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Lori's 3 Generations Portrait Session

We used to have a tradition in our family called the Mother's Day wine tour. It is exactly what it sounds like. Both my and my husband's families would come together to tour and sample in the Finger Lakes. I think we were on about 6 years straight maybe?  Well this year both our mom's were traveling on Mother's Day, so that didn't work out. Instead, I came up with two different photo gifts for each of them.

For my mom and grandma, I planned a girls only photo session. We all had significant birthdays this year, and it was something I had been thinking about for a while. I wanted to celebrate the women in my life with a special portrait, and hired my good friend Linda of Hayes Photography to help. She created a variety of images of us in a short period of time. They have that homey feeling and love... What more could you ask for?

For my mother-in-law, I created an interactive book with photos of all her grandchildren. I then sent it to the 3 siblings with kids and they each answered questions about grandma. What is grandma's favorite thing to do? Make dinner, according to two year old Dempsey. 7 year old Audrey would buy her a plane as a gift, and Elise would give a globe. The final product is the perfect blend of adorable and personal.

Coming up with unique gifts can be tricky, but I'm really proud of these ones and know they will both be treasures.  

To my family reading this, I love you! 

To Linda, thank you for making the drive and making the session special! 

To everyone else, I hope I have given you some ideas to use in the future. Just let me know if I can help. 

Cheers! -Lori

Interactive book example with my nieces and nephews writing in for grandma.

Interactive book example with my nieces and nephews writing in for grandma.

Three Generations : Family Portraits in Rochester NY

Christmas is family time, and I love revealing the genuine connection between family members. 

This little boy is so lucky, he has two amazing parents, and two sets of grandparents that love him like crazy. We met the day after Christmas, which last year, meant no snow. We took a few shots outside, and then went inside to warm up and play.

I just love this little guy's energy. He loves trains, reading, music, and especially the jack-in-the-box. It was my pleasure to capture these moments, and I know they will be treasured for many years to come.

Enjoy this little peek, and see you next time!

Meet My Parents: Finger Lakes Family Portraits

Photographing your own family can sometimes be the most challenging task. When I walked into my parents house, the first thing my mom said is, "I don't want my photo taken." Mind you, this is after months of harassing me to update their portrait. 

We had one of those rare, sunny and warm November days to explore my parents' property. Growing up there, I've been both the photographer and subject of many a photo in that yard. However, I find it interesting that the locations we used are ones I had never worked in before. I see things differently now, and I know to look for the best light FIRST... then the background. Lucky for me, the cream colored siding made an amazing reflector, and we had just enough color in the trees for a nice backdrop too.

We created dozens of images, and I was surprised how many my mom liked! (We're all our own toughest critic.) And now I am so thankful to have these images. I know they are ones I will treasure. So while these photos may have been taken to update their business website (which by the way, you should totally visit:, they are now also a family heirloom. Don't these two look stunning? 

I love you mom and dad!

Your favorite photographer, 

My Passion | Rochester NY Photographers

"Passion" - A seven letter word, which is so easily thrown around by photographers. Most photographer’s bios will tell you their ultimate passion is photography. They eat, sleep, and breathe photography. I’m just as guilty of it too, five years ago I’m fairly certain that my passion was photography as well.

But today, I’m here to tell you that photography is not my passion.

I know what you’re thinking “Whoa, back the train up… Erin, did you just say that? How is that possible, I mean, don’t you tell us all the time how much you love what you do?”

Yes, I do. I truly love what I do. But let’s make one thing clear - what I do, is not just photography. So if you're looking for someone to just "take some pictures," please read no further, because I'm not for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love photography, and I love learning and growing as a creative individual. I love the feel of a new camera body or lens in my hands as much as the next photographer, but what I actually do goes way beyond just pushing the shutter button.

Instead, it’s getting up every day, knowing that the people I photograph truly cherish each other. It's investing our time and energy in your lives, your relationships, and your story. When it comes down to it, my passion is you. 

It’s laughing and crying with you on your wedding day. It’s being awestruck by the smallness of your newborn baby together. It’s capturing your children playing with their grandmother.

Why? Because that wedding day will inevitably go too fast, and because that newborn will grow up before you can blink an eye. And if I'm being flat out honest, it's because none of us are guaranteed to be here forever.

But maybe, just maybe, my photographs will. Fifty years from now, your grandchildren won’t know who took that image, but they’ll be so thankful that someone did. 

I can’t think of a greater legacy that I can leave behind than that.

