beautiful kids keep them on their toes!

As challenging as toddlers can be, I hope you remember how they only wanted mom to hold them. These memories of throwing rocks in the water (endless entertainment for toddlers) are small, but beautiful. How sweet and loving those kids are, and how dirty they ended up at the end there. :-D

Happy anniversary you two, and thanks for letting us witness your love and share in your joy all of these years later.

Jennejahn Park Extended Family Portrait Session: Hilton, NY

It was my first time at Jennejahn Park in Hilton, but I would love to go back! A neat little spot tucked behind a school, with a stream and trails. It worked perfectly to celebrate this family. 

Everyone was in one place for a birthday party, so why not have some fun together? The kids played, the adults chased, there were bubbles and laughs.

They (the children) don't get smaller, that's for sure. And these kiddos had their cuteness on overload. See what I mean below, and say hi!


Three Kids at Home: Fall Family Portraits

My favorite type of photographs to make are documentary. I love to let kids be kids and find ways to make interesting photos out of it. 

This family has been with me since the beginning, and always lets me have free reign. There might be a plan or a goal, but when naps or tantrums get in the way, we roll with it. Honestly, I believe that is when we make the best photographs. 

They are real, honest and often silly. Or sometimes quiet and focused, like when three year old Liam played his violin with his dad. (That kid has more talent in his pinky finger than I do in my whole body!)

But really, the point of this session was to celebrate the arrival of baby Cormac, and to honor the angels in Heaven that came before him.

In Alicia's words, "I miscarried once after Stella and three times after Liam. For me, the suffering that I endured was more redemptive than anything else. I now have a stronger faith and a greater appreciation for what God has given us."

The picture below sums it up for me. The smile on the babies face while the family hangs out in front of their home on a sunny Fall day.

Love. Family. What more do you need?

Tom, Alicia... thank you again, for reminding me how blessed each of us are. Thank you for opening your home and sharing your story. You are two of the strongest people I know.


Three Generations, Extended Family Session

And one year old, Theo makes FOUR. Grandsons that is! Grandma and Grandpa are so lucky! There's all boys on this side of the family. Thankfully, the women married in. :) 

I loved spending time with this crew a few weeks ago. The sun was still warm in the sky, leaves still on the trees. The boys showed me their scooters and loved playing with their littlest cousin. It won't be long until they will be teaching him how to scooter all by himself. He just started walking, so it's not a big jump from feet to scooter, right?

I don't think that dog gets any love, do you? ;)

Til next time,

Pumpkin Patch Family Portraits: Long Acre Farms

It may have been threatening rain, but that didn't put a damper on these kids' spirits! Big sister was all about sharing pumpkins and seeing how many she could carry at once, while her little brother just wanted to hang out with mom and ride in the wagon. Long Acre Farms is such a great location with lots of activities for kids of all ages! And really, what beats Fall family portraits at the farm? 

Hope you can join us for more Fall fun at our next event on October 30! We'll be at Wickham Farms, so come say hello! More details on Facebook.


Jack & Family: McQuaid Senior Portraits

Jack is a soon-to-be McQuaid graduate. He's a rower on the crew team and an all around good guy. We photographed his high school senior session at the Boat House at Genesee Valley Park. We hung around the docks, on the path and even went inside the boathouse for a few.

What made this session different, was the addition of his mom, dad, and sister into the photographs too. We took a little bit time to create some family portraits for them as well. Jack heads off to college soon, so this was the perfect day to have their family picture updated as well. As the sun went down on the river, the light was perfect for some great images.

Congratulations Jack, and thanks for a great waterfront session! ~ Lori & Erin

Jameson's One Year Session: Fall Family Portrait

He's always on the move, and he kept me on my toes for his entire session. I loved chasing him around in the fallen leaves of the backyard. Watching him become a toddler throughout the year has been a lot of fun.

My favorite part of this session was the cake smash. An empty dining room gave us plenty of space for the big, sugary mess of cake Jameson left behind in his footprints. Parents who are willing to let their baby get gooey and cakey right in their own house - LOVE it. The pictures are totally worth the chocolate handprints left behind.

We look forward to watching you continue to grow Jameson! ~ Erin

And Two More Makes Six | Family Portraits in Spencerport NY

Last time I photographed this family, they were a family of four. Now - they're a complete family of six. And as hard as I try, I can't imagine anything more beautiful.

But first, you have to imagine me with my camera, Lori, and Mom and Dad each wrangling in a child for their family portrait. I'm sure that anyone nearby watching had a good laugh at our expense. And I'm also pretty sure we were laughing right along with them. Thank goodness for the man to man defense at this session! It was crazy, but it was fun too!

When they found out they were having twins, after already having two handsome boys - scared didn't begin to cover what they were feeling. But seriously, look at these faces. The twins are now one year old, and while they may be hard to slow down - they're also pretty adorable together.

I've been blessed to be able to photograph each one of these kiddos through the years, and every time it gets better and better. I'm so lucky to have them as part of my family! ~ Erin

Family Portraits at Schoen Place

We are so lucky to get to meet such wonderful people in our line of work. This family lives right in my community, but I had not met them until this session. Jill and Kate are sisters, and planned this session as a gift for their mother's birthday. Kate and her family came from Pittsburgh to join the rest of the group for this fun day along the canal.

Of course, Baylor stole the show, as most babies do! We had a lot of fun using the barns and bridges near Schoen Place. I hope you enjoy this little peek!

Thanks for choosing Lori and Erin Photography, we hope to see you all again soon! 


Why you should think about Christmas now: Fairport Photographers

I know, it's 90 degrees out. And yes, I know, I'm not ready for summer to end yet either.

So, you're wondering: What the heck, Erin? Why on Earth are you bringing up Christmas in September??

Well - for us, Christmas isn't that far away. We want you to think about Christmas now, but not for the reasons you'd think. Currently, we're photographing all of our weddings, and all of our family sessions, while it's still WARM out. If you think you want Fall portraits for your Christmas cards, now's the time to get your session on the calendar!

We don't want you to wait until the middle of October to consider a session. By that time, we don't know what the weather will bring us. I mean, really, this is Upstate New York after all. It could very well snow (I know, it's a dirty word) next week for all we know.

Secondly, ordering deadlines for all of our custom products come waaayyy sooner than December 24th. Some of our products take longer to produce. So by us photographing your session sooner, there's more time for that album or storyboard to arrive, and then get wrapped and under the tree in time.

So yes, it's sunny and warm still, but a little pre-planning never hurts when it comes to our job, and your family.

But hey, if you really like snow and cold, we'll photograph that too - as long as you have the hot chocolate ready!

Until next time,



Mini Sessions are Back! Rochester NY Portrait Sessions


The calendars about to switch from October to November. It's nearing the holiday season, which is sure to be filled with fun family festivities. For us, as your families gather, that means a very fun month ahead. We're excited to share in the holiday spirit with you, and doubly excited to announce our Holiday Mini Sessions for 2015 on November 22, 2014! This is a great, quick way to update your family's portrait, or even celebrate an engagement.  It's an event for all ages! Along with that, a portion of each mini session we book, will go to charity.

To summarize - great images for a great cause! Check out the details - and sign up for your spot today.

You can find more information and sign up for your spot here: 2015 Mini Sessions

While you're here, check out a bit of the fun we're having this fall. We can't wait to see you soon!  :)