~ Erin

The 365 Project in June: Rochester NY Photographer

Ok guys, I'm not going to lie, this project is starting to get harder. Seems a little backwards with all of the sessions, weddings, and fun summertime things going on right?

It's not getting harder to find a photo of the day, but it is getting harder to remember to take them, and share them. With the busy season in front of us, time is a bit more limited! However, it's still happening, and I'm very glad for that.

I love seeing how far Lucas has come in 6 months time. This motivates me to keep shooting. He's learning sooooo many new things (at his own pace of course). I love watching the light bulb go off in his head when he understands something new. Years down the road, I won't remember when he started eating with his own two hands, or the first time he really made an effort to roll over. So that's my main motivation. I'm capturing my family's history, one day at a time. Plus, he's just plain cute. So if you're sick of seeing his little face, I'm not sorry. 

I've also been enjoying photographing my backyard, specifically, the flowers that are popping up everywhere. I didn't plant them, but I'm glad someone did, so that I can enjoy them!

Here's this months' photo recap, enjoy! Only 6 more months to go! ~ Erin

The 365 project in May: Rochester Family Photography

The nice days are here, the flowers are in bloom, and my 365 project keeps on truckin'. I'm loving being able to get my family outside to enjoy the sunshine. It adds so many new activities for us to experience as a family, and to watch as Lucas experiences for the first time.

He's growing and learning, but not too fast. He's definitely taking things at his own pace, so when he finally figures something out - it's monumental. I never thought, I'd be so excited to watch a baby learn how to pick up his own food.

A lot of outdoor fun has also been had this month, including festivals, gardening, and getting back on the softball field.

But let's not forget, wedding season's just beginning and we're getting busier by the minute! Not only are our clients getting engaged and married, but our families are as well. Along with that comes family gatherings of all kinds as the preparations continue!

I'm thrilled that I've made it this far in the project. At this point, it feels like it has become a routine to find that photo of the day. When I find it, I feel accomplished and ready to find the next one. I can do this!

So enjoy the recap of my photos from May! Bring it on June! ~ Erin

Cookies, cookbooks and wedding albums: Rochester NY wedding photography

I have this Betty Crocker cookbook that my grandma gave me. When she gave it to me I was in college. Back then, the extent of my cooking skills included cereal, easy mac, ramen noodles and the occasional trip to Boston Market with my roommate. I laughed, unsure of why she thought I'd ever need it. On certain occasions, I even tried giving it back to her – unsuccessfully of course. I also have some handwritten cookie recipes. I have sampled many cut out cookies, and my favorite has always come from a 3x5 handwritten index card that my mother gave me. Years ago, I copied that card into my own book of recipes. Somewhere along the line, it was handed down to her.

Yesterday, with my hands full of cookie dough and that cookbook open in front of me,  I realized how much that cookbook and 3x5 index card now meant to me. Leave it to me to find symbolism in a cookbook, right?

In a nutshell, I've been given a history to keep. That cut out cookie recipe contains a lot of great memories of my childhood. If that 3x5 card hadn't been written for her, I'd probably never have those memories of baking with my mom. Someday, I hope it contains memories for my own kids to cherish.

So if a recipe can hold so much meaning, imagine what my wedding album means to me. It's literally my family history. The story told within the pages is beautiful. Honestly, no disc of images can replace that album. It's tangible, photographic proof of my family's origins.

Back in the film days, my parents had to put their wedding photographs into an album, or they wouldn't have seen them at all. There were no iPads to view those images on. I'm glad for that because if they hadn't taken the time to have an album made, I wouldn't get to see that history. Someday, I'll be the keeper of those photographs, much like the handed down recipes. 50 years from now, I want my children to be the keeper of my albums and books – not useless unreadable discs or out dated thumb drives.

Trust me, we get that you want all of the digital files. We both did too. Post them all over Facebook, tweet them, load them to your tablet, that's all fine with us. But if you're in the market for wedding photography, we hope you'll consider an album or book.

A wedding album might be something you don't think you need right now. And yeah, that's a little bit true  –  you don't need it right now. Right now, you're a newlywed, or soon-to-be newlywed. Those memories are still so fresh in your mind, you can recall the tiniest details of the day. But when your kids ask about your wedding day, what will you show them? What will you hand down to them from your family's story? We want you to have an actual book of your history, to give your children, who in turn, may give it to their children also.

While you're at it, give them an old Betty Crocker cook book too. Someday, they'll thank you.

The cookbook in question, and my disastrous kitchen on cookie making day.

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Our newest album (right) is a fun new size for us.

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If you're looking to add an album to your collection, contact us - whether you're a past or present wedding's never too late